BMW Announces Partnership To Develop Solid-State Batteries

BMW has partnered with U.S. battery company Solid Power to develop next-generation solid-state battery technology.

Reuters reports that the two companies will look to advance solid-state battery technology to the point where it is suitable for use in high-performance electric vehicles.

Many pundits believe that solid-state batteries could start to replace lithium-ion battery cells early next decade. Benefits offered by solid-state batteries include lower costs, greater range, and significantly quicker charging times.

As the name suggests, solid-state batteries feature a solid, conductive material, rather than a liquid or gel-form electrolyte as found in current lithium-ion batteries.

In February, it emerged that BMW had commenced work on solid-state batteries with the intention of using them in production vehicles by 2026.

Numerous other car manufacturers, including Toyota and Porsche, are also investigating or working on solid-state batteries.


  • Bash

    Good, I always like to hear/read about partnerships or mergers or acquisition of two companies (or more).
    I hope this one is solid enough to see the power of it.
    tbh i don’t want to see an i8 with a range of 50 miles!!! come on!

  • At this stage every company that uses battery should spend money on developing battery technology, I felt like there are so many things that haven’t yet explored.

    I mean who don’t want long lasting phone or long range electric car?

    • rodriguez256

      I highly doubt companies aren’t looking into better battery technology. However that doesn’t mean the technology will automatically come about. It takes time and research.

      • yes we couldn’t expect technology to come in short time but companies do actively support to research about battery technology. I remember Samsung is developing technology to recharge your battery within minutes and if that can be applied to cars it would be amazing.


    Well this is good. I really do feel solid state batteries are going to have a prominent place in the future of EVs.

  • SteersUright

    Almost everyone is agreed in the industry that the next major breakthrough must be energy storage for everything from homes, drones, military robots, to vehicles. Stacking thousands of pounds of traditional batteries or Lithium does nothing positive. And most military robots still remain tethered. Hopefully we see some breakthroughs soon and the “Iron Man” suit is just around the corner! I actually saw a video of a paralyzed person able to walk again with some sort of electric augmentation device, was amazing. Anyhow, only when you can charge in the same time as filling a tank will EV’s be truly Commercially viable.

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