Philippine’s Duterte Crushes Smuggled Porsches, Corvettes, BMWs And Jags

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had bulldozers destroy $1.2 million worth of smuggled cars at the Bureau of Customs, days after promising to dispose of vehicles brought into the Southeast Asian country illegally.

Some of the cars were luxury models, valued as high as $115,000, reports Reuters. Yet, it took just minutes for them to be reduced to nothing more than scrap metal.

“Give it to the buyer of steel,” said Duterte. “They cannot have cars like that. But they can get something, make toys out of it.”

Last year alone, the Bureau of Customs seized $2.93 million worth of smuggled cars, part of a greater $866 million in seized goods according to government data.

“It does not pay to evade taxes in the Philippines so might as well stop trying, because you will never succeed,” said Duterte’s finance minister, Carlos Dominguez, just as 20 vehicles were about to be destroyed at a Manila port. Another 10 were bulldozed in ports in the cities of Davao and Cebu.

Among the nameplates that got destroyed were classics like the Corvette Stingray, plus lots of vehicles wearing premium badges from BMW, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes and Lexus.

The Philstar reports that a P13.3 million ($258,000) McLaren supercar was also among the luxury cars seized by the Bureau of Customs, although there is no confirmation on whether or not it was destroyed.

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  • AxlRock

    Move over DT and Kim, there’s some serious competition for the title of the wackiest leader in world

    • Ary Wisesa

      No, he is not wacky. In fact he’s very brave & highly respected leader who protects his people and country very nicely. He killed hundreds of drug dealers, and it’s very good thing.

      • AxlRock

        So, is killing people better than imprisonment?

        • Ary Wisesa

          Yup, it’s much better in drug dealers case. I don’t have any sympathy at all for drug dealers. They deserve to be obliterated from the world. Don’t be too naive, drug dealers can still do their drug business behind the bars. And meanwhile, millions of people gets destroyed physically and mentally by their drugs.

          • AxlRock

            I disagree with some of your views. No doubt it is a serious crime, but if as a leader you endorse killing people like that, what kind of example does it set for citizens, especially young people. Does being the president give him the right to be higher than law? Why not instead go through the judicial system and serve proper justice to those people, whether it is life imprisonment, or death.

          • Ary Wisesa

            It’s ok if you disagree. Just wait until you deal with any drug dealer, or one of your family member must be run to ER due to overdosed, or seeing them dying painfully from liver cancer or AIDS. Or seeing them get shot out of the blue on the street for no reason at all. Then let me know if you still defending those criminals. As for setting example, it sends very clear message: don’t sell drugs or you die in vain. And I like the idea so much, than waiting for endless trials and trials in the court of law. Single deadly shot speaks much louder and much more effective than endless debates between attorney and lawyers in the court. It waste so much time and so much tax money.

          • AxlRock

            I understand your point of view. People who have gone through such experiences obviously know more. My opinion is that killing people is not justified.

          • Ary Wisesa

            I agree on your point that killing people is wrong, but not for all cases. Some killings are good of the humanity itself. Because some people simply must be erased, for they don’t deserve to share to world with the other decent people. For example: rapists (especially rapist of children), human traffickers, murderers, deadly robbers, drug dealers of significant scale, and, from China example, deadly fraudsters like those who sell baby milk contaminated with melamine and huge scale corruptors.

            Hard punishment must be enacted, because if we are weak towards such people, the civilization will suffers. Serious criminals tend to repeat their crimes, some even get addicted to it.

            I don’t buy the concept of rehabilitation. I believe in effective punishment: death sentence, immediately. Death is one single thing that can effectively deter people from committing crime. Imprisonment, on the other hand, only makes those criminals grows more cocky and more insane. And also, imprisonment costs too much of tax money.

            I don’t understand why I should work hard to feed, clothe and give shelter to those criminals. Millions of dollars are burnt just to feed them. And after being released from the jail, they usually commit another crime, and the cycle restarts again…

            But if they put to death, it will cost very little (as much as the price of a bullet). No nonsense, just effective punishment. And the society can go on with their lives in peace.

      • It’s a matter of perspective, Asian perspective didn’t really care about the killings, simply because that idea is nothing new for Asian, in fact I think most Asian belief in sacrifice for the greater good.

        That said, Duterte is bad at diplomacy, and also it seems Duterte wants to create a political dynasty. Which in Philippine is nothing new, politics there are filled with Dynasties.

        • Ary Wisesa

          Well, some problem really don’t need diplomacy to be solved. Drug dealers, pirates, robbers are among those that can’t be solved with diplomacy. Diplomacy is only for highly civilized people. You will never win drug war with diplomacy. It’s entirely different war. In drug wars, you don’t face civilized people who have honors and dignity, nor they would obey any agreement. They are people without honor, they will do anything to kill you and your family brutally. So, the only option to win it, is by eradicating them for good.

      • Vassilis

        You know that makes him a murderer, right? And that’s good why exactly?

        • Ary Wisesa

          Sometimes you need to kill only hundreds of irresponsible & greedy criminals to save the other millions of people and generations. So yeah, I fully agree with Duterte’s acts. I have no sympathy at all for drug dealers. Period.

          Perhaps you don’t understand my statement right now, It’s OK. Just wait until your friends, spouses, your children, or anyone you love so much get severe addiction to drugs and sometimes catch HIV or Hepatitis virus. You will understand why I hate drug dealers so much.

          • Vassilis

            The drug issue is extremely complex. First of all, any kind of addiction is a disease. Second, where there is demand there’s supply. Third, when there is extreme poverty and lack of opportunities, people will find ways to make money and survive. Dealing drugs is one of those ways.

            By murdering drug dealers, Duterte doesn’t solve the drug problem. Those actions show he’s a leader without vision. A leader who sees the tree and misses the forest. They show he doesn’t even understand the drug problem actually. A true, visionary leader would find a way to create better opportunities for his people so they don’t become drug dealers. He would find a way to treat addicts and to control the drugs sold so they’re at least top quality. You don’t treat addiction by cutting supply.

            To conclude, I have lost a friend to drug addiction and I didn’t blame the dealer. I blamed the system for not looking out for him, I blamed myself for not trying to help and I blamed him for not reaching out. I understand why you hate drug dealers but I don’t agree with it and I definitely don’t agree they deserve to be murdered.

  • Six_Tymes

    this happens all over the world. Including the US

  • robotlogic

    What an idiot! When your country is poor why destroy vehicles that could simply be sold in another country then add the $ to your countries coffers? The only lesson learned here is Détente likes to waste money.

    • SteersUright

      Very good idea, in fact why didn’t he just sell all the cars and give the money to the needy in his country?

      • Bash

        I was thinking exactly the same.

    • Ary Wisesa

      He is much smarter than you though. Selling illegal cars and give the money to their own people would send very wrong message to the people themselves. It means the state gives illegal money to its people , which itself is also illegal and highly immoral. Destroying smuggled goods is not about money, it’s about the honor and sovereignty of the nation and the supremacy of the law. Not everything can be measured by dollar.

      • Uhhhh… countries all over the world sells seized assets from smuggling and some of them does get sell back, and it’s not like people are care on where their money comes from, if you want to know world is not as black and white as you thought, You really want to know where every cents of Indonesia money coming from?

      • robotlogic

        We are talking about cars that people didn’t pay the import tax on NOT Black Rhino horns. The cars themselves are not illegal so destroying them proves nothing. Telling the smugglers “we sold your car and used the $ to buy food for the poor” would have the same affect on the smugglers but also benefit the poor.

        • Ary Wisesa

          Well, it seems you only care about materialistic things. No point to argue with that kind of people. Have a good day.

          • robotlogic

            More like you live in a world unto yourself and NOBODY agrees with anything you have to say. And I don’t know in what world wanting to help the poor is considered materialistic. Say hi to your boss Détente for me.

          • Ary Wisesa

            I don’t care if nobody agrees with me. I have my own standards and values. As for agreements, it’s so easy to find somebody who would agree with me 100%. If not here, somewhere will do. But it’s not the case. I don’t seek approvals here, nor I seek to be liked. I’m tough enough and independent enough to not care about what people said. So, if people’s approval is what you desire, go for it.

      • SteersUright

        Except the price of a sandwich when you’re starving. That can be measured “by dollar”.

  • FlameWater

    the cars are worth more than scrap metal you idiot

  • TrevP

    Sad day for car lovers.

  • sidewaysspin

    You got to be tough on those who break the law.

  • thtguy

    Definitely would of bought some cars if they were selling them instead of ruining a potential money stream.



  • A STINGRAY?? Can’t he just re-export it or something, I can’t stand to watch classic cars destroyed.

  • Lucian Ene

    He’s making a point here, whatever that may be: that you can’t skip import taxes, that
    you can’t just go around parading your hundred thousand dollar car in front of those who can’t even afford a bicycle, or that money should’t flow out of the country over such frivolous things as expensive cars. I’m a car lover myself, but I think this is the kind of stuff leaders should be made of.

    • Ary Wisesa

      Agree with you. Some things can’t be just measured by monetary values. The sovereignty of the nation, the dignity of the state and the supremacy of the law are among them. What’s the point of salvaging only hundred of thousands dollars if it sends message to the people that “the government can be bought cheaply”.

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