Illegal U-Turn Ends In Disaster As Van Gets Hammered By Semi

A U-turn has the potential of being one of the most dangerous maneuvers one can pull off in traffic, if executed illegally and with a complete lack of awareness.

Once you’re committed to the turn, you’re pretty much at the mercy of an oncoming vehicle, and in no instance is this scarier than when faced with a large semi truck coming your way.

We’re sad to see that the video description doesn’t mention whether or not the driver of the van made it out unharmed, or at least with non-life threatening injuries.

The van was hit right in the driver side door, and as far as we can tell, the driver of the semi didn’t even manage to slow down before the impact, making this quite the head shaking situation – it’s easy to assume the worst with these types of accidents.

In fact, the only way this crash could have been mitigated is if the driver of the semi somehow reacted to the van turning at the precise instant at which that started happening. It would have been tough, yet not impossible, at least not if you often assume that people tend to perform reckless and illegal maneuvers in traffic.

  • Dr Strangefinger

    [email protected]##!!!!!

    Hey, is that M F’in Samuel L Jackson talking on the phone???

    • BlackPegasus

      LMAO 🤣

  • Paul

    It WAS for sale. Now it is just a piece of junk.

  • TheBelltower

    Wow. Lamont is sure getting a play-by-play.

  • Status

    When you let humans drive cars you get this kind of behaviour.

    • Jay

      Autonomous cars have been in accidents of their own too. They’re just beta tests right now.

      • Status

        I haven’t seen an autonomous car pull an illegal U-turn. They wouldn’t be programmed for that.

        Why did you start by typing “Uhh”?

        • Jay

          No they just run red lights and sideswipe other cars and busses because that’s less dangerous.

          Uhh Fixed*

          • Status

            Nothing that humans can’t do on their own and without prompting other drivers or coordinating their intent with others. Hell, humans still have ‘road rage’.

          • Jay

            We don’t need autonomous cars doing what we do. If we can do it ourselves they serve no purpose.

          • Status

            Humans can barely drive cars as it is. They routinely make bad judgments and cause accidents, injury, death, and untold loss of millions of dollars in productivity.

            Further education is not the answer, as there is a limit to the volume of knowledge applicable for one task that a human would need for their life. Driving isn’t a life-skill, and it’s not a specialized skill, so it development and advancement is purely open-ended and deliberately left vague.

            Driving exposes human frailties and weaknesses, and humans simply can’t do anything as well as a computer.

          • Jay

            An autonomous car is only as good as what humans program it to be. Some humans can barely drive but not all of them.

          • Status

            You think humans will do the programming? Have you ever heard of machine learning?

            What you would need 30 years to perfect behind the wheel, an autonomous car would need to only leverage what other autonomous cars have collectively learned.

            Essentially, a machine can teach itself how to drive. They can already compose music and code. Driving will be duck soup.

          • Jay

            Humans will do the initial programming correct? In fact humans are who program the machine to learn in the first place. You’re still relying on humans.

          • DeCode

            Don’t bother man, He’s obviously in league with our robot overlords.

          • Jay

            Shut them up with that last one.

  • Jay

    It kind of seems like the writer of the article is giving the driver of the van the right of way.

    • Luc Helterbrand

      the writer DOES seem to be implying that somehow the semi driver needed to have been more alert to the potential of the driver of the van being a dumb ass. Hardly seems appropriate given the evidence of the video!

      • salamOOn

        That last paragraph is completely improper.

      • Jay

        The truck driver should have seen the van coming and had been prepared to stop. Brakes should’ve been applied as well but that van driver didn’t have a care in the world and I think there still would’ve been a collision. I bet they wouldn’t do that at a RR crossing.

  • Emoto

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!


    “In fact, the only way this crash could have been mitigated is if the driver of the semi somehow reacted to the van turning at the precise instant at which that started happening.”

    Just fucking stop. The driver of the van was at fault and there was nothing the semi driver could have done to mitigate the accident. You try to avoid some guy making an illegal U-turn in a big ass semi traveling at speed and see what happens. I guarantee you’ll rethink that statement.

    • Jay

      Agreed just because the van turned didn’t mean they weren’t also going to use their brakes. An Illegal U-Turn is the furthest thing on my mind on a merging lane like that. Vans driver is 100% at fault here.

  • Six_Tymes

    what a DBAG, the van driver should loose their driving privileges.

    • Beelzaboot teriaksun

      that is, if he didn’t die.


  • BlackPegasus

    Hopefully the van driver won’t ever get another opportunity to ruin someone else’s day (and perhaps life). That hit from the semi truck should’ve ended him on the spot.

    • exeptor

      A bit too harsh man. Everyone did some really stupid things at least once … and I assume will in the future too.

      • BlackPegasus

        “Doing stupid things” don’t typically include placing the lives of innocent people at risk.

        Stupid things I’ve done at least once:
        – riding a bike with no helmet
        – binge drinking at a party and vomiting on myself.
        – gambling in Las Vegas
        – trusting an exotic dancer in my hotel room while I slept.

        You get the point. None of those “stupid things” I’ve done placed multiple lives at risk. The van driver deserves whatever Darwin delivered to him on that day.

  • Jerry Hightower

    The video is not in real time. Thus would venture to guess the trucker had about a second to react. In that time the truck travels at a great distance. 80-90% of accidents involving trucks are not the trucks fault.

    • badcyclist

      Excellent use of made-up statistics. At least it’s for a good cause.

      • Jerry Hightower

        Sorry, but I did do my research before commenting!

  • LeStori

    God made Humans in it’s own image… Maybe it should have added some common sense

  • Jimbo

    It is beyond me how some people can get out of bed in the morning without falling and breaking the neck!

  • Thomas

    Mr. Writer, I like to see if you can do what you said if you are the semi driver.


  • Vassilis

    The only way this crash could have been mitigated is if the van driver checked for oncoming traffic. For fuck’s sake.

  • FFEMT6

    Might have helped the semi driver’s awareness level, if he would have put the phone down. Not his fault in the accident at all, but maybe at least the impact would have been diminished. Knowing your ok, what about getting off the phone and checking on the other driver.

    • DeCode

      the guy on the phone was the passenger. the woman was driving, and exited the truck while he was still talking on the phone.

      • FFEMT6

        Oh, ok, that makes it alot better. Still a very tragic event though.

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