Renault Shared Mobility Concept Gets Caught On Video

We’re getting a better look at Renault’s shared mobility concept as CarScoops reader Jordi has filmed the model during a photoshoot in Barcelona.

Set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month, the concept is a futuristic transport pod that features floating LED headlights and a digital display where the grille would normally be located. The concept also has a large greenhouse and flying buttresses which run from the roof to the fenders.

Moving further down the sides, we can see glass doors and flush-mounted wheels. The latter items should help to improve the concept’s aerodynamics.

Renault hasn’t said much about the concept but recently confirmed the model “embodies its vision for shared urban mobility.” The automaker also stated they are “passionate about making life easier for customers” and the concept will embrace this same philosophy.

While little is known about the model, it will likely have an autonomous driving system. A handful of companies are planning to offer autonomous ride-hailing services and Waymo recently became the first business in the United States to be granted permission to launch a commercial ride-hailing service without a human driver.

Given its purpose as a robo-taxi, it’s possible the concept will use an electric powertrain. This would help to reduce operating costs as well as enable the model to operate emissions free.

While we shouldn’t expect to see a production version of the concept, it’s becoming increasingly clear that autonomous driving technology and mobility services will change transportation as we know it.

Thanks to Jordi Conesa for the pictures and video!


  • Autoexperte

    the taxi of the future

  • I Am the Law!

    Styling by Judge Dredd.

  • Jp

    Looks like they got inspired by Blade Runner’s Peugeot…


    From what we can make out at the front, it looks like it’ll be called EZ GO. Interesting that where you’d usually find an engine at the front there’s this big empty space, as if to hammer in the fact that this is not a conventional engine car.

  • ace_9

    Unusable design exercise, because it is made only for perfectly flat clean surfaces.

  • Incog Nito

    Will it be with EDC gearbox in future as well? Just asking..

  • Mr Hahn

    A speedbump is going to stop this thing how is it going to work over the speed bumps and potholes?