Canadian 2018 Honda Civic Type R Being Sold For $82k With 8 KM

Not only have 2018 Honda Civic Type Rs started to arrive in the United States but deliveries have also commenced in the Great White North and unsurprisingly, some dealerships and owners are looking to cash in on demand for the Japanese hot hatch.

Listed on Auto Trader, the Civic Type R in question is allegedly being sold by a private seller but considering the pictures posted are straight from the showroom floor, we wouldn’t be surprised if a dealer was behind the listing.

The Civic has been listed as “used” but has just 8 km on the clock, essentially making it a brand new unit available for immediate delivery. With an asking price of $81,995, a prospective owner will be able to jump the cue and get behind the wheel of the latest and greatest front-wheel drive car almost immediately but the price is almost exactly double that of the car’s $40,890 MSRP.

It is hard to imagine why someone would pay so much for a Honda Civic but the first Type R in America did recently sell for $200,000 at auction, a truly frightening figure and perhaps suggesting that this $82k example could find a new home quite swiftly.

On paper, the new Civic Type R is pretty impressive but certainly doesn’t have $82,000 worth of performance. It receives its grunt from a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine delivering 306 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque and can reach 60 mph (96 km/h) in 5.7 seconds. With a 7 minute and 43.8 second lap time around the Nurburgring, it is also a record holder for the fastest front-wheel drive production car at the famed German track but once again we’ll ask, is all of that really worth $82,000? We don’t think so.


  • xDRAN0x

    8KM of dealer test drive is enough to make it void

    • Zandit75

      All cars go through a dealer inspection drive, you cannot get a car with zero km’s on it, and if it was offered, I’d be reporting them for speedo tampering.

      • xDRAN0x

        You do have a point, I dont remember having a car delivered with 0 kms/.

        • KSegg

          If you do European Delivery on new BMW’s, Porsche’s, etc, wouldn’t that be at 0 kms? Seeing how they’re coming straight off the factory floor to the adjacent HQ delivery center?

  • Six_Tymes

    who will be the future sucker I wonder?

  • dolsh

    I really don’t get it. This car is not special. It’s a frickin’ Civic. There is a LOOOOOOOOONNNG list of cars that are actually worth $80k…if someone actually buys this?

    I just dunno.

    But then again, I would also never pay $40k for a civic either….regardless of the number of horses under the hood.

  • baofe


  • TheBelltower

    The Civic Type R (whatever) is the most anticlimactic hot hatch launch ever. $82k is beyond reality.

  • Jason Miller

    So ugly.

  • Akira

    So for the price of a riced compact car you can get a Merc C63, BMW M3 or maybe a Cayman S is you want a 2 seater sports car. Tough decision.

  • Craig

    This is a bit puzzling. According to the Honda Canada website – there are two colour choices – White or Black. No blue or red or anything else.

    • Bash

      Well, that is a bombshell.

  • Retro

    Given the capabilities of this car on the track, the question is different boys and girls. Why bother spending anything above $40k, if all you want is to go and play on the track? It may not impress the Joneses next door or the country club soft crowd, but … get the idea.

  • FlameWater

    and this is why Canada has such a trash car scene, automotive businesses will do anything legal to willingly rip off automotive enthusiast. $82K for a FWD car? Sad how they just assume people with money are retarded.

  • BlackPegasus

    I don’t know who I hate more. The scumbag dealers who markup these cars by 100% or the fanboys who buy them at sticker prices? 😖

  • Benjamin B.

    It’s 62/63 k USD.

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