Audi RS3 Flies Off The Road At 200 KM/H On Old Street Circuit

Here’s why putting the pedal to the metal on a track you’re not intimately familiar with can be extremely dangerous.

While there’s no disputing the Audi RS3 in terms of straight line performance, it doesn’t appear to be all that great at taking an almost 90-degree turn at 200 km/h (124 mph).

Obviously, making that turn at that speed would be unrealistic regardless of the car you’re driving, so staying safe at very high speed often comes down to knowing all the braking points when you’re on a track.

This RS3 driver was apparently speeding across the old Chimay Street Circuit in Belgium, used between 1929 and 1972 for the Grand Prix des Frontieres. It was later discontinued due to safety reasons and shortened for other types of events.

In the end, it’s good to see that the airbags did their jobs and the occupants voices could be heard as soon as the car stops rolling over. You can also see just how extensive the damage was towards the end of the clip.


  • Mill0048

    It’s a circuit, shouldn’t there be braking zone signage for the blind-turn after a massive straight?

    • Vassilis

      It’s not a modern, still-in-use circuit so it makes sense if there aren’t any such signs. It looks interesting by the way.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    “No victim”?
    I’m sure the RS3 didn’t see it that way.

  • javier

    this is why you don’t buy udersteering pos car thinking it can handle

    • cooper

      Or maybe just slow down at a 90 degree Turn .

    • Vassilis

      This is why you have a look at the track before you drive there and familiarize yourself with it before going flat out. Not even an F1 car can take a 90 degree corner at 200 Km/h.

  • frank

    this is why you don’t buy udersteering pos car thinking it can handle

  • Arthur

    Did this guy have absolutely no clue what the circuit layout was? It’s obvious he had no clue that turn was their.

    • LeStori

      Not really a circuit when it has a stop sign at the T-intersection…. Yes this was someone who engaged gear whilst turning off brain, and now has the video as proof…

    • cooper

      This is just another moron. Those tires were set up for this type of driver.

  • cooper

    Was the driver trying to kill him self?

  • Mr Right

    He took another corner prior to that one and the car was very unsteady and wobbled a lot. shame that he had no idea what he was doing in the slightest. Then again I don’t think the RS3 is a great car for a racetrack anyhow but What is even worse is someone who is clueless on how to drive behind the wheel.

  • MG force.

    the usual Audi who do not know how to drive and do not keep the road !. when a car is not sporty but marketing makes it sporty this is the result !. Audi is not a sports car!

    • Mar Ramirez

      Any type of road vehicle would have had a similar result going at that corner at that speed.. Just FYI..

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