2019 BMW 3-Series: This Is What We Think The New G20 Will Look Like

With stiff competition from Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar, BMW’s current 3-Series has done fairly well for the Munich-based manufacturer. However, their bread and butter model is getting rather long in the tooth and time for a replacement is nigh.

So how will BMW keep buyers flocking to its best-seller? Well let’s take an illustrative preview of the all-new G20 3-Series.

Dynamic, Yet Familiar Exterior Styling

At first glance the look isn’t a radical departure. Its overall styling is similar to that of the larger 5-Series, with the details making the difference.

Starting at the front, BMW’s twin-kidney grille has more depth, with a rearward ledge that follows the same rake of the hood. Headlights are defined by small indentions along the lower edge and intersect the grille – yes, you guessed it, like the 5-Series.

Gazing upon the side reveals a deeply-sculptured channel along the lower doors, subtly curving upwards towards the rear. Front fenders carry a diagonal crease like that found on the Z4 roadster, whilst the Hofmeister kink has an angled cut with chrome trim on the c-pillar.

There’s a double-crease near the taillights, whilst the rear bumper is defined by dual exhausts and vertical bumper cut-outs.

CLAR Architecture

The new 3-Series will ride upon the BMW brand’s flexible CLAR platform, which underpins other models like the X3, 5-Series and 7-Series. This means the 3-Series will be offered with traditional rear wheeled propulsion or an xDrive all-wheel-drive system.

Expect to see a modest reduction in weight along with better interior packaging for increased occupant space and comfort. Cabin styling has largely been kept under wraps to date, however prototype mules have shown a new digital gauge cluster and shifter styling.

Ultimate Driving Power

Like the current car, the G20 3-Series will offer a range of gasoline and diesel engines. These include a TwinPower 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder, with upwards of 250 hp. Those looking for more horses will have the option of a 3.0-litre, turbocharged six pumping out close to 360hp in the 340i M Performance gasoline model and an all-wheel-drive diesel variant producing around 315 horses.

Conjecture has it that we’ll also see xDrive hybrid versions in two states of tune, ranging from 230hp to 265hp.

Topping the range will be an M3 version, which for the first time, will be available with all-wheel drive. It will continue to be powered by a turbocharged-six, but could gain BMW’s water-injection system that was first introduced on the BMW M4 GTS, producing close to 500 horsepower.

Performance-Luxury Rivals

Arguably one of the toughest segments to compete in, the new 3-Series will battle against some luxury heavy-hitters like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4. Lower down the pecking order, you can include Jaguar’s XE, Lexus IS, Infiniti Q50, Genesis G70 and possibly even the Kia Stinger amongst those also vying for 3-Series customers.

As for an official launch, we expect to see BMW reveal it later this year, possibly at the Paris Motor Show in October.

Has BMW played it too safe with the all-new 3 Series? Tell us in the comments below.

Photo Renderings Copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes
  • Nordschleife

    Why do car render people never render interiors. I feel like I’d like to see what their thoughts are regarding the interior of a car.

    • ace_9

      Because that would require more than some mediocre paint shop skills and a maximum of a few hours of work.

    • cashifyer

      On BMW you dont have to render the interior – just look at any other BMW and you`ll see exactly how it would look like in real life.
      From 1-series to 7-series every interior is exactly the same.

    • Chad L

      These amateur artists don’t have jobs that’s why. There’s a reason why they do these renderings… it’s because nobody would hire them.

      • Bananarama

        Christ, what is wrong with you guys? These illustrations are completely normal looking. No, they’re not modeled for hundreds of hours and put together by a giant production team. Sorry they’re not press quality?

        I swear every artist rendition posted here gets shit on and the quality called out. Please, you have no idea the amount of time and skill this stuff takes.

  • MP4-12C

    Ugly, just like most current BMWs.

    • Nick

      Great! More inventory for everyone else then.

  • alexxx

    Very nice actually…one of only few newer BMWs that I like on first sight…(if it will look like this render,that is)

  • roy

    hope the front is not a match

    • Nick

      That wouldn’t make any sense. It’s basically going to be a smaller 5-series, which has already been out for a while now. It will include slight changes though, of course.

      • roy

        ya i know. i am just saying that i hope that the front of this rendering doesnt match the front of the actual car. this one seems a bit off.

  • David Lee

    I feel like there was a time when BMW was the exciting one from the big three. I’m not so sure anymore.

    • Mynameis Taylor

      I feel the same way.

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      I used to be a big BMW fan. It seemed like their current leaders went against what they stood for and tried chasing after Mercedes.

  • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

    Well…. I guess at least it doesn’t have the stupid X7 grille. Probably that is saved for the LCI.

  • marioGTI

    Very nice! Much better looking then the current model. Hood crease is gone too…nice!

  • Charles Chin

    Well…..at least it doesnt have a Bangle butt :p

  • no25

    the bottom part of the front bumper looks very Kia to me. also the main crease on the side is nice, but the short one that connects to the taillight is a little unneeded.


    x3’s door handles?

  • GobbleUp

    Will it still sound as boring as the current gen?

  • Bash

    The bonnet is a little bit extra long, but i love it.

  • Ermal Morina

    The biggest let down will be the interior.It seems the design hasn’t changed over the last gen.It’s basically a slightly update over the current one.Bmw desperately needs to change the interior,they have the same design language for over 20 years,which is super disappointment to say the least.
    Otherwise,no doubt it will be a nice car to own…

  • pcurve

    looks like the bean counters went to town on the interior… hope I’m wrong.

  • klowik

    it’s gonna be another flop with this front grille..The front grille looks too much like the current 5, they should just use the front grille from the M8 coupe concept.

  • GleybersRevenge

    I have the current 3 series. Wasn’t crazy about the exterior styling in the current generation and doesn’t look like i’ll be too impressed with the next.

  • Rad Dockery

    Interior is disappointing. BMW playing it too safe..

  • W manix

    Not a fan of the new 5 series lookswise. Also BMW interiors really need to take a giant leap.. this one already looks 5 years behind Audi’s new design language

  • man

    The tried and true formula gets tweaked so it’s all good.

  • Will E Vormer

    The interior will make or break this car imo. Looks like the ill fitting flat tablet is actually hiding a slightly recessed central screen. I hope this is the case.

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