Lambo Aventador Spits Fire In Tesla Model S’ Face During Drag Race

The Lamborghini Aventador and the Tesla Model S have been going at it for some time now, ever since the glory days of the P85D.

Then, it was the P90D, followed now by the P100D, who’s the most “Ludicrous” of them all, able to stave off defeat even at the hands of extremely powerful supercars over a 1/4 mile distance.

This time however, the P100D went up against a fire-breathing Lamborghini, fitted with a custom iPE exhaust system, which should provide the Italian bull with a little more power and a much meaner growl, which is easy to hear.

As far as we can tell, the iPE exhaust manages to keep the Aventador’s V12 growl high-pitched, making it sound like a genuine race car. It’s probably more fitting too than lowering the frequency and making it sound throaty like an AMG.

The Model S of course doesn’t really make that much noise, but what it can do is put up one heck of a fight, looking unbeatable as always off the line.


  • Auto

    The Tesla has instant torque on it’s side, however, if you have a long race with that Lamborghini, the Tesla will eventually lose. It has only one gear and lots of low down torque, so after a while it will start to slow down and stop gaining speed as much. That Lamborghini sounds so amazing. I just had to put that in. The lack of sound turns me off from electric cars.

  • Craig

    Could Tesla replace the transmission with a dual-clutch something or other? Or maybe create variable differentials? Hmm…. Then again… they could just make a P120D!

    • europeon

      > Could Tesla replace the transmission with a dual-clutch something or other? Or maybe create variable differentials?
      > Tesla
      > dual-clutch

      OK. Looking back at the discussions we had in the past, I’m now sorry I engaged with you, and I tried to make you understand things, despite you insulting me and all. Now it’s clear, you don’t understand how the basics of an electric car, and I was stupid enough to educate you on solar panels 🙁
      I lost my time on someone that’s a lost cause (even more so than S3XY)

      • Craig

        Does this mean you don’t love me anymore?

    • TheHake

      Bro! Are you serious? That’s like asking if you could put high octane petrol in to increase the performance…

      • Craig

        Are you? EV’s can – and sometimes DO – have more then one gear. And some have differentials. And I quote…

        “It depends on the what type of electric car it is. Tesla motors have individual electric motors for rear wheels. So in Tesla cars there is no differential, but an electronic controller recognize that the vehicle is turning and adjust the speed of the electric motor.

        While in Mahindra e2O there is a single electric motor situated beneath the rear seat. There is only one driving component, hence differential is required in e2O.”

        Besides.. my question was extremely open-ended. So no reason at all for you to be smart ass about it.

        • TheHake

          I was not referring to the diff, but to the gearbox.

          • Craig
          • europeon

            Dude, he’s one of those people who marvel at Solar FREAKING Roadways, Hyperloop, and IFLScience type things, and he doesn’t have the slightest idea about how things work. It’s pointless to talk to him.

          • TheHake

            lol. I fucking hate “IFLScience”. It’s more a political propaganda mouthpiece than Science page.

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