Icon’s Retro-Styled Toyota FJ40 With LS3 V8 Is Sub-Zero Cool

We’re drooling every time Icon showcases a new car but this one, this is special.

Unlike the vast majority of Broncos and FJs that come out of Icon’s gates powder-coat finished, this one is painted in a lovely custom light blue with a white roof, grille and those awesome retro wheels.

This is clearly a subjective thing but we can’t help ourselves but to call this one of the coolest builds Icon has created to date. Not that the other Icon trucks fall behind, but after many versions of the same recipe, this retro-style FJ has won our hearts.

The rest of the car is pretty much standard Icon, meaning a new chassis over an aluminum body powered by GM’s bombproof LS3 E-rod engine. Dynatrac axles, sport brakes by Brembo, locking differentials and lots of Dynamat are just some of the components that turn this Toyota into a true Icon.

Jonathan Ward takes us for a tour around this beautiful truck in the video linked below.


  • Bash


  • pcurve

    I love it. Would’ve been awesome if it were stock… this one is basically just a shell of an old car. :-/

  • TheBelltower

    There is a matte gray Icon Toyota running all over east Hampton. Half the eyes are eyeing the truck, everyone else is eyeing the chick that drives it. They get more oohs and aahs than the ferraris that line the streets on summer weekends.