New Mercedes A-Class Takes On BMW 1-Series And Audi A3 For The Premium Crown

When it comes to the automotive industry, latest is oftentimes greatest, so to speak. By that logic, the latest Mercedes-Benz A-Class should be able to separate itself from its direct rivals, models such as the BMW 1-Series or the Audi A3.

Of course, things aren’t always that simple, especially with premium brands. In fact, this comparison review by Carwow demonstrated just how formidable the 1-Series and even the aging A3 still are, despite all the A-Class’ fancy gimmicks.

The BMW is still the sportiest

It almost seems as though this will never change. In fact, unless Alfa Romeo throws some of that Giulia DNA (literally and figuratively) into a new-generation Giulietta, we reckon BMW will continue to make the sportiest 5-door compact hatchback in its segment. Mat Watson went as far as to say that if you want to just have the most fun behind the wheel, the 1-Series is clearly the car to get here.

To nobody’s surprise, the Audi A3 also handled its business flawlessly, both on the road as well as from a comfort and build-quality standpoint. After all these years (this latest model has been around since 2012), the compact Audi is still an impressive car, with the reviewer preferring its engines to those of the BMW.

There can be only one winner

Even though choosing between these three cars isn’t as simple as you might think (with the Mercedes being the newest one and all), the A-Class still pulled off the victory, thanks not just to all the new tech, but also for actually feeling like a more premium product than its predecessor – a car widely criticized for not being up to Mercedes standards.


  • R55

    Which is the best car to blend in with everyone else. All of the above.

  • dumblikeyou2

    BMW > Audi > Mercedes

    The MB looks like a KIA Ceed

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