Is Mazda Vision Coupe The Best ‘Concept Car Of The Year’?

The Mazda Vision Coupe Concept continues its global tour, which started at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. After being taken to the LA Auto Show in November, it now landed at the Geneva Motor Show.

And since we had the chance to see it in person on more than one occasion, we would normally let it fly under the radar. However, the Vision Coupe has been named ‘Concept Car of the Year’, during the largest European automotive event.

The award was handed over during the ‘Car Design Night Geneva‘, held last evening, and it follows the ‘Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year’, won last month at the 2018 Festival Automobile International, in Paris, France.

Voted to be best of the best by a panel of 18 judges, including several design directors working at global automakers, the Mazda Vision Coupe’s latest achievement was recognized by the brand’s officials.

“It’s truly an honor to have this model, which aims to express the essence of Japanese aesthetics, applauded by some of the world’s top car designers.”, said the Mazda Managing Executive Officer in charge of Design and Brand style, Ikuo Maeda. “The essence of this design concept will be evident in the next generation of Mazda cars, the first of which is due to be launched in 2019.”

While nobody can deny that the Mazda Vision Coupe is a sexy concept, it’s quite hard to choose between this and other studies on display in Geneva. We’ll only count a few of our favorites: BMW M8 Gran Coupe, Hyundai Le Fil Rouge, Pininfarina HK GT and Toyota GR Supra.

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Photo Credits: Guido ten Brink – SB-Medien, NP, Mazda

  • Dr Strangefinger

    Dammmmmmmm! That’s one sexy ride! Mazda, you need this… bad!!!!

  • ErnieB

    I hope they get ride of the cheesy wave side profile they have currently and use this a much more elegant sophisticated look! This is beautiful!!

    • 360_AD

      It’s already happened. See current CX-5 vs previous generation.

  • annon

    well deserved Mazda, this IMO beats the BMW M8 Gran Coupe, Hyundai Le Fil Rouge, Pininfarina HK GT and Toyota GR Supra by a mile

    • atomicbri

      Totally agree! This thing exudes more style and class than any of those. Bravo, Mazda!

    • 360_AD

      Nearly all of the other concepts were just unveiled (2018). The Vision Coupe was first shown in October 2017 (Tokyo). Much like the Oscars, this award probably don’t include the concepts that were just shown.

  • Six_Tymes

    YES!!! it is.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    It is pretty sleek. I’d put into production as is and call it the Mazda9.

    • CADOX

      You took the words out of my mouth

    • Rot

      Yes, but without wankel

  • Tinky-Winky

    It’s definitely one of the best.

  • rover10

    Fantastic piece of sculpture but why four doors? I doubt the rear legroom is worth bothering with, as the packaging looks very tight? If just 50% of this beauty makes it to production it will still look good. There was a time when Mazda designed some superb saloons, may be they are about to return??

    • 360_AD

      It’s a concept car. Concept cars not intended for production to be exact. As such it doesn’t need to be 100% practical. Instead, design and aesthetics trump function. THAT, is what a concept car is first and foremost.

      • rover10

        Concept cars thankfully are a dying breed, if they can’t be realised due to the constraints of manufacturing, what is the point? Many companies now exhibit nearly production ready concepts, that give potential customers a strong hint of what is coming. This Mazda and others that won’t make production, are a waste of money, and a somewhat immature approach to product design. Many principle manufactures are not attending Auto Shows if they don’t have any imminent new products, simply due to the horrendous costs involved. To exhibit pure concepts, that will never see the light of day is a cost and time consuming exercise. In some circumstances, they act like a sponge on resources, that would otherwise be concentrated on production products. In many cases concepts are a means of boosting egos and little else.

        • 360_AD

          That is purely your opinion and not how the auto industry actually works.

          • rover10

            Don’t tell your grandmother how to suck eggs. I know concepts take away valuable resource, if you worked in the industry, you would know that’s a fact.

  • Lyonel Baratheon

    Stupid idea with cams instead mirrors near the driver.
    This cams should be in different place.

  • Bo Hanan
  • Soob

    It looks amazing!

  • SgtBeavis

    Well they definitely gave the award to the right car. That is one incredibly good looking car. I totally agree with other comments that this should be the Mazda 9. It would make for a fantastic flagship car.

  • alexxx

    This is like best design….ever…

  • Gadgety

    Does Mazda have the brand name clout to pull this off in this kind of large four door segment? Somehow the Cadillac El Miraj comes to mind. Not because of similarity in looks, but because that car was far closer to Cadillac’s DNA, and market, and yet GM didn’t think they could compete in that high end segment, conversely, the segment of large two door coupés was too small. What are the growth segments closer to Mazda’s DNA turf?

    • Marty

      It’s called “vision”. It’s not called “production car”. 🙂
      The purpose is to show us a design language that will end up in new cars in the correct segments, not to show us a car that we will be able to buy.

      • Gadgety

        I agree, interesting that they chose a large 4-door, though. Looking forward to the next RX model, or the next Miata with this design language.

  • rodriguez256

    Love the lines, flow, color, interior, pretty much everything. I’d like to see the front end shortened a bit and get it more proportional. These design with the proportions of the 6 but still low and wide would be awesome. Anyone have any photo editing skills to make that happen?

  • enthusia

    I’ve had many dreams about this car. we all know they aren’t going to put this into production, but at least i can dream ??‍♂️.

  • Merc1

    If they build this, I’ll be driving a Mazda.


  • LeStori

    If it was made would look good for a couple of years and then look old hat. Mazda’s, along with most Asian styling ,has as short shelf life.

    • Enter Ranting

      I totally disagree. This car has a timeless appeal. It’s cars from companies like Toyota, Honda and Mercedes that feature trendy design gimmicks that will age badly.

  • Ermal Morina

    For me personally,yes it is.

  • Nordschleife

    Of the ones that were mentioned this does look the best. I’d stand to reason this is the best looking concept.

  • Fariq Halim

    I think its well deserved.

  • Bash

    Yes, this is by far the best concept for this year.


    nailed it

  • Matthew Daraei

    Is it designed by Kevin Rice , the British car designer who is also in the photos?

  • javier

    No, it’s disgusting. It’s absurd proportions are childish and completely pretentious.

  • Giuliano Anzuini

    Rear end is a perfect copy of the one of 2013 Alfa Romeo Touring Disco Volante

  • Maricaibo

    It’s a beaut but how often does a design concept make it into production? We’ve all seen exquisite concepts that turn disappointing and dowdy once in production.

  • Enter Ranting

    This car wipes the floor with the overwrought, cartoonish BMW M8 Gran Coupe.

  • BlackPegasus

    Anyone remember the Mazda 929? It was a premium placed car in the American market. Mazda also had the Millenia. Why did they abandon the premium market?

    • paulgdeaton

      I think you answered your own question: no one remembers the 929 or Millenia….

  • Yes

  • SteersUright


    Make a rear-drive sedan already, Mazda!!!

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