Mercedes-AMG E43 And Infiniti Q50 Red Sport Get Together To See Which One’s Faster

Despite these two cars packing a similar amount of horsepower, there are still some noticeable differences worth discussing.

For instance, the Infiniti Q50 is by no means a direct rival for the E-Class, in the sense that this would have been a somewhat fairer fight if the Infiniti had taken on the C43 instead of the E43.

Yet, both cars have nearly identical engines – twin-turbo V6 units with roughly 400 horses on either side. To be more specific, the Mercedes-AMG E43 packs 401 PS (396 HP) and 520 Nm (384 lb-ft) of torque, while the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport is good for 405 PS (400 HP) and 474 Nm (350 lb-ft).

The numbers are intriguing, which is what led the guys over at The Fast Lane Car to pick up these two models and race them against each other in a straight line, over a shorter distance than a typical 1/4 mile.

On paper, with the help of an all-wheel drive system, the E43 4MATIC (which is what they used in the video) will hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.6 seconds, whereas the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport is just as quick in rear-wheel drive configuration.

As for the conclusion of the drag race, well, it’s actually a little bit complicated. You’ll understand what we mean after you see what happens in the clip.



    Despite these two cars packing a similar amount of horsepower
    where tf is C43?

  • steve

    We recently test drove a Q60s red sport to replace our 4 year old G37s coupe. The Q50 and Q60 are very heavy cars and need the 400hp engines to pull them along. They are certainly not as fast as you would imagine they should be and Infiniti could learn a thing or two about weight reduction in their car designs – from the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

    • SteersUright

      Infiniti’s chassis are vastly outdated, thus the uncompetitive weight.

  • Bash

    To me, the Q50 hand down.

  • Kagan

    Isn’t a merc engine in infinity too?

    How could the merc not be faster with 4wd? Don’t they let the power through the transmission?

    • Matt

      I believe the Infiniti engine is their own, despite the original rumours of a supply deal with MB.

    • Teeter Von Schnauzen

      The merc is heavier by a few hundred pounds. If they both had AWD, the Infiniti would have handily won their race, as it’s about .3 faster to 60mph.

  • Blade t

    I would go with the q50 and save 30k….

  • An Existing Person

    Overall, The E43 is a nicer car, but the Q50 is a bargain in comparison at nearly 30k less. I would have one over the MB.

  • Kagan

    Isn’t a merc engine in infinity too?

    How could the merc not be faster with 4wd? Don’t they let the power through?

    • Honda NSX-R

      No the V6 in the Q50 is not from MB. The four cylinder is from MB though.

  • xDRAN0x

    Q50 is boring to drive and you have zero exhaust note. Grandpa car

    • Teeter Von Schnauzen

      Agreed about the exhaust note. Infiniti makes a bolt-on performance exhaust in 2 flavors, minimal muffler or no muffler at all. I have the no muffler version (installed for $585) and it’s aggressive without droning. Definitely not a grandpa car when you stomp on the gas.

  • Chester Kaufman

    The cars have the same engine. The Infinity have a AMG origin engine who make part of an agreement between Renault Nissan and Daimler. Renault supply 1.5dCi engines to A class Mercedes and Daimler supply AMG engine to Infinity.

    • Matt

      I don’t think the agreement extends to the TT V6?

    • An Existing Person

      Infiniti only sources the 2.0L from MB. Their 6-Cylinders are made by Infiniti/Nissan themselves.

  • Stephen Baxter

    This is silly.
    Why dont they compare a 288gto and F150 5.0, they both have 8 cylinders and 400 something hp

    okay maybe that is slightly more silly

  • Honda NSX-R

    Would make more sense if they compared the C43 with the Q50 RS

    • U8INIT

      They did…

  • BlackPegasus

    Do people who buy these cars really care which is “faster?”

  • Teeter Von Schnauzen

    An AWD variant of the Q50 RS would be about .2 faster to 60mph and .4 in the quarter mile. I’ve recorded a few 4.41 runs (VBOX measurement) and the engine isn’t even broken in fully at only 5.5k miles. I’ve seen runs posted in forums as low as 4.32 bone stock.

    E43 is an incredibly nice car, no doubt, but at 30k more than the Infiniti, I’m loving my Q.

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