Professional BMW Driver Tries Tesla Model 3, Compares It To An M3!

The Tesla Model 3 was one of the most anticipated electric vehicles since… well, since we can remember. With a confirmed EPA range of 310 miles (499 km) and a starting price tag of $35,000 before incentives, it could really be a viable option to gasoline- and diesel-powered cars.

However, so far we didn’t have any info about the way it drives. A professional BMW driver manage to get behind the wheel of a Model 3 and had good things to say about the sedan.

The lengthy review, if you can call it that, was posted on BMW Car Club of America, and while it doesn’t feature a lot of details, it does provide some juicy tidbits. The placement of the headlight switch, for instance, isn’t on a stalk or a knob like a regular car, but is accessed through a menu on the massive center screen. That sounds like it would incredibly annoying.

The switch for the hazard lights was in an even more precarious position. For the majority of cars, it’s a button located somewhere on the dash, usually in an easily-accessibly area. That’s not the case for the Model 3, though, which has a hazard switch that’s located in an overhead panel next to the rearview mirror. Again, not the best of ideas.

These are minor quibbles that don’t provide any information on the car itself. But the author managed to drive the Model 3 in a spirited manner that revealed its sportier side.

“Despite my lack of seat time in the car, it did what I asked with ease; it was communicative, composed, and surprisingly neutral, despite my not being able to figure out how to defeat the stability control. The steering, brakes, and balance were all on par with my expectations of a sport sedan – think E46 M3…”

Comparing a vehicle, any vehicle, to a BMW E46 M3 is high praise. For those that forgot about one of BMW’s purest M3’s, this video should freshen up their memories.

Despite being a diehard BMW fan, BMWCCA’s reviewer managed to like the Model 3.

“This car is a game-changer; it will be relatively attainable compared to its predecessors, and it was even able to satisfy the driving bias of an old-school BMW-lover like me. I really didn’t want to like it, but I found little to complain about.”

If an old-school BMW fanatic liked the Model 3, we have a feeling that the rest of the Press will do the same, too. Heck, if it’s quirky enough for Doug DeMuro and sporty enough for a BMW fan, then it’s going to be very interesting indeed.


  • Congratulations Tesla

    Good news for Tesla 3 customers with orders to be fulfilled. I do not think that Doug DeMuro and Alex McCulloch should never ever be mentioned in the same article as Alex McCulloch is professional and DeMuro a dote.

  • ace_9

    “Professional BWM driver” who makes it clear in a second sentence of the original article that he is not a professional driver. And there is also nothing about driving professionally for BMW. If I could easily find out this, why the author felt the need to make up bullshit like that ? I think author is just another Tesla fan boy who likes to dig up anything positive about Teslas and blindly ignores the negative bits… Certainly not a good car journalist. And at the end I would say that even if the “steering, brakes, and balance” (yes, dear author of the article, only these things were mentioned regarding E46 M3, not the whole car) are comparable to E46 M3, it certainly cannot replace the feeling of M3 with its petrol engine, manual transmission and other things. It’s not like you can take Model 3 instead of an E46 M3. But I’m sure people who know at least something about the cars (unlike the author of this article) know about this.

    • Phil

      Your bile-dripping seething hatred of Tesla is showing.

      • LWOAP

        Wrong. That’s MY bile dripping seething hatred of Tesla.

  • Honda NSX-R

    I want to like this car but the styling inside and out doesn’t work for me.

    • Bo Hanan

      The Tesla 3’s exterior looks like a bar of soap. The interior looks like the sink that bar of soap is found on.

      • Honda NSX-R

        LOL well said.


  • jsz00

    I’d like to see this guy’s résumé before making a claim as substantial as that. Is he a professional racer with some victories or just a BS fanboy?

  • EyalN

    if you check few months back you will see that the real price of model 3 is $60000 and the company is losing so much money that they should sell it in a much more expensive price. if you see someone that sells a product and lose millions you should buy from him.

  • TheBelltower

    I don’t mind the controls for the lights being buried inside the tablet on the dashboard. It should stay on “automatic” anyway. What I do have an issue with is the lack of information in front of the driver. If Elon wanted to keep the cowl design clean, the 3 could have offered HUD.

    • Sébastien

      Many cars have speedometer in the center, that’s not a big deal… And existing cars have none of the assistance/self driving features.

      • TheBelltower

        True. Would take some getting used to.

  • An Existing Person

    If he even were to be professional, he just lost any credentials by comparing one of the best driver’s cars made to one of the most soulless cars made.

  • Elonious Muskateer

    what a pile of shit article. somebody got paid to write this ?

    • LWOAP


  • Never really big fan of Tesla central screen, yes they are good but I would be more confident if they still leave some buttons behind.

  • benT

    can use smartphone, can use a Tesla dash.

  • Positivity

    Have any of the anti-Tesla commenters here actually test driven a Tesla?

    • jsz00

      Yes and it’s a snoozefest appliance. Even any Toyota is more exciting to drive now.

      • Phil

        Obviously written by someone who’s driven a Tesla, as well as “any Toyota”.

  • Jon Doe

    Where the fucks this car at. How many did Elon build this year. Want a bet that the final price tag is not $35k. This company is going out of business. He’s just lucky he sucked Trumps fat one and he kept the incentives in place.

    • Enter Ranting

      Trump’s “fat one?!” Credibility, meet open window…

  • Jon Doe

    Someone should have Elon arrested for calling himself an Engineer. There are laws against presenting yourself as a professional Engineer when you aren’t.

    • benT

      software engineer he is!

      jon doh?

      • Jon Doe

        Wrong. He has apparently a degree in physics and economics. But he lies so much I’m not sure if that is real either.

        • benT

          what was his role at Paypal?

          • Jon Doe

            He had NO role in Paypal. Just more deception by the biggest fraud in business.

          • Phil
          • benT

            why don’t you send this to him and see what happens? so far your claims have the big smell of a great big pile of steaming horsepoo.

            it has taken you more than 10 years to reveal this so far restrained benefit to mankind.
            do you need your head read before you try on a more direct and truthful approach than a simple chat room style cart of excrement?

          • Jon Doe

            Which Fact are you having trouble with you millenial twat.

          • benT

            so far, I have a 40 year software and network engineering background with significant elements of pioneering R&D.
            what’s your background junior, racist vilification ?

          • Jon Doe

            40 years of software and networking experience? LMAOROFL. What a Maroon!!!! Everything else you stated is BS as well. Still claiming your messiah Elon is an Engineer and created Paypal?

          • Jon Doe

            You look like like some southern fat boy sack of shit, without two brain cells rubbing together. Deal With It!!!!!

          • benT

            …and your avatar resembles 2 dogs having a sexual relationship on the side of the Ozark mountains………..

          • Jon Doe

            He’s a Jewboy front man. He started a company called that merged with a company that developed the paypal payment system. In other words his Jewboy pals bought in. Same goes for Tesla, wasn’t his company. Same as SpaceX. Its NASA ffs.

            Only some twat millenial could be so brainwashed by the propaganda.

  • Phil

    I’m amazed in any Tesla story comments thread at the amount of ego and insecurity directed at ripping apart any suggestion the Tesla is a good car. I’m not biased either way; I find the Tesla interesting from a technological point of view but I’m not the target market and will likely never buy one. But I haven’t seen such desperation to tear something down without actually judging it on its merits outside of american politics or gay rights. Seriously, people being kicked in the balls react more rationally than this.

    • LWOAP

      Ok, while you are busy making blatantly false statements here’s something you should be aware of. People do judge Tesla based upon its merits and it’s subpar at best. The entirely of the brand is based around hype. Nothing but hype and over promises while, time and time again, they fail to deliver on these promises. People are sick and tired of this cult like image built around the brand and watching it be treated as if it is the gold standard that should be envied by all. Tesla products suffer from issues with build quality and production setbacks. Issue which are justifiably criticized. Not only that, the company is burning through money at an astonishing rate. People aren’t desperately trying to tear it down just because it is an EV – the company is doing that on its own. People are criticizing the brand because it is over hyped and under-performing.

      • Enter Ranting

        LWOAP – That hype has sold a LOT of Model S cars. I see lots of them every day. And, from what I can tell, the owners really like them. And what do you care how much money they burn through? It’s not affecting you in any way. By the way, zero to sixty for a large six seat sedan in 3 seconds is hardly under-performing.

        • LWOAP

          We’re not talking about performance figures. Besides, that’s irrelevant. We’re talking about the brand’s long term outlook and so far it doesn’t look good. And what do I care? For starters I’m someone who wants them to succeed and if they are burning money and not meeting their own production goals, it’s quite worrisome.

      • Phil

        Sorry, but to ignore the consistently positive reviews, COTY awards (which were pretty much unheard of for a new carmaker before Tesla) and high owner satisfaction ratings by saying “the entirety of the brand is based around hype” shows you’re not looking at it rationally. Tesla deserves criticism where it’s not delivered on promises and hype, but it deserves credit where it has, and where it’s delivering product at a rate beyond previous car maker startups. Show me any successful startup that hasn’t underdelivered on hype or spent lots of money – believe it or not, those are the risks that have to be taken in business to succeed.

        You said it yourself in your reply to my previous comment, “That’s MY bile dripping seething hatred of Tesla.”

        • LWOAP

          Firstly, you don’t understand what sarcasm is. Secondly, Tesla was also considered one of the most unreliable by consumer reports. Which is ironic considering they rated them highest among customer satisfaction.

          You are right that business’ do have to spend money to make money. But when burn through as much as 600 million dollars and haven’t turned a profit since, that should be an indication that something is wrong there.

    • Jon Doe

      Most people wouldn’t care if the incentives are removed. Otherwise everyone is on the hook for some rich twat to pretend he’s saving the planet. The people that are buying this car don’t need incentives.

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