86-Year Old Woman Wrecks Multiple Cars In Parking Lot

Whether this was a case of mistaking the accelerator for the brake, or perhaps some type of medical emergency, we do not know; what we do know is that, thankfully, no one was hurt.

Losing control of a car in a parking lot is extremely dangerous, mostly because you could easily hit somebody before they had a chance to get in their car.

According to the description of the video, the camera only started rolling after the elderly woman first hit that white Honda CR-V. What followed was her putting the car into drive and reverse multiple times, acting as if she was in a demolition derby.

“Right away I thought it was road rage,” said one of the witnesses speaking with Fox LA. Meanwhile, another witness claimed the elderly woman said her car was out of control.

Following the incident, the police issued her a request for a priority re-evaluation by the DMV, yet until that actually takes place, she can still drive. As for any injuries sustained, she only had scratches on her arms from the airbags that, inadvertently, deployed.


  • Burt

    Sounds like Revenge of The Family Car to the CR-V haha.

    • thunder bolt

      I think she totally freaked out and became disoriented after the 1st hit, so she kept shifting gear back and forth with her foot on the gas pedal thinking it was the brake pedal.

  • Burt

    Sounds The Revenge of The Family Car, The CR-V is the King of SUV’s and the Dodge/ Plymouth wants it crown back. Haha.


    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      She was in a hurry to get the early bird special at Cracker Barrel.

    • Shobin Drogan

      She was double clutchin, not granny shifting like she should.

  • Alter Ego

    How hard is it to remove your feet from the pedals? Also going from R to D multiple times? That lady was on something.

    • smartacus

      maybe she was on Geritol and Vicodin
      (that way she can sleep through her orgies)

  • Bo Hanan

    Snatch those dam key out ha hand cause baby-girl is on a roll.

  • Burt

    Revenge of The Family Car, That CR-V is the Target. Haha

    • Six Thousand Times

      So you’ve said.

  • Pindi

    any driver who becomes an old fart should have his licence suspended automatically

  • WTF

    it looked like she was trying to ram that CRV out the way, she reversed further back and than sped up to hit it again if she was trying to leave she could have just backed up and went out the other way seems odd like its more to the story was that CRV even in a space I see green lines but it doesnt seem like a regular space either i would guess road rage

  • Silimarina

    For old people i think we need autonomous cars

    • LeStori

      Looks rather deliberate to me. Rapidly going from Drive to Reverse several times in quick succession. She must think she is a stupid young “fart”

      • Six_Tymes

        I agree.

      • Silimarina

        Yeah, but i don’t speak only for this video. Old people are a big risk on the roads.Bad eyesight, slow reflexes, higher risk of a stroke behind the will, etc.

        • Dubble Bubble

          Define “old” Silimarina.

          • Silimarina

            Over 70

          • Dubble Bubble

            You sound like a child. For crying out loud, your president is running a country being over 70 and you don’t trust him driving a car?


          • Jay

            I agree with your logic but I doubt everyone trusts him or any other 70 year old to run the country.

          • Silimarina

            First he is not my president (i’m not an US citizen) and second, a president doesn’t run the country alone, he has advisors.Heck, many times he is just a puppet that applies what his advisors tell him to do.
            Now my question is, are you denying what i have said about old people and driving?

          • Dubble Bubble

            For the record, I’m not an American either but yes, I am denying what you said about “old people” and driving. I’m in my fifties and what I’ve observed is how many people become unhealthy as they age.
            Doctors offer up all kinds of prescriptions for different medications and I believe there are a lot of “stoned” folks out there on our roads.
            I really don’t associate that with age so much as not caring for oneself.

            In the video above, I question if that driver ever could have been a “good driver”. The signs of natural aging is just moving slower, not behaving erratic.
            That’s my take anyways but regardless, in another ten years, I believe most vehicles will be autonomous.

          • Silimarina

            So you are saying that an old person(70+) doesn’t have worst eyesight, slower reflexes compared to someone much younger?

          • Dubble Bubble

            No, I’m not saying that at all. What I am saying is most of today’s cars are incredibly easy to drive so much as it becomes a chore to stay focused on the road, hence why there is so much distracted driving.
            You don’t need quick reflexes to drive safely in most of our day to day driving, remembering “older folk” aren’t out in rush hour traffic so much where all the real morons are out.

    • BlackPegasus

      No, old people need Uber or Lyft.

  • Six_Tymes

    Her faculties are toast. glad no one was hurt. she should loose her licence.

  • xman

    the problem is definitely age-related for most seniors. and they never seem remorseful or will acknowledge their fault or want to correct it

  • Erzhik

    And that is why elderly people should not be driving unless they go through annual re-examination. I say make anyone over 60 to do the exam again.

    • Marty

      Actually, people below 25 are involved in THREE times as many accidents as people above 55. That problem should have higher priority than sorting out old people.

      But I agree on the re-examination. I think everybody should be re-examined every 10 years or something. Laws change, people get stuck in bad habits. With regular testing, you can’t just relax and keep driving like you’ve always done.

      • Erzhik

        People below 25 get into more accidents because there so many more younger people behind the wheel. Those kids also tend to use cell phones while driving. You eliminate cell phones and accidents will go down.

        • Marty

          I think those statistics are adjusted for frequency – drivers under 25 has a higher risk _per person_. I also think those statistics were the same before there even were cell phones. 🙂

  • smartacus

    is that what i think it is???
    why yest it’s a Plymouth Breeze

  • Bash

    She should not be driving long time ago.!

  • jsz00

    It’s going to be a (Plymouth) breeze revoking her license.

  • Paul

    It looked like she was trying a new road rage technique.

  • BlackPegasus

    Thank goodness the black Lexus F sport was unharmed.

  • Jayen DeHaart

    Someone took her spot like in Fried Green Tomatoes.

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