Watch A Florida Police Officer Race A Lamborghini Aventador On The Highway

A video that reportedly depicts a Florida state trooper drag racing a Lamborghini Aventador in their patrol car has surfaced online.

The clip was recorded by a chasing car and shows the Aventador and the Dodge Charger patrol car lining up on an empty stretch of the highway. The two drivers then mash their throttles and accelerate away. Unsurprisingly, the Lamborghini soon pulls out a sizable lead over the Charger.

Speaking to NBC2, who picked up the footage after it first surfaced on social media, the Florida Highway Patrol refused to state exactly where the incident happened, but confirmed that they’re investigating the case.

“The Florida Highway Patrol has opened an immediate investigation regarding this incident. The trooper in question will be held accountable upon any finding of misconduct,” Lt. Thomas Pikul from the FHP confirmed.

It goes without saying that drag racing on public roads is never a good idea. Seeing a police officer engaging in such behavior is even worse. Perhaps he/she just got caught up in the moment and wanted to see how his patrol car would do against one of the finest Italian supercars on the market. Not that it’s an excuse – not even close.


    Terrible idea regardless of the situation. Seeing a cop engage in such behavior on top of that is shameful. And it’s in Florida too. Why is it always Florida?

  • Six_Tymes


    • Jay


  • brn

    Slap on the wrist and move on with life.


    This is nothing new. I lived in Miami during the height of power of the “Cocaine Cowboys”.
    An “acquaintance” whose many business fronts included a car dealership…a construction company…and a racing team… was always being tried by FHP..They would bring their piddling little 5.0 litre Fox bodies and seized / repainted Vette’s. He’d get a new Ferrari or Lambo…and they’d meet out in Alligator Alley. Dude never lost…and never went to jail,

  • ace_9

    They’re describing it like the cop should be at least fired. Considering how many things are wrong in america, I would say, that focus should be somewhere else and not on some cop, who probably only got caught up in the moment and there were no other cars in front, it was straight dry highway and he even did not went fast for very long. Of course his superior should clearly remind him not to do this kind of things, but otherwise making a such a huge deal from it clearly seems like the news would rather not focus on real issues and just show something distracting for the masses.

    • Liam Paul

      and if his reckless behavior had accidentally killed someone? one wrong is not less wrong because of other wrongs. I would had not care if this had happen on a race track but it was a public highway

      • ace_9

        No, sorry, but you are wrong. Many people are thinking this way, but your line for considering “IF …” situations has to be adjusted. Literally everyone would be guilty of multiple murders, damaged property, etc. if we would judge everything using the “IF …” statement. It is simply not appropriate to judge these situations in a same way as if someone is intentionally doing something wrong or is aware of very high probability of things going bad. This was a situation where risks were low, so we cannot judge it in a same way as when risks are high. Nobody constantly thinks about remote chances of possible wrong doing… Of course cop should be may even get a fine, but that’s it. If he is not stupid, he will learn not to do it again just from the way it is presented and judged by public.

      • brn

        Killed someone? Did you see the same video I did? It was a couple seconds of throttle, with no other cars around. I’m not even sure the speed limit was broken.

  • DustinG

    Slap on the wrist and move on with life.

    • Marty

      Yes, because nobody ever got hurt because some fool drove to fast.

      • ace_9

        I’m sure somebody got hurt also by driving slower than a speed limit. But I bet you would not sentence to prison everyone who is going let’s say 20 KPH below speed limit. Because you can understand that a probability of somebody getting hurt when somebody else is driving 20 KPH slower than limit is very small. So why don’t you also understand that driving fast for a brief period of time on a straight empty dry highway has also very low probability of getting somebody hurt ? Your way of thinking is purely emotional, not logical.

        • Marty

          This movie clip shows us that the will to do drive fast is “purely emotional, not logical”.

          Statistics, Newton’s law of kinetic energy and the Dunning-Kruger effect all point to the fact that the intention of “driving fast for a brief period of time on a straight empty dry highway” is a well-known recipe for accidents.

          • ace_9

            Ok, I understand. You are a robot always calculating each move. But you are wrong in the last point. That is NOT a recipe for accidents. I was talking about probability of accident and you were talking about emotional behaviour. Probability of accident in such situation is low, so you cannot judge it in a same way as if probability is high. Does not have anything to do with the reason how the situation happened. I hope I am more clear now…

    • brn

      From time to time, I see two users with the exact same text in their posts. I’ve always found it to be suspicious.

      DustinG, Did you really type the exact same thing I did or is there some kind of forum bug?

      • LWOAP

        Nah, it’s a bot account by the looks of it. I’ve seen this many times where new accounts will less than 20 comments copy and past other people’s comments. I’ve had it happen to me a few times. It’s weird.

        • brn

          You’re probably right. Looking at DustinG’s only other comment, it’s a duplicate as well. Funny how the bot managed to start conversation though.

  • Vassilis

    Cool cop. Reminds me of a few months ago when we were on a coastal road with my brother and a cop was urging him to step on it. So funny.

  • Moveon Libtards

    Must be one of corrupt Sheriff Scott Israel’s cops in Florida.

    Look up “Scott Israel Q anon” online to learn more.

  • rodriguez256

    A cop got my brother to race him in his Camaro years back. Needless to say my brother let him win. H didn’t want to find out what the trophy for beating a cop in a race would be.

  • Harry_Wild

    Probably going be in the next release of Bad Boys 3 movie! LOL!

  • Ben

    You cant break the law and then expect anyone to respect you when you try to enforce that same law. The cop has to be fired. Any other result is a joke. I can only guess that anyone arguing otherwise must be a fellow cop (yes, I see you).

    • brn

      Everybody thinks everybody should be fired.

      The cop should get a ticket, just like you would. Nothing more.

  • smartacus

    FHP Charger is easy to leave in the dust.
    …don’t ask me how i know.

    • LWOAP

      How do you know?

      • smartacus


  • Jay

    Seriously, I mean the cop was having a good time no one was around they were going in a straight line this is a waste of time. Now if this happens a lot more often and ppl get hurt then its a different story. I say so what, go find some real criminals.

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