Self-Driving Chevy Bolt Ticketed For Being Too Close To Pedestrian In San Francisco

A self-driving car from GM’s Cruise unit was pulled over by police in San Francisco earlier this week for driving too close to a pedestrian.

CBS Local reports that the autonomous Chevrolet Bolt was pulled over for failing to yield to a pedestrian at a crosswalk. However, Cruise claims that the vehicle kept a safe distance from the pedestrian.

Cruise asserts that the pedestrian was 10.8 feet away from the pedestrian when the vehicle was operating in self-driving mode. The car continued to drive down Harrison at 14th Street before it was pulled over.

In a statement, Cruise said the autonomous prototype followed Californian law.

“Safety is our priority in testing our self-driving vehicles. California law requires the vehicle to yield the right of way to pedestrians, allowing them to proceed undisturbed and unhurried without fear of interference of their safe passage through an intersection. Our data indicates that’s what happened here.”

It happened a week after the fatal Uber crash

Witness Kevin O’Connor was on the scene at the time of the citation.

“There was another car stopped alongside and he looked a little befuddled. The cop was just writing a regular ticket like they always do,” he said.

Cruise says the human test driver is responsible for the citation.

We have asked GM for an additional statement and will update this post as soon as we hear back.

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    An autonomous car getting written a ticket? It had to happen eventually.

  • Blanka Li

    Makes you wonder when and (big) IF cars ever become fully autonomous, will the programming include being pulled over for a ticket? Does the programming currently cover pulling to the side when emergency vehicles are racing to a scene?

  • ejd1984

    Monthly quotas must be met.

    • LWOAP

      Indeed. They need that money.

  • Status

    If a town relies on fines as a primary source of income instead of property taxes, then the towns council is corrupt and should be dissolved.

    Towns aren’t supposed to be run like a business where they post profits or losses. They’re supposed to be places you want to live judged upon the quality of life and standards of living they offer there.

    • Jay

      True. Okay but it an autonomous car does indeed deserve a ticket does the police just excuse them?
      Also who do you think gets the ticket.

  • Six_Tymes

    well, at least its not out murdering

  • BlackPegasus

    More bullshtt propaganda and hysteria driven by the media. 🙄

  • eb110americana

    Cool. Maybe this can set a precedent for not using tax payer dollars to have cops sitting around all day writing BS tickets to raise revenue.

    • smartacus

      Maybe they can invent automated cyber-cops to put the real ones out of the job :p

  • smartacus

    if you can ticket an automated car
    you can fire on an automated car
    and claim self-defense and fear

    (and the judge will STILL find the LEO’s testimony more
    credible over the automated car, even with video proof)

    showmeyur HAAAAAAANDS!!!!

    shots fired, Signal13

  • Jay

    How is it the person behind the wheels fault they didn’t know if the car would break the law lol.

    • Status

      Because we’re at a point in time where prototype autonomous software still requires an human operator to intercede. Also, the laws governing the road are still written with human conduct in mind.

      • Jay

        So you agree that the person behind the wheel shouldn’t solely rely on this beta software. I think it will always need to be baby sat.

        • Status

          At present, yes, as humans are subject to road laws that describe what they (humans) can and cannot do.

          Autonomous car software legislation at present is either tenuous or alarmist, but ultimately will be subject to change and codification as the software improves so that a human operator won’t be required to intercede on it’s behalf.

  • brn

    If Cruise believes they were in the right, they should fight the ticket. They should have enough data to prove their case.

    I’m also pretty curious as to how you pull over a self driving car. In this case, I assume the “driver” took over the vehicle when he saw the lights behind him. With a full L4 or L5 vehicle, the driver need not be paying enough attention to notice a police officer trying to pull him over.


  • SteersUright

    Things are beginning to get interesting…

  • dawyer

    This amusement should be happen in TV show. How preposterous treat AI by same standard as a normal people. Maybe they programmed AI can feeling wrong about punishment of ticket. Remember What the police said about Uber’s death accident? something like this “The clips showing even a normal driver shouldn’t can avoid the crash because it is too dark! So Uber is nothing wrong with this.” LOL. And What reasons using community resources to giving a Private enterprise testing their product? A socially responsible private company suppose build a simulation test site in their own area. Labeled “Test” in the public street It’s a method for shift responsibility onto others.

    • dawyer

      If one day we can purchase a AI car and just let it self driving on street, could the car company paid for ticket for us if shit really happened in case? Will people lost their Guilty conscience because saying I didn’t do anything and all the AI’s fault?

      • dawyer

        Some place and governnent allow big private company for their experiment contains a risk of accidents to let civilians’s safety and life being a part of consumables. This is ridiculous. The tax of salary of the police being part of such private experiment. How generous.

  • Status

    You think you can stop big business?

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