Jeep Driver Spins On Black Ice, Somehow Avoids Hitting Anything!

Because black ice is pretty much invisible to drivers it is extremely dangerous, as the person behind the wheel of this red Jeep Grand Cherokee found out.

Normally, people who lose control of their vehicles tend to consider themselves unlucky. In this case though, spinning like that without leaving the road or impacting other cars was actually pretty fortunate.

From what we can tell, as the Jeep crossed over in front of the dashcam car, its driver had already the brakes, which tends to make matters worse when you’re driving on slippery surfaces. Anyway, the SUV spun around 360-degrees twice before the driver managed to regain some sort of control, gently sliding the car back towards the first lane, and continuing on their journey.

According to the description, the incident occurred on New Year’s Eve in Abilene, Texas, where temperatures have dipped below freezing a few times in recent weeks.



    ballerina on the road

  • TheBelltower

    The guy in the jeep probably needs to change his pants!

    • Mike Sinyaboot

      At least that gave him a heated seat for a little while. Then again, the seat was probably destroyed….by poop.

    • europeon

      Nah, it’s a Jeep thing.

  • John

    the guy got some skillz

    • bonzomatic

      No they don’t. They got lucky. They caused that to happen by changing lanes so quickly then hitting the brakes.

  • Nigel Mansell of the day.

    • donald seymour

      I swear I thought you said something else. Laugh out Loud.

  • John

    waiting for Euro beat youtube video to surface…


  • JR Glide

    Jeep = American Junk

    • Craig


      • Jay

        its not a lie but in the video its completely irrelevant.

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      You don’t like VW (or is it a scorned lover?) and you don’t like Jeep (knockback?).
      Which make(s) do you like?

    • LWOAP

      We get it. You don’t like FCA or VAG.

    • Ron

      Your comment = troll junk

    • bonzomatic

      I’m sure you think Land Rover is better?

  • karmat

    Good ol american stability control

  • Akira

    You spin me round baby right round…

  • Christian

    To get the best experience with this video, open another tab and search Meatspin)dot)com and hear the music while watching the video

    With no pants…

    • Leconte Dave


  • Eric

    That’s Danny Sullivan.

  • Nerd

    It looks like car presentation in game. You choose red jeep…

  • B.
  • Six Thousand Times

    Black ice is no joke. A friend skidded a tracked APC on it in Germany when he was in the army. 4WD certainly won’t save you when all wheels lose traction.

  • Dennis James

    He won the lottery that day 🙂

  • jsz00


  • benT

    Texas’ Tennessee Waltz

  • Stephen G

    Isn’t that called “drifting”?

  • trentbg

    The real crime here is filming in portrait mode.

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