Rare Tommykaira Skyline R33 GT-R Is Ideal For JDM Lovers [Edited]

There are not a few driver’s cars you can buy for $50,000, but this modified Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R is probably one of the most interesting.

Currently listed on sale via Japanese auction website Goo Net, this GT-R has an asking price 4,950,000 yen, which translates to nearly $47k at today’s exchange rates.

Modified by Japanese tuning shop Tommykaira, this R33 GT-R is reportedly one of just 400 examples to ever feature parts from the tuner made famous by Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport. What’s more, it is reportedly one of just 34 units to have been adorned with the full catalog of available Tommykaira parts.

Immediately distinguishing this GT-R from any other are the unique red graphics and custom exterior parts, including a large rear wing, bronze-colored five-spoke Nismo wheels, and black shrouds around the taillights.

The listing doesn’t go into detail about what modifications have gone on beneath the skin but certain Tommy cars received new turbochargers, a custom ECU, new intercooler and radiator, air intake, clutch, exhaust, and Ohlins coilover suspension.

Note: The original article stated it cost 495 million yen, which equals to $5 million – which is what appeared in the Japanese auction site’s page. Apparently, the actual price is 4.95 million yen, or $47k

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  • Christian

    nice find!…What about the other tip I send it…That car was more rare! The One OFF MG…


    I like it a lot and I do mean a lot but if that asking price is legit there is no way anyone is buying it. At least I hope not but people have surprised me before.

  • Honda NSX-R

    It’s criminally overpriced.


    • Bash

      I actually agree on that.

  • Liam Paul

    A idiot and His money is soon departed

  • ace_9

    Pretty sure that it is not in millions of yen. Because there are for example three new Infinitis 350GT for around 300 “million” yen. That’s 3.6 “million” dollars. Why not write an article also about the rest of the insanely overpriced cars on that website? But I’m sure the author is a smart automotive journalist who would not write such an article with amazing attention grabbing headline without even simple fact checking…

    • RDS Alphard

      FYI, 万 is 10k

      • ace_9

        NO WAY !!! 😮 Thank you very much for that information. I really thought that there are so many million dollar collectibles on that used car website.

    • To be fair I don’t think CS ever did this kind of article and if you don’t know to read Japanese you can easily get confused.

      • ace_9

        Sorry, but no… Not even average ape would easily get confused into thinking that all used cars in some japanese website cost hundred times more than usual. Even though, judging by the comments here, I’m starting to think that there is actually quite a lot of dribbling zombies consuming anything the internet would serve them…

  • Bash

    5 Mil??!! is some of the engine components are made of Gold or what?

    • ace_9

      Yes, it really costs so much, because the engine components are made of gold. You are very clever to figure that out.

      • Bash

        The second part was a sarcasm FYI, and yes that price is way too much and its a clear robbery. Also, What is your problem?

        • ace_9

          My problem is that I often feel like beeing between monkeys and I’m not really especially clever. And of course I know your second sentence was a sarcasm (I also used one as you might have noticed). Problematic was your first sentence. How can you just believe that? Do you believe everything you read on the internet?

          • Bash

            Well, If you (often feel like being between monkeys) here, just go away and find your self another spot in another site. We are here civilized and we don’t spam or troll.

          • ace_9

            Sure sure 😀 I am a spamming devil between you little naive angels.

  • RDS Alphard

    495.8 万 is NOT 495.8 million!
    1 万 = 10,000 (10k), so 495.8 万 is 4.958 million yen!

    And it’s just 47348.90 US Dollar!

    • Yeah I went to the site and notice that too. 万 term is not really known unless you speak Japanese or into Japanese car.

  • For $50k it does sound expensive but I believe this is Tommy Kaira car, since the speedometer in this car only comes for full Tommy Kaira built car. But the wheels has been replaced with Nismo for R34 I believe.

    Also yeah RDS Alphard just pointed out that CS team translate it wrongly. It’s almost 5 million yen.

  • Bo Hanan

    Whoever buys will never get their money back. No one will really care. Most won’t even know what it is. Why not take $50K and buy one with mods. Put the remaining $4.9 mil in the bank.

    • ace_9

      You are so bright and smart. Thank you for your comment.

      • Bo Hanan

        Stick with me little lady. I will let you know when you’re ready to think for yourself.

        • ace_9

          Em… Three sentences and not even one makes sense. Now I see why you fell for that 5 million dollar price tag for some old skyline. I will try not to make more fun of you.

    • Lol you got me Bo Hanan, and you don’t see me say that everyday.

  • Blue Gum

    Just delete this article, trying to edit it into something else is just shameless.

  • Eagle By Singer

    I take, from the comments, that they originally said 5 million dollars instead of 50K

    Though even then I would never consider this.

    • RDS Alphard

      It is 5 million, but yen instead of dollar.

      • Eagle By Singer

        Ahh, I see

    • $50k for Tommy Kaira actually sounds suspicious after I check it again, more likely we find tired example but it still kinda cheap given GT-R price is rising and R33 would be available to import soon.

  • Six_Tymes

    It is awesome. If it was left hand drive i’d buy it for 47k

  • ace_9

    I don’t know a word in japanese, can’t read literally anything, don’t know much about japanese classic cars prices, but I still knew there must be something wrong with that price and it took exactly one click on that japanese used car website to see that other prices are in similar ranges. How can anyone miss that?

  • fabri99

    Some strong Gran Turismo feels here!

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