Alpina B5 Edition 50 Doing 200+ Km/h In The Rain – Confident Or Irresponsible?

Even though you can drive as fast as you want on certain sections of Germany’s Autobahn network, should you really be pushing your luck when it’s raining?

The driver of this Edition 50 Alpina B5 certainly felt confident enough in the car’s abilities. He took it beyond 200 km/h (124 mph), and seen as how the road surface doesn’t even have any dry patches, we can’t help but feel this was risky.

On the performance side of things, the Alpina B5 is a limited edition twin turbocharged BMW 5-Series, with 600 PS (592 HP) and 800 Nm (591 lb-ft) of torque at its disposal.

In the dry, it will sprint to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.2 seconds, and hit the 200 km/h (124 mph) mark in 12.7 seconds, before maxing out at 328 km/h (204 mph). It’s also got an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox, sports suspension with electronically adjustable dampers and 20″ wheels.

It is without a doubt one of the fastest mid-size premium saloons (you can also get it as an Estate) in the world, and one of the most fun to drive, especially when you consider it is rear-wheel drive.

Of course, the fact that all those horses are being sent exclusively to the rear wheels, means it’s not as grippy as an AWD car, which can be problematic at times, especially if the roads are slippery. Still, the car didn’t have any issues in this clip, which means that the driver was probably careful with the throttle, while also not encountering any massive puddles.


  • TrevP

    Irresponsible. Would be cool and respected had it been on a track.

  • Kash

    Depends on who’s driving the car. Professional driver on a deserted or at least mostly deserted road? Not really irresponsible, some schmuck doing it during rush hour? Totally irresponsible, i kinda hope he slams into a tree but then I’ll feel bad for the tree.

    • fabri99

      Plants actually feel pain. So yeah, I’d feel bad for the tree too. And maybe the car, or at least those guys at Alpina that have spent time to design it and build it.

      • Kash

        You’re right, I might feel bad for the car and ALPINA as well.

    • alexxx

      ur worst comment here since I started following carscoops. That last sentence is just wrong….

      • Kash

        I don’t feel bad when stupid people do stupid shit and get hurt in the process and I don’t feel bad or ashamed for admitting that. Doing something like this, again, depending on who does it, is pretty stupid.

        My last sentence was also referring to a hypothetical situation where the driver is a morong and does this just to be a showoff and does it all during rush hour traffic where this video probably would’ve ended with an accident, so instead of hitting someone else I rather they hit a tree.

        • alexxx

          I guess then you are Mr perfect….lucky you…

          • Kash

            Don’t go putting words in my mouth because I didn’t call myself perfect or even remotely imply it, but I can say I’ve never put the lives of others in danger by doing something as stupid as going 100+ mph in the rain on a public road, but anything that did happen to me as a result would be justly earned by my own ignorance and I can admit that.

          • alexxx

            You can rationalize all day but to wish for someone to slam into tree is wrong on so many levels…let’s just admit it was bad day for you and start the next one fresh from the beginning….I ll pretend I never read that sentence.

          • Kash

            I could give a rat’s ass what you wanna pretend to do or not do. I stand by my statement.

  • supermanuel

    Confident or irresponsible? I was thinking more like arsehole.

  • javier

    that was pretty chill, super light traffic, light rain, autobahn 120 mph seems within reason. At night with more rain and a less capable machine it would be stupid.

  • europeon

    > Of course, the fact that all those horses are being sent exclusively to the rear wheels, means it’s not as grippy as an AWD car, which can be problematic at times, especially if the roads are slippery.

    You do know that over a certain speed XDrive is sending all the power to the rear wheels, right? Cringy texts are the norm with you, but… you’re a BMW fanboy, you should have known this.

  • europeon

    If we are to learn something from this, is how far the tire technology has come.

  • kevout

    You maybe frightened in the US, but I’m not (from Belgium).

    It’s a good car, with very good suspensions, not a lot traffic, straight road… And most important roads in germany are good.

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