Apple Patents Navigation System For Autonomous Vehicles

Apple has secured a patent for a navigation system designed for self-driving vehicles.

Dubbed ‘Autonomous Navigation System’, the patent application notes a method used by Apple to improve the efficiency of navigation systems for autonomous vehicles, significantly reducing the need to remake detailed maps, CNBC reports.

The technology company notes in the application that traditional autonomous vehicle systems use static information, including maps, as the base of their navigation systems. Sensors are then used to identify real-time information that changes from day to day.

Rather than following this approach, Apple’s technology utilizes a computer model for predicting routes using sensors and processors. This allows the system to direct the car “independently of any data received from any devices external to the vehicle, and any navigation data stored locally to the vehicle prior to any monitoring of navigation.”

Despite remaining tight-lipped about its ventures into the world of autonomous vehicles for a number of years, Apple has slowly started to admit its interest in the industry. In fact, Apple chief executive Tim Cook recently said the firm is “very focused on autonomous systems” and views autonomy as “sort of the mother of all AI projects.”


  • Moveon Libtards

    Even bigger news is Apple is FINALLY bringing back $60 billion or more to the U.S. due to President Trump’s tax cut bill victory. About time American companies took care of Americans.


  • thunder bolt

    The last time its Nav. system navigated to the desert, Where will it be this time ?

    • salamOOn

      who cares…..

  • Wolverine350R

    “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” – The Doc

    Also echoed by every trip I have tried using apple maps

  • appleimmune

    One wonders how they’ll cripple this software in an effort to force consumers to upgrade.. This is a horrible company that’s basically smoke and mirrors! Not to mention what piece of software has apple ever authored that wasn’t a total pile of steaming…?

    • Status

      Their desktop calculator was okay…..

      ….but macOS UI was always messy and demanded too much mouse movement for too little of a gain

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