Kia Now Compares Stinger GT To Porsche Panamera And BMW 6-Series

The Kia Stinger is a more affordable alternative to cars such as the BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe and Audi A5 Sportback, undercutting the latter in the USA by over $10,000 in base form.

Much in the same way it put its new Forte against the Lamborghini Aventador, the Korean automaker has released a new video that pits the $41,250 Stinger GT with limited-slip differential pack, against the larger and much more expensive BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe and Porsche Panamera, both of which cost in the region of $90,000.

Supervised by AMCI Testing, the ‘comparison test’ included four ytials: acceleration, cornering, slalom, and closed-course lap, and each car was driven by a professional racing driver. To no one’s surprise, the Korean five-door liftback prevailed in most tests, although the Panamera V6 turned out to be slightly better around corners, whereas the Bimmer came in last each time.

Kia appears to really embrace this practice of pitting its new cars against much more expensive metal. Not that it expects Panamera or Aventador customers to opt for the Stinger or Forte, of course, but it’s a novel, way of advertising their new models. They certainly have a sense of humor those guys, don’t they?


  • jaykit

    It still says KIA on the back though. Therein lies the problem. They have created a car that out-performs the brand that is attached to it. At the same time, KIA, being owned by the same conglomerate that owns Hyundai/Genesis, has just stolen the thunder that is badly needed to prop up the luxury ambitions of their corporate twin.

    • Subi-Rubicon1

      My sentiments exactly.

    • Dr Strangefinger

      Aside from a few brands out there, quality is basically equal… if one still wants to pay 2x the cost of the alternative due to perceived quality, then go for it, we’ll all be so impressed… Same for prestige. They’re just cars. Just remember the ’emperor’s new clothes’.

      • seriously

        agreed , the badge whores have always been funny to me frankly unless youre driving some exotic or ultra luxury car brand the fact you consider BMW, Mercedes, and even Porsche better cars merely because of a badge is silly you can buy all 3 for no more money than what people pay for family sedans and suvs at mainstream brands….always picture the douchebag driving the 399 a month lease deal bragging about driving “insert any see a million a day luxury car brand”

        • exeptor

          Partially agree (especially because I like Stinger a lot), but just an idea: Porsche makes the biggest profit from a single cars (I exclude ultra exotics and luxury ones) – I it was around $15,000. Let’s assume Stinger costs $70,000 and Panamera S 120,000. Subtract the profit and we get 105,000 production cost. I doubt that KIA loose money on Stinger so let’s assume $5000 profit which means 65,000 production cost. Where are the $40,000? Keep in mind that Porsche reuse a big part of the tech and components in other models and KIA has to made Stinger much more exclusive than other models in the lineup.

          • Vanquish

            for the record this comment makes 0 sense, and frankly just supports what the person youre responding to said……Porsche makes such a big profit by Prestige pricing their cars (your facts and figures by the way dont compute and are based on an oversimplified idea that Porsche and no other company makes that big of a profit on any car ) for people that are so consumed with a badge they will gladly pay thousands of dollars for features on a car that is competing with cars that have them standard….The Q5 and the Macan are VERY closely related (the old Q5 at that) yet to get a Macan equipped like say a premium plus Q5 you would have to spend thousands more same goes for the Cayenne vs the Q7…..$60,000 for a macan 4 cylinder??? Hey Im all for buying a car because its performance, styling or whatever but just because of its badge? Than discounting other cars that dont have the same badge is just pompous bottom line…..

          • SteersUright

            There isn’t a single Porsche that is simply nothing more than a “badge”. Not a single one of them. Consumers in todays tech savvy marketplace require substance to go along with their premium payment for that premium badge. The Macan has won praise multiple times over. The Panamera is perhaps the only sedan truly offering a large sports car dynamic while also sophisticated and capable of doing it duties as a classy sedan. And on and on…the brand is on fire and selling every car it can make to an audience willing to pay a premium to own one. Porsches are not designed to appeal to thrifty budget-oriented shoppers. I actually wish they were, I’d love to see an entry level sports car from them for $40k. Lord knows they make some of the best out there.

    • fabri99

      I disagree. I see what you mean, but this is not intended to go up against a Porsche Panamera. Kia has to start somewhere if they want to expand in the high-end classes and I think a cheaper yet just as good alternative to a 3/4 Series is a great starting point. As for the brand perception, it has improved a lot in the last few years and I don’t see the Stinger being a problem for the Genesis brand. I see this as smart move, they can’t just go on with Picantos and Cee’ds forever.

      • jaykit

        Fair points.

    • Scherpereel Clement

      Yeah right, still a Kia with a lot of dealers, 7 year waranti and a good servicing. Who cares with the name ? As long as it’s good value AND fun, AND precise !

      • SteersUright

        What if its not that precise?

        • Scherpereel Clement

          Well for the price diference you’ll realise the Stinger in not boxing in the luxury sedan range so who cates if it’s not as precise as the Porsche. Bit appatently it’s quite sharp

    • LWOAP

      Who cares what it says on the back? It’s a great car and it clearly shows Kia is moving in the right direction. You’re basically attributing quality on badge identity alone and that’s ridiculous. Saying stuff like “They have created car that out-performs the brand that is attached to it” is equally silly and ludicrous. We get it. Kia made boring cars in the past that were nothing to write home about. Now they make a great car and stepped up their quality, yet for some reason, people seem to have trouble getting over the badge.

      Let it go already.

      • jaykit

        Run it through Genesis at the same price. I’m not knocking the performance, design, anything like that. They have done a great job there. It’s the branding I’m going after. For example, why do the Kia K900 when they are trying to get Genesis off the ground a couple of years ago? Same here w/ the Stinger. Why do this when they are going to be marketing the G70 in the coming months with the SAME EXACT powertrain?

        • LWOAP

          Perhaps because both Genesis and Kia are aimed at different markets, so there was no worry of cannibalizing another’s sales? Or maybe it was just easier to share a power train as opposed to developing something new for both of them?

          I mean, take the Bentayga for example. It has the same diesel engine and chassis as the Audi SQ7 yet the Bentayga is more expensive than the Audi.

        • Vanquish

          bottom line youre still a badge whore which means someone like you also wouldnt think the Genesis brand is good enough…..why does Toyota have the Avalon when they have the Lexus ES, why does Buick have the Lacrosse if the CT6 exists theyre clearly going after different customers and different segments. Much like the Maxima and the Q50 thats simple to understand…

          • jaykit

            Partially correct. I have a 2015 Genesis 5.0.

          • Vanquish

            which means You have a Hyundai Genesis…not a Genesis G80……….sounds made up to me if you cant get the facts right

          • jaykit

            The 2015 Genesis was not named G80. It was simply referred to as a Genesis Sedan. You want pics?

            Enjoy your Scion.

      • jsz00

        Who cares what it says on the back? Pretty much everybody looking for a car over $40K.

        • LWOAP

          Not everyone cares about badging. And that badge doesn’t always guarantee quality or a solid product. If your badge is the only way you can sell your product, then there is something wrong.

      • dolsh

        It won’t happen.

        Enthusiasts will probably drive the car, and seriously consider it as a used bargain in 18 months.

        Brand loyalists – specifically those for the brands this is testing against – will not buy this car. They’ve already chosen brand over value. BMW and Porsche make fine cars. But if people only bought cars that were the better value, they’d have a devil of a time competing against Toyota and Honda. You’ll never see Brand snobbery go away. A LOT of people care a lot more about what’s on the back than what’s under the hood.

        The reality is that buyers for this car are cross shopping it against a Charger R/T, not a Porsche.

    • Bo Hanan

      Kia’s rank is below Genesis and above Hyundai. Genesis competes with Merc-BMW-JAG-Audi. Kia’s target is sportier brands. This Korean company knows better- but I like that they’ve thrown caution to the wind and are going after the big guys. If I were in charge of marketing I would do the exact same thing. That is to get you talking about “how dare they go after Porsche and BMW.” And keep in mind this is a Superbowl commercial and you know what those are like….

    • BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe and Porsche Panamera, both of which cost in the region of $90,000.

    • They certainly have a sense of humor those guys, don’t they?

  • S3XY

    Thought that was a Model 3 on the left

    • Bash

      Buddy, clearly you eat, drink and breath Tesla. Anyone would instantly recognize that it’s a Porsche.

      • S3XY

        Holy moly batman, that’s a perplexing observation there!

    • Tinky-Winky
      • Adilos Nave

        Ohmigod, that’s too funny.

        • S3XY

          What’s more funny is your profile picture.

          • Adilos Nave

            Just got home from school, eh? Hope you had a good time on the jungle gym today.

      • S3XY

        Tried upvoting but it’s a picture.

    • LWOAP

      You need to take off your Tesla goggles.

  • Gerald Michael

    Except people out shopping for a Porsche Panamera or BMW 6-Series are highly unlikely to cross-shop either with a Kia Stinger.

    • Dr Strangefinger

      Until now. BAMM! That just happened!!!!

  • Enter Ranting

    Very impressive. Kia is gonna sell a billion of those Stingers.

    • Bash

      Finger crossed.

    • ctk4949

      Not if there lease deals are in the $700s for the GT2!!!!

  • Bo Hanan

    Did any notice these large sedans were pulling 1g on the track course? Outrageous!

  • FYourCouch

    What’s the “Limited Slip Differential Package”? I only see a LSD being offered on the fully-loaded, $50K, GT2.

    • brn

      They didn’t say you could buy it that way.

  • Kagan

    Not unparty, but bmw go home!

  • fabri99

    I really hope this Stinger sells like hot cakes, they deserve it.

    • jsz00

      It won’t, nobody in the right mind would want to drive a Kia when arriving at a lavish party.

      • fabri99

        Not all those who own a premium sedan go to lavish parties. I see what you mean and I fear it won’t be a huge success too, but I also think many people will be able to look further than just a badge.

      • Enter Ranting

        What?! Nobody in their right mind would want to attend a party where they’re looked down upon for arriving in a new Stinger! Screw that party, and everyone at it.

    • BlackPegasus

      I keep hearing the term “sell like hotcakes” but there is currently no metric that measures the sales of hotcakes. Are hotcakes trading in bitcoin or the dow? 🤣

  • fabri99

    “disrespect luxury auto makers”
    What, they’re going to get offended?

  • Scherpereel Clement

    Is it an ironic coment ? Or you are thosse kind of pretencious moron that jerks of on the brand’s logo ?
    It’s a Kia, so what ? They have to start somewhere do they ? Audi in the 70 was not famous at all and they didn’t sell well. Then they introduce the Quattro system and the Audi Quattro, and it was a hit.
    So why other brand can’t do it ?

    • jaykit

      They market their products with hamsters. Then they want to say KiaPorsche.

      All of this crap should be going through the Genesis brand. The Koreans do not get brand management. Not one part of it.

      • Darius Davis

        They market their product*

        As in only ONE vehicle, and that’s the Soul.

      • Enter Ranting

        Huh. Well, for not knowing about brand management, they sure do sell a TON of cars! And for the record, I love those hamsters! Those commercials made you remember the brand, didn’t it? (That’s called brand management.)


    Your badge whoring is showing.

  • Pete Moss

    Yes, the world does not need another moron emulating Donald Trump

  • BlackPegasus

    I saw a Stinger on a local dealer’s lot priced at $51K.
    It was surrounded by Kia Souls and a bunch of used cars. The problem with this car is the same as the Genesis brand. They don’t have a suitable dealership network to support a $51K car nor the type of buyer who may consider this car despite the badge. I would pass on this car not because it’s a Kia, but because the dealership experience would be similar to having a root canal.

    • ChicagoBlah


    • Enter Ranting

      Well, they have to have the car before they build a separate dealership experience. Kia isn’t going to build a bunch of luxurious sales buildings, then wait years to fill them with deserving cars.

  • jsz00

    They’re still not going to outsell Porsche and BMW… sorry. The badge does matter.

    • Bo Hanan

      Anyone looking in this segment that doesn’t have BMW/Porsche money will buy the Stinger and get a great car that will run with the two aforementioned cars. And that is Kia’s goal. Mission accomplished!

    • Darius Davis

      This a a rather broad and thoughtless statement.

      1. Kia won’t outsell Porsche or BMW?
      2. The Stinger won’t outsell Porsche or BMW?
      3. The Stinger won’t outsell the Panamera or 6-series Grand Coupe?
      4. The Stinger won’t outsell it’s direct competition i.e. the 4 series Grand Coupe and Audi A5/S5 Sportback?

  • Ilbirs

    And the “poor man’s Panamera” seems to be as good as the “rich man’s” one. I see this as good news.

  • Ary Wisesa

    There’s always a beginning for everything. KIA started decades ago as a humble brand known for its cheap & spartan (but not yet reliable) small cars. In Indonesia it started its business with “Timor” brand, not successful in its the first attempt, and eventually forced to revert back to its original name. Indonesian people used to laugh at it (and also at other Korean brands: Hyundai, Daewoo, SsangYong, etc) and called them third class auto brands after European (Mercedes, BMW, etc) and Japanese (Toyota, Honda, etc)… Even taxi drivers insulted KIA & Hyundai products for its notoriety of being highly unreliable, unlike the Japanese counterparts.

    But look at them now: Hyundai-KIA soundly occupies the fourth place in the top 10 automotive group in the world (quoted from ), behind only VW, Toyota and Nissan-Renault, all are formidable competitors. And they already have beaten GM, Ford and Honda, far older & more experienced players in the field. So they must have been doing it right.

    What truly admirable about Hyundai-KIA (and also Samsung & LG for that matter) is that they never stop innovating and continuously improving. Now Hyundai-KIA Group is on par with the Japanese big boys (Toyota & Honda) in term of reliability and not infrequently beat both of those Japanese giants in term of design, and now: performance.

    Judging from the very fast acceleration of their business, I think it’s only a matter of time before Hyundai-KIA catch up with the best. I won’t be surprised at at all if in the near future they compete to be No 1.

    The Stinger is an excellent effort from Hyundai-KIA in order to establish themselves as tremendous players in automotive industry. The same can be said for Genesis. At first, it’s normal if people have skepticism and doubts, but constant improvement would surely shed all the doubts and slowly but sure people would embrace them.

    Nothing lasts forever. “Established” brands can’t go on forever if they don’t innovate. Just look at Yahoo!, Sony, GM, Ford, Jaguar, Kodak, and arrays of other brands who failed to constantly innovate and eventually beaten by their newer, more eager and smarter competitors. There’s no room for complacency. There’s no guarantee that “well-established” brands like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Honda will be established forever. Even Rolls-Royce & Bentley almost collapsed had they not been saved by BMW and VW, respectively. And we all know what happened to GM and Chrysler…

    So, yes, KIA will succeed, I think.

  • LeStori

    So the Stinger is a luxury performance car to take on the Porsche and the BMW shown. I just fell on the floor laughing.

    In reality the Stinger is a econobox tarted up with very decent suspension and a large engine. In Australia we would call it cask wine. Great value for money.

    • Enter Ranting

      Shhh…your ignorance is showing. The Stinger uses the platform from the Hyundai Genesis, which is not an “econobox.”

  • SteersUright

    Once a perennial winner, BMW sure seems ok with losing more and more comparisons these days. What happened to them??

    Regarding this trio, the Kia Stinger’s exterior is just too overdone and too tacky which negates it being any sort of budget alternative to anything as classy and capable as the Panamera and/or the upcoming Audi A7. Still, its impressive they even launched this car and Im happy they did. Hopefully there’s an accelerated refresh program in the works to fine tune the initial kinks.

    • Enter Ranting

      BMW decided to chase technology for technology’s sake, and fill out their lineup with three versions of every conceivable model segment. The emphasis is on selling leases, not creating the “ultimate driving machine.”

  • botornot387

    The fanboys are out in full force for the Korean brands. Lol your not always a badge whore just because you want to drive a Porsche or BMW. The Kia did great here but no one is going to cross shop these brands and all this advertisement does is cannibalize the Genesis more than anything because anyone will look and say same performance, why am I paying more. Also, not picking on the Kia but it’s got a twin turbo and it’s the lightest car here, and probably has the stickiest tires, it should do well. I still wouldn’t take it over an A5 sportback because while it performs well, a car isn’t just the sum of it’s performance, it’s the sum of all parts, and they interior quality is still Kia. That’s the 10,000 distance and the tech.

    • Darius Davis

      Actually the only difference in tech is the available navigation within the gauge cluster for the A5.

      • botornot387

        That’s not the only tech and the MMI system is better to operate the uvo. And interior fit and finish is not even close.

    • Enter Ranting

      I’m more interested in a car company that’s striving for greatness and making incredible improvements. That would be KIA. I sat in a Stinger at the LA Auto Show. I was impressed, and I’m very critical of interior quality.

      The point isn’t that a Porsche fan is going to cross-shop a Panamara with a Stinger. The point is that for those without Porsche money, there’s now an affordable car that competes with the Porsche on almost every relevant level. That’s good news, unless you’re a Porsche apologist who feels threatened by KIA’s hard work.

  • Craig

    I understand WHY most people [?] consider than name KIA to be a negative – I just think it’s silly. In fact – being a KIA is what makes it great. Confess… didn’t you have much higher expectations for the BMW 640i? “And you paid how much?” How embarrassing!

  • john1168

    This is an interesting comparison and shows just how far KIA has come. Good for KIA but KIA USA has to get their act together with missing exterior/interior color combos and missing features that are available everywhere else in the world.

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