It’s Ridiculous Just How Fast The McLaren 720S Really Is

During a recent drag race against one of the fastest-launching supercars in the world, the Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren’s new 720S absolutely demolished its rival.

It really looks like people who already got to drive the 720S were right in saying that it’s way faster than it should be. It’s not a hypercar, it’s not even a flagship stripped-down supercar, yet it accelerates like something out of a Valerian novel.

During this 720S v Huracan LP610-4 battle, you’ll see a rolling start, you’ll see a standing start, and you’ll even see the Lambo jumping out to an early lead thanks to its all-wheel drive system.

Of course, by the time the Huracan even gets a chance to say “mamma mia”, the McLaren is already kicking its behind, gaining ground and overtaking with ease – no point in beating around the bush with this one, it was a clear cut and predictable result.

Still, what remains surprising is what McLaren have managed to do with a little over 100 HP (the 720S’ advantage over the Huracan). The 720S actually accelerates as if it had several hundred HP more than the Lambo, and that’s a testament to how far the British supercar maker has come in recent years.

On paper, the McLaren 720S can hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in under 3 seconds, run a 1/4 mile in 10.3 seconds and max out at a highly impressive 341 km/h (212 mph).


  • BGM

    This is proof of the old adage: no matter how bad ass you are, there’s always one badder.
    For the record I’ll take the Huracan any day.

    • Ken Hungerford

      I guess if you prefer dinosaurs then the Lambo is the way to go. I would take the Mac any day but would not say no to the Lambo.

    • Vassilis

      The V10 is awesome but the McLaren is on another level man.

  • Bo Hanan

    The MAC CANNOT be that much faster than the Huracan. The extra 110HP and 300 fewer lbs. just doesn’t equate to that kind of performance difference.

    • An Existing Person

      Rumor has it that the 720s is putting down that amount of power to the wheels, and not to the crank. It’s a plausible idea after seeing the lengths it puts on its competitors, but I think transmission, advanced technology, and the fact that it is RWD plays a role.

    • Shobin Drogan

      Even the 570 is putting nearly the same amount of whp as a 650s so pretty much yeah. McLaren always underrated their hp numbers.

    • Vassilis

      Dude 110 hp and 300lbs less equates to a massive performance difference. It’s like having a 150hp, 2000lbs hot hatch vs a 260hp 1700lbs hot hatch. Imagine that. Also, the McLaren has more torque.

    • BMWFreaky

      maybe the Huracan has a very very fat passenger?!!

  • Necmy

    crucial thing on this drag race is having 2wd or 4wd… 4wd has an advantage for 0-30. For 30 to the top , 2wd has advantage.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Lambo decelerates past a point. I call bullshit. That said, Lambos are becoming too heavy, apart from looking like the Transformers (it’s not a compliment)

    • Bo Hanan

      Next to the MAC that Lambo looks years older.

      • Wandering_Spirit

        It came out looking already old. At least for me. I never saw it as a very original car, for a supercar i mean. Not even a pleasant design.

  • Jim Kem

    But damn does the Huracan sound amazing…who needs the 720S’warp speed next to a soundtrack like that Lambo!

  • Jim Kem

    But damn does that Huracan sound amazing! Next to a soundtrack like that, the appeal of the 720S’ warp speed melts off real quick.

  • MG force.

    Stupid drag race..Mclaren 108hp more!!!!

  • AstonMartin

    The 720S is supremely fast and this is an example of the immense power the car puts to the ground destroying would be competitors in its wake. Power to weight, RWD, advanced transmission and sleek aerodynamics combine to make a car that goes at light speed based repeatedly upon first hand accounts from those used to driving these land rockets regularly. The Huracan didn’t stand a chance. I realize each surface curve and inlet of the 720S was designed to maximize speed and its unique appearance has grown on me (despite indifference with the headlight design). Its tame engine sound remains the biggest concern – unsure if aftermarket exhaust systems can sufficiently enhance. Speed is relative only to a certain point and I don’t need to be the fastest. Its how all of a cars attributes work in concert to make you feel such as design, power, sound and driving dynamics, which leaves the door cracked for its competitors among buyers, especially prospects from Maranello. Remarkably, Mclaren has even faster cars coming to market soon, its namesake would be proud of how far the company has progressed with road cars and marvel at the trajectory that its headed.

  • serge charles

    3100 lbs?? Holy Crap that thing is light.

  • Vassilis


  • Michelin

    Could you ripete this compareison with 720S and Aventador ?
    To be honest huracan and 720S are not direct competitors …..

  • Blade t

    The same guy owns both of these cars….

  • ctk4949

    Why the heck are they racing on a public street?!?! That that shit to a track!! If u can afford those cars, u can afford to go2 a track. Terrible!!

    720s is awesome tho!! 🙂

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