New Shelby Mustang Super Snake Unleashed On Track

Whether you like the facelifted 2018 Ford Mustang or not, Shelby has made it infinitely more appealing with the launch of the latest Super Snake variant.

Showcased here on video for the very first time, the new Super Snake utilizes a 5.0-liter V8 engine completed by a massive supercharger to lift grunt to 710 hp. If customers want even more go, an 800 hp tune is available and can rocket the pony car to 96 km/h (60 mph) in a brisk 3.5 seconds. Beyond the addition of a blower, key engine modifications include a bespoke radiator, heat exchanger and performance half shafts.

Any car with so much power requires an equal amount of braking force. As such, Shelby has fitted a set of Brembo brakes with six-piston calipers at the front and four-piston units at the rear.

Visually, the 2018 Super Snake can be distinguished from typical Mustang models with a revised front fascia that incorporates a custom grille, splitter, air intakes, and hood. Additionally, the car includes flared wheel arches that engulf the set of massive 20-inch forged wheels available in a black or bright metallic finish.

If customers so choose, the Mustang Super Snake can be equipped with track suspension or without the wide bodykit. Prices start at $113,445 with the Mustang donor car included.


  • donald seymour

    Visually, it looks like overkill.

    • Alfa Giulia QV

      Isn’t that the point?

    • Six Thousand Times

      Nothing exceeds like excess.

  • Alfa Giulia QV

    Ah, yes, I remember it was unveiled at SEMA. Take this, the upcoming GT500, and the Shelby 1000 and go exorcise a few Demons.

  • Belthronding

    time is changing rapidly but an american v8 tune is not.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Nice, but a donor car PLUS $113,500 !! ?? WOW…

    • Alfa Giulia QV

      Eh….you should see the Shelby 1000 F-350.

    • Patrick

      donor car included

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        That line has been changed. It DID say plus donor car.

    • “Prices start at $113,445 *with* the Mustang donor car included”

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        That line has been changed. It DID say ‘plus’ donor car.

        • Apologizes due but you don’t have to reply to everyone.

          • Auf Wiedersehen

            Everyone didn’t have to say the same thing either.

    • benT

      “…..donor car included.”
      Not sure but this may mean they supply to car.

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        That line has been changed. It DID say “plus” donor car.

        • benT

          don’t give to charity mate – -you may find you’ve gone broke.

          • Auf Wiedersehen

            What can I say, I call it when I’m wrong.

          • benT

            what did you call it ?

          • Auf Wiedersehen

            Wrong. How are you not getting this?

  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    yah no thanks ill take the demon or hellcat

    • Six Thousand Times

      I wouldn’t want anyone seeing me in any Challenger derivative. They’d think I lived in a trailer and that I’m likely the product of inbreeding.

  • john1168

    Please…PLEASE stop with the cheesy hood scoops! If you’re gonna do hood scoops, do something original or better looking. OK, I’m done complaining. The car is awesome other than the scoops. 800hp is nuts but the platform seems like it hit it’s traction limit at about 650hp. It might hit 210 mph. It has a lot of drag but also a lot of power.

    • SteersUright

      totally right!!

    • nellydesign

      Well, this does have what looks like 335 series tires on the widebody. Would that help traction?

      • john1168

        Yeah, the wide body kit with the wide wheels does help. Granted no body did a test of the car yet but an estimated 3.5 sec 0-60 with 800hp tells me there are still traction issues. (A Dodge Demon had a 2.3 sec 0-60). A quarter mile run would be a better test for this car as 0-60 times don’t mean a whole lot for a car with this much power, other than how the traction is off the line. It might have a slow-ish time but it will probably have a really high trap speed. An E-diff in the rear might help as well as a redesign of the rear suspension if Shelby didn’t do that already. I don’t want to see an AWD Mustang but 800hp is tough to control on a RWD car without racing slicks.

  • TheBelltower

    I like it! Makes me want to unapologetically grow a mullet and crank up some Lynard Skynard.

  • What’s with the Shelby lettering in the grille, it looks so weird.

    • Matt

      It’s pretty discreet… more so than Audi’s RS ‘Quattro’ lettering option.

      • My problem it looks cheap, I don’t mind being brash.

  • SteersUright

    Looks properly mean but upon closer inspection, the sloppy construction kills it especially at $100k+ pricing. Look how the from wheel fender doesnt line up with the new front bumper, for example.
    Still, I love anything widebody and can appreciate this overall, despite the fact I’d never buy one at this price.

  • Vassilis

    Damn that’s a beast.

  • alecs

    In Europe and south -america there are races with trucks and they are very fast,faster than most supercars!!!

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