Authorities Arrest Two Suspects After Times Square Hit-And-Run

Police in New York have arrested two suspects in connection with a hit-and-run on an NYPD officer in Times Square over the weekend.

Dramatic footage from the hit-and-run emerged online a couple of days ago. It showed the driver of a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG doing burnouts through the center of Times Square and briefly being forced to stop at an intersection by an officer.

However, the driver decided to accelerate away, spinning the tires of the performance sedan as he clipped the officer, injuring his back, arms, right leg, and right hip.

Police have arrested 20-year-old Arfhy Santos and 24-year-old William Lopez in relation to the incident. Authorities believe Santos was driving.

Speaking to ABC 7 News, NYPD chief William Aubry said the driver and passenger were easily tracked down.

“He has a history. He did it just last week, Friday at 2 in the morning. He was in Upper Manhattan and did the same exact thing with the same vehicle on a sidewalk.”

The owner of the car, William Lopez, has three prior arrests. Meanwhile, Santos has previously been arrested no less than eight times. After fleeing the scene of the hit-and-run, both Santos and Lopez were arrested in an apartment while trying to escape out a window.


  • B.
    • europeon

      Actually, the guy filming did an awesome job having the incident properly framed all the time, so we can forgive him for the portrait mode.

      • jsz00

        The fact that he said the n-word so many times I think he needs to work on his narration.

  • Research Janitor

    I wonder what type of jobs they have.

    • TheHake

      Lol. Exactly… 24yo with a C63… WITH several prior arrests. I wonder…

      • europeon

        You are a racist pig!

        LE: people don’t seem to understand a joke if there is no smiley at the end.

        • John

          for stating a legitimate question? =p

          • europeon

            Racism is never legitimate!

          • John

            same as falsely accusing others of racism and confusing stereotype and racism.

          • smartacus

            i flagged her comment.
            I don’t know what her
            personal racist agenda
            is against TheHake, but
            i hope she doesn’t scare
            viewers away from here.

        • TheHake

          Sticks and stones bro. And I never mentioned colour…

        • john1168

          Just a question, how is TheHake’s question racism?

          • smartacus

            i flagged her comment for clearly
            targeted harassment of TheHake.
            and i hope she gets banned.
            We don’t need trolls like that here.

        • thunder bolt

          Ok, how about they look like they came from shithole country. fair enough IMO since pictures do speak the truth.

      • jsz00

        Oh look another Trump supporter

        • TheHake

          oh look… another one who condones criminality.

        • john1168

          What does TheHake’s comment have to do with Trump?

          • jsz00

            Stereotypes are not tolerated

  • the guy should work as a cameraman in movies, he can run and shoot like if he had a steadicam! Just turn your phone man and I hire you!

    • salamOOn

      he didn’t run… at the end you can see his skateboard….

  • john1168

    I’m glad they caught these @[email protected] Not surprised at all that they have priors. To do something like this in Times Square of all places… There’s just no getting away with this. Just curious how they were able to afford such a car?

    • LJ


    • LWOAP

      I’m guessing drug dealing.

      • john1168

        My guess too

    • jbworldwide1

      MAGA’s in the house!!!

    • Enter Ranting

      There have to be a thousand surveillance cameras in Times Square. Morons.

      • jsz00

        actually it was through Instagram, thanks to the GT-R and Challenger behind it in the beginning of the video.

    • jsz00

      (Not) YouTube.

    • Harry_Wild

      Gangsters? Drugs, prostitution, gambling, etc…


    Not surprised. We all knew they were going to get caught and they got caught. Now they can reflect on their poor decisions while behind bars.

  • BlackPegasus

    Build the wall.

    • John

      i personally prefer auto machine gun with auto targeting.
      “cross the line and you are dead”.

    • Enter Ranting

      A 20 billion dollar wall would have prevented this how?

      • jsz00

        Parents are likely illegals, and drugs were from Mexico.

  • jsz00

    This is why we need the wall between USA and Mexico. We can’t let parents of these kids cross the border.

    • jbworldwide1

      Yep Billy Bob! Yer sure arr righ bout dat!

    • Sam Nigel

      Shut up you illegal alien from the caves.

    • Astonman

      1. I’m pretty sure those guys are Puerto Rican
      2. If Americans stop using drugs then there wouldn’t a problem

  • smartacus

    who was driving?
    Lopez or Santos?


    By the names are Latin. Trump is right!

    • paulgdeaton

      Trump is just a convenient fool pandering to his base.

      So are you.

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