Jaguar’s 550PS F-Pace SVR Looks Ready To Erupt In Latest Video

Less than a month ago, Jaguar took the wraps off the F-Pace SVR at the New York Auto Show. At that time, the British automaker also released an introductory video – but that clip was nothing like this one.

The SVR places Jaguar’s 5.0-liter supercharged V8 into its first-ever crossover. Like the Range Rover Sport SVR, it packs 550 PS (542 HP) and 502 lb-ft of torque. But whereas the Range Rover is a big three-row SUV, the F-Pace is much smaller and lighter, so it’ll rocket to 60 in a mere 4.1 seconds and top out at 176 mph (283 km/h).

That’s enough to put the Porsche Macan in its place, even in GTS or Turbo guise. Ditto the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, Audi SQ5, BMW X3 M40i and Mercedes-AMG GLC63. And just about anything else in its class, for that matter.

It’d be just the kind of machine, in short, that we’d choose to drive, say… up a volcano. And that’s just what Jaguar has done with this latest video.

Well, not just one, but two of them, actually. One in black, one in silver, starting from opposite sides of the same island and crossing paths at full steam in the middle. It’s as violent as the exhaust note from that legendary engine and it just makes us wonder what Jaguar Land Rover might shoehorn that supercharged engine into next – and what the competition might be preparing to knock it off its perch. Because make no mistake about it, the F-Pace SVR is the new king of the hill, volcanic or otherwise.

  • SgtBeavis

    OK, 550HP is enough to make me forgive it for not supporting Apple CarPlay or Android Auto..

  • SteersUright

    I dont understand Jaguar’s strategy. Investing so much money in overpowered gas-guzzling pigs while their interiors, reliability, build quality, and lineup in general clearly all need work and would seem a priority. They’re set to become the next Lincoln or Cadillac. They need a strategic partner in the game, someone like BMW perhaps.

    • TechLegend

      agreed… They depreciate like a rock because of it too. Would make for a nice lease though. =)

    • Matt

      So what makes you assume that because their building an SVR F-Pace that they don’t care about those other metrics?

      Perhaps they’re working on improving their interiors for the mid-cycle refreshes of their current lineup. Meanwhile customers want a performance version of the F-Pace. So that’s what Jaguar gives them.

      • Ahsan Jameel

        Admit it or don’t, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes makes far better cars with better interior design than Jaguar. All of them are years ahead technologically than a flagship Jaguar. Low sales volumes speaks for themselves. Struggling brand.

      • SteersUright

        Business 101. Budgets are not unlimited, dollars must be prioritized particularly for a brand that is somewhat struggling. Why do you think there’s no new S2000? Honda correctly focused on the Civic, CRV, and Accord. Typically conservative Honda and brands like them as an example, wait until they prosper to develop high HP low-volume special edition models or sports car. This seems like a desperate attempt to relay the message, “hey, look at us, we can make as much HP as AMG or Audi RS, please come look at our cars too”, despite offering clearly inferior products to those brands.

    • James Freedman

      It is difficult to leave behind so many years of reliability and shit under FORD. Jaguar Land Rover are working really hard to bring the company to its true existence and shed off the reliability issues, in a way it has if you see JLR rising from the ashes when every critics thought Tata Motors buying JLR would be a disaster in 2008…In 2018 it stands tall competing with Merc, BMW, Audi….you cannot expect to get everything sorted out in one day….Drive a new Jaguar, you will know the difference and the engineering gone behind it.
      If they weren’t thinking for the future Jaguar I-Pace won’t be here ahead of all other competitors

    • Nick099

      Clearly you do not understand Jaguar…or the greater automotive world reality beyond your narrow view.

      • SteersUright

        Perhaps beyond your narrow view, I do not. Unlike you, I welcome constructive comments and healthy dialogue. Im not butt-hurt when someone criticizes any brand, none are above reproach and thats why there’s a discussion/comments section in the first place.

  • Merc1

    It’s hott. Really hott, but the Velar SVR will be even hotter with a better interior.


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