1,250HP BMW E30 Tears Up The Nurburgring

Unlike some of its siblings that are being kept away from the road hoping that their value will go up, this BMW 3-Series E30 was modified to suit its owner’s tastes.

And we’re not even talking about weird body kits, extremely low suspension settings, and a block of concrete in the trunk to improve its grip, as the car received the engine from a newer E46 M3, according to the uploader of this video.

However, that wasn’t enough for its owner, who decided to upgrade it, and after many work hours, its output has reached new heights. It currently makes 1,250HP, meaning it’s more powerful than any modern day supercar. In fact, you’ll have to turn to Koenigsegg and Bugatti to find a more powerful machine.

Eager to prove his skills, its owner took his reworked classic Bimmer to the Nurburgring for a few tire shredding laps, while also putting on a smoky show that included an impressive burnout, to the delight of bystanders.


  • Blade t

    That’s a proper burnout….

  • jez zza

    awsome build !

  • Vassilis

    haha what a p*ssy. He’s slow in the track and doing burnouts on the road.