Tesla Disables Automatic Emergency Braking In Select Models

Tesla has disabled the automatic emergency braking (AEB) system on a number of recently manufactured vehicles.

Earlier this week, a company spokeswoman said the systems were turned off as Tesla analyzes real-world data to make sure the safety system functions correctly.

Consumer Reports states that vehicles affected are any Model 3, Model X and Model S vehicles built since production of the Model 3 commenced in late July.

The carmaker says it made some tweaks to the hardware of vehicles from late July and that the disabling of the AEB system is simply a precaution to ensure it works as intended with the new hardware.

In a statement, a Tesla spokeswoman said “We recently introduced some minor hardware changes to the Autopilot system in new cars, and we are now in the process of robustly validating the new hardware using real-world driving data.

“During that process, Automatic Emergency Braking will temporarily be inactive and will instead be in shadow mode, which means it will register how the feature would perform if it were activated, without taking any action. This temporary calibration period is standard Tesla protocol and is done out of an abundance of caution.”


  • brn

    “Autopilot”, but it wont’ brake?

    • Lets see how it works now


    basically what happened?