Ford F-150 Dominates 2017 U.S. Sales Chart But A Minivan Is The Surprise Winner

Mercedes is on track to become the best-selling luxury brand in the United States for the second year in a row but that’s not the only interesting sales competition as there are classic rivalries such as Camaro vs Mustang and F-150 vs Silverado.

USA Today compiled a list of the hottest segments and they found some pretty familiar winners. In the compact sedan category, the Civic is dominating the competition as Honda has sold 345,880 models through November which puts it far ahead of the second place Toyota Corolla and its 290,163 sales.

The mid-size sedan segment is the opposite as the Camry is outselling the Accord by nearly 43,000 units. Next year promises to be even more interesting as the redesigned Camry had an early head start against the all-new Accord.

The muscle car segment is always interesting and this year was surprising as Dodge Challenger sales dramatically increased thanks in part to the halo effect of the Challenger SRT Demon. This helped Dodge to move 60,029 Challengers which wasn’t far behind the 64,138 Camaros that Chevrolet was able to sell. Of course, the real winner is Ford which sold 74,152 Mustangs.

Talking about surprises, the minivan segment was won by the ancient Dodge Grand Caravan. Thanks to fleet and commercial sales, Dodge sold 118,573 Grand Caravans which put it ahead of the newer Chrysler Pacifica which came in second place with 107,130 sales through the first 11 months of the year.

The crossover segment is booming and the Toyota RAV4 was a huge hit with consumers as they bought 375,052 units so far this year. The Honda CR-V is close behind at 340,912 units but the remaining competition isn’t even close.

The mid-size pickup market has seen renewed interest thanks to entries such as the Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, and Toyota Tacoma. However, the latter model is the winner as Toyota has sold 179,420 Tacomas so far.

Speaking of trucks, the Ford F-150 continues to dominate the competition as it’s outselling the Chevrolet Silverado by nearly 300,000 units. Even when you factor in the GMC Sierra, General Motors still trails Ford by almost 100,000 units.

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  • Dennis Scipio

    This wasn’t listed on the article but here are some of the top selling Subcompact Cars so far in 2017.
    Nissan Versa: 99,647
    Hyundai Accent: 53,570
    Honda Fit: 46,020
    Ford Fiesta: 42,592
    Toyota Yaris iA: 33,819
    Chevrolet Sonic: 28,344
    Mitsubishi Mirage: 21,363
    Chevrolet Spark: 19,510
    Kia Rio: 15,142:
    Fiat 500: 12,018
    Toyota Yaris: 8,450
    Smart ForTwo: 2,905


    • MarketAndChurch

      Even if you combined all of these cars together, their sales don’t justify their existence. The only reason these cars were sold in the first place was to lower the average corporate fuel consumption of automakers, so they’ll take a loss on this to continue selling mostly trucks and SUV’s, or another way of looking at that is that truck sales subsidized compact car sales.

    • Ron

      The Versa is garbage on wheels. The CVT transmission is absolutely atrocious and as for the steering, I have no doubt that a prosthetic leg would have more feeling and feedback.

      • Dennis Scipio

        … whatever.

  • Able

    Why buy a RAV4 over the CR-V (even if you’re a fleet etc buyer) – surely cost? Bleurgh, the RAV4 is horrendous.

    • NissLover

      I really think Toyota pumped up the fleet sales the couple of months the RAV4 crested 40k. The Rogue had a very comfortable lead up until that point(although I know it has a fleet dependency as well) . But I don’t think Toyota wanted to give up the #1 selling non-truck title the Camry normally holds that the Rogue was on track to take. But yes, the RAV4 to me is the least appealing of the top three.

  • NissLover

    I know the general consensus in the car world is that everyone hates Nissan and they’re crap, but the complete absence of mention of the Rogues sales success is pretty blatant. Give credit where credit is due. To say the rivalry in the Small SUV class is between the RAV4 and CRV is crazy, when in fact the Rogue is in second place. The RAV4 is at 375k and the Rogue at 363k and up until the last 3-4 months the Rogue was on top. USA Today is even worse as they go so far to mention the 4th place Escape, make no mention of the Rogue and then say the rest of the competition is far behind. Nevermind the fact the Rogue beat the RAV4 in Nov 36k vs 29k.

    • MarketAndChurch

      I was just about to post on this… lol. I too was surprised about the Rogue’s absence, and I thought the Rogue was on pace to give the Rav4 a good scare. With one month left, it still might.

      • NissLover

        I think its a done deal, unless Nissan gives away every Rogue they possibly could. At the end of the day Toyota wins on the capacity and dealer network front. Nissan would literally have to sell 45-50k to take the title back and the RAV4 would have to stall at like 25k, which I don’t think is going to happen.

    • japan3

      I love nissan, i am from europe And i have one almera with 410.000 km And one nissan suv with 140.000 km. Both No problem at all, for me The Best brand.

    • Jon Doe

      Clearly this is an advertisement for Toyota and Honda.

    • Ben

      The Rogue competes with the Honda HR-V and Toyota CHR, it’s a class below the RAV4 and CRV.


    i thought grand caravan was already dead

    • Bash

      Its a zombie.

  • brn

    The Dodge Caravan generally beats out Honda and Toyota. Drop the price to clear inventory and you’re surprised it’s still number one?

  • TheBelltower

    I wasn’t even sure that USA Today still existed. I haven’t seen or heard anything from them in at least a year.

  • Craig

    Fleet and commercial sales should NOT be included.

    • brn

      Listed separately anyway.

  • The Civic has been prove to be massive hit but if you believe Motor Trend, Honda USA is actually losing money on the Civic.

    The Challenger is surprising, considering the car looks dated compared to ewer Camaro and Mustang.

    • MarketAndChurch

      Just out of curiosity, why did Motor Trend say that?

      • I’m not sure if I can take pictures of it so I will reproduce it. It’s from the August edition in MT Confidential section

        “Have you been seeing a lot of new Honda Civic around?If so, there’s a good reason why. They’re loaded with class-executive features and they cost less than the competition at the same trim levels. What they don’t do, according to well placed sources, is make money. In fact, Honda may even be losing money on every new Civic it sells. No doubt the strategy is to capture market share by undercutting the competition, but you have to wonder how long a company, even as one as big as Honda, can afford to lose money on a high-volume car. The even more important question is what will happen when Honda finally jacks up the price”

        • NissLover

          People will still buy them because it’s a Honda. It’s decidedly the best car in the class, so even if it did inch up in price, I think people would still be willing to pay. I applaud Honda for returning to its roots and building a NICE car, cars actually. The new Civic, Accord and CR-V are really nice and remind me of Honda of yore that most of my family drove. But I still question if they are losing money on each one. Maybe not making much of a profit margin. At that volume it would kill the company in the long run.

          • Matt

            LOL! Only in the USA is a Civic considered best in class. Here in Australia the thing barely sells, thankfully. It’s styling is an abomination, as with most current Honda’s.

          • gareth1989

            Well actually this current gen civic has seen a huge increase in sales, especially since the hatch was released. Styling is subjective but it is selling pretty well in Aus, however still not best in class and still behind Mazda 3, Corolla, i30, Golf and Cerato and was #23 in sales in 2017.

            The previous gen sedan was an abomination and sales of that model showed.

        • MarketAndChurch

          Thank you for reproducing this, and that’s actually quite frightening lol. Maybe it’ll pay off in popularity of the civic nameplate. What we all can expect in the future than is a price hike, since it’s unlikely that Honda will keep this going forever.

          • No problem mate, That said the article is almost half a year ago, maybe there are US reader here that notice price change in Civic range? And this comes at gossip coloumn so we may never know what really happened.

  • Frank Yoster

    That Chrysler Pacifica is the best van i have ever droven. It feels like a sedan/Suv…its freakin awesome!

  • Nick099

    Ford has some of the best incentives for fleet sales of any company.
    FCA figured out what a lot of other car companies seem to have forgotten; size, horsepower, and price matters.

  • YUGE

    Ford make junky unreliable vehicles.

  • Ron

    I was recently given a RAV4 to drive by Enterprise and I was horrified that anyone would ever buy one.

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