Waymo Serves Up First Reactions Video To Driverless Pacificas

Earlier this month, Google’s autonomous vehicle division, Waymo, announced they would be purchasing thousands of new Chrysler Pacifica minivans and put them to work in cities such as Phoenix, Arizona.

That’s where this footage was taken, depicting people’s reactions to being driven around in an autonomous Pacifica with no human driver or supervisor in sight.

Occupants’ reactions to the self-driving Pacifica range from saying it feels weird to acknowledging that this is the future.

The overall vibe of the video is very positive, and passengers can be seen going through multiple moods and phases, from being very excited, to preoccupied (on their phone) and even asleep, suggesting that Waymo’s prototypes are doing a solid job at getting from A to B safely and smoothly.

Then again, that’s a promo video, and we’ve seen that the AI controlling autonomous vehicles is not infallible, so we’d feel safer if a human was behind that steering wheel to monitor the situation and intervene when necessary.

Once operational, using such a service could cost as little as what you pay when you take a Lyft or an Uber, the difference being that Waymo won’t have any drivers that need paying.

The tech firm has already stated that their cars are very safe, boasting safety-net systems such as backup steering and braking in order to bring you to a halt in case of an emergency.



    I’d give it a shot. It might be fun.

  • Craig

    And when it runs over and kills a kid – the parents are going to blame the van?

    • Status

      The person who’s name is on the insurance, same as always.

      • Craig

        Really? As they’re standing over their now squashed loved one? Incredible. They will blame the HUMAN BEING sitting inside the van. “Why the hell didn’t YOU stop this thing from killing MY KID!”

        • Status

          If noticed in the video, the vehicle controls were still present. If they’re going to yell ” “Why the hell didn’t YOU stop this thing from killing MY KID!”, then they’ll need to do so at those behind the wheel.

          Even if the owner/driver is sitting in the back of their autonomous car, they are still liable. Why are you losing you mind over this? This isn’t complicated, and it’s not the fault of ‘tech nerds’.

          • Craig

            The scary this… you’re serious.

          • Status

            Is the owner present in the vehicle while it’s in operation? Then that owner is still responsible; the insurance company wouldn’t let them have the papers otherwise, just like how it is today in a conventional car.

            As for the comments, well, you can blame the ‘tech nerds’ for that one.

  • datCubanguy

    OH HELL NO!!

  • salamOOn

    not staged at all……right?

  • Infinite1

    They normally are

  • Moveon Libtards

    And to think Tesla is still trying to figure out how to make a simple 4-door sedan called the Model 3.

  • Status

    GIF’s have always had a limited colour pallet and often the dithering used in the compiling software is crap. Still, if you need something animated with a few frames to illustrate something and uses low data consumption, GIF is still the way to go.

  • Blanka Li

    The next wave of viral videos will be driverless vehicles taunted, harassed and flat out wrecked by the populous. Grab the popcorn . . .

  • Status

    Well what answer did you want to hear? Why isn’t it at 4K resolution and why isn’t it at 120fps? It’s a small file that illustrates a few key frames from a more illustrative and substantive video. The intent is to use a small animated GIF to direct user traffic to the video, which is the primary draw in this article. The GIF quality is only as good as the compiling software and the software is only as good as it was written.

    Fuck, not everything on your phone is going to catered to just your visual tastes alone. You may lose your mind when you find a silent film on youtube and wonder why it’s visual quality is only 144p.

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