You’ll Have To Use The Touchscreen To Adjust Tesla Model 3’s Wipers

It seems that Tesla’s engineers think differently than those working for other car manufacturers, because the new Model 3 has some features that could take time to get used to.

For instance, while there is a tradition stalk for turning the windshield wipers on and off, the only way to change their speed is by going into a submenu in the infotainment system. This is where the driver will have to search for other vehicle functions, such as the defroster, air conditioning, seat heaters, and stereo.

For now, listening to music inside the Tesla Model 3 is tricky. As TheDrive notes, there’s no FM/AM radio, CD player, and the car doesn’t support music streaming, be it from a smartphone connected to the infotainment, or a flash drive inserted into one of the four USB ports that come with the premium package. However, Tesla said that features like FM radio and Bluetooth streaming will be activated with an over-the-air update in the near future.

Tesla’s cars purchased in North America don’t offer access to Spotify either, so the only option remaining is to use free and paid subscriptions to Slacker Radio. Selecting the second variant could cost you upwards of $10 each month, and this service has roughly a quarter of the library size of Spotify.

Moreover, it uses cellular data connection, which comes free for the first four years, so coverage might not be that good in various places. Additionally, it’s unknown what happens when the free subscription ends, if owners will have to pay for it, or if Tesla will somehow expand the offering.

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  • Kannag Don Amenra

    One step forward, two steps back.

    • John

      it’s about having courage. COURAGE I SAID !!!

    • Miknik

      One step forward,17 steps back (or how many basic functions there will be hidden in sub menus)

    • Toronado_II

      So right ! Why jet fighter don’t have a single screen and sub-menu ? Because it’s not efficient ! It’s the same for cars (real cars, not the damn autonomous one).

  • Trackhacker

    So much fail….lol

  • Six_Tymes

    not bad looking. better than some of the images iv seen before. but no stalks for wipers? maybe it has rain sensors and you don’t need the function on the stalk?

    • brn

      That’s my hope. They moved it off the stalk, because it’s something they don’t think you’ll need.

      • Six_Tymes

        think of it this way, do we really think tesla is that stupid to over look something so simple yet important, come on, doubtful. the haters here are just hoping for reason to hate more. I highly doubt they over looked it, your smart enough to realize that also. but if we are wrong………. uh oh…

        • Marty

          Well, if only one person at the time can use ANY controls in the car at any given moment (be it seat adjustments, GPS interaction, song selection, vent direction or wiper speed) it seems they actually are “that stupid to over look something so simple yet important”. I hope that is not the case.

      • Miknik

        Certainly they think that. But, unlike some engineers and car journalists at launch events, many customers do like to be able to operate basic functions in form of a switch. Just recently we had an article on this page about J.D. power and how those cars with the – according to car reviewers – most sophisticated and least button loaded interiors seem to cause the most problems for customers….

    • John

      parts and assembly cost.

  • 540B

    I’m no fan of Tesla, and usually am the last to defend them, but this is just lazy. If you search for Model 3 interior pictures on Google, you’ll clearly see it has a stalk with wiper controls. Are you auto journalists or just writing crap for the clicks?

    • Matt

      Those images are most likely pre-production cars.

    • J D

      This article says there is a stalk for turning them on and off but not for adjusting their speed.

      You’ll search for pictures and post a comment but won’t take a moment to read the article? Ironic comment about being lazy.

    • Hv1

      If you read the article correctly you will see that the car does have a stalk for the wipers but you need to use the touchscreen if you want to change the speed of the wipers


    • MangoTango


      • Marty


      • Knotmyrealname

        Ha!! Has that numpty now forgotten to use a space bar (I have him blocked so I can’t read his entries)?

        • Marty


          • Knotmyrealname


    • no25
  • gary4205

    What a ridiculous piece of crap car by a ridiculous piece of crap company.

  • Bash

    That should be against a law somewhere!!! this is really ridiculous.

  • Shobin Drogan

    This is genius for Tesla so when accidents happen they can put more blame on driver error than their autonomous tech. Brilliant!

  • Marty

    Have they made the controls so complicated just to give the driver some problems to solve while the car drives itself?

    Putting all the controls in one place is stupid. Putting them in a touchscreen is even more stupid. Designing the touchscreen interface so that the driver can’t use the GPS at the same time as a passenger is adjusting their vents or selecting music is the stupidest.

  • Martin089

    So much haters here, unbelievable. There IS a stalk for wipers, for turning it on and off. Speed is controlled by the rain sensor, but, if you want you can change speed manually in the settings. And before someone bashes rain sensor, the thing works! You don’t need anything more than on and off function. Even on my old ’04 Megane rain sensor is working flawlessly – the wipers are always turned on, I don’t even think about it.

  • Silimarina

    I like what Tesla has done for electric cars industry, but this is stupid. I’m amazed that S3XY hasn’t shown up to tell us more about how great is Model 3 interior.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Talk about distracted driving!! And The salesperson actually said (regarding the rain sensing wipers), I’m not quite sure “I –
    haven’t – read – the – manual – yet”…wow…shouldn’t he already know all there is to know??

    And then, once again, the customer knows more about something than the salesperson….looks like a LOT of shortcomings…and a LOT of stuff the salesperson doesn’t know. Granted it is a 1.0 for this model…glad I’m not getting on too soon.

    • Marty

      It’s not uncommon that savvy customers know more about the products than salespersons. Usually not in shops that only have three products, though. 🙂

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        Trust me I know. I’ve bought several cars showing the salesman things he didn’t know.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    While I never found Tesla visually appealing, I do it’s a different approach to luxury. I also am a fan of minimalism, however this interior is lacking emotion, and has no personality. I think the best example of minimalism for an interior cockpit, is the #AUDI TT.

    • Marty

      This is not minimalism! Removing intuitive physical controls, but not removing the need for control is actually adding complexity, not removing it.

      (And even visually, there is a huge and garish TV screen attached to the dashboard that kills all arguments about minimalism.)

  • alexxx


  • Benjamin B.

    “This tells you what gear you’re in…” Uhm, it’s an electric car. There’s no gears.

  • Benjamin B.

    Why can’t Tesla add a small manual wiper mechanism? Afraid that it’ll look tacky?

    • Marty

      I think they did. Unless they removed it.

  • smartacus

    no AM/FM radio, no CD, no streaming,
    and bluetooth for phone calls only?

    Vanilla Musk will answer that by saying
    those are all archaic dinosaur tools of the patriarchy.

  • Blade t

    Talk about distracted driver, just going through all those menus to do something simple….

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