Guess Which Luxury Cars Tested By Consumer Reports Have The Comfiest Ride

When it comes to finding a comfortable ride, it appears you get what you pay for.

In a recent test conducted by Consumer Reports, the organization subjected an assortment of different models to a 30 mile (48.2 km) loop which included a variety of roads in poor condition. The reviewers traveled at a predetermined speed and rated the models on how well they handled the road imperfections.

Unsurprisingly, the Mercedes S-Class came out on top as Consumer Reports said the car’s “plush and steady ride is the best we’ve ever tested.” They went on to say even with the standard suspension, road imperfections seemed to disappear.

The S-Class was followed closely by its key rival, the BMW 7-Series. Unfortunately, the luxury sedan wasn’t quite as polished as reviewers knocked the model’s low speed ride quality which allowed for sharp bumps to be transmitted into the cabin.

Another German sedan came in third and it’s significantly more affordable than the aforementioned flagships. The outgoing Audi A6 was praised for having a comfortable ride which doesn’t feel “overly firm at low speeds” like other models from the four-ringed brand.

Rounding out the models on the list – in order of their rankings by Consumer Reports – is the Lincoln Continental, Audi A8, Genesis G90, BMW 5-Series and Cadillac CT6.

The most affordable model, the Mercedes C-Class, was rated the lowest rated out of the group. However, the organization said the car “delivers a driving experience that is close to ideal when it comes to balancing performance and comfort.” Despite this praise, criticisms were leveled against the car’s run-flat tires for causing some unpleasant impacts when hitting potholes.

While the C-Class starts at $40,250, buyers can still find a comfortable ride on mainstream models that cost significantly less. In particular, Consumer Reports recommends the Chevrolet Impala and Ford Fusion.

Consumer Reports’ plushest rides:

1. Mercedes-Benz S-Class
2. BMW 7-Series
3. Audi A6
4. Lincoln Continental
5. Audi A8
6. Genesis G90
7. BMW 5-Series
8. Cadillac CT6
9. Jaguar XF
10. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

  • Jason Panamera

    I’ve been driving both A6 and A8 (last generations ) and I don’t agree about A6 being more comfy than A8.

    • Ermal Morina

      ikr. That just doesn’t make sense at all

    • DanSemering

      You don’t have as sensitive ass as the Consumer Reports dude! 🙂

      • MarketAndChurch


      • BGM

        The CR dude is the princess from the princess and the pea.

      • Jason Panamera

        I think that in this test, their sensitive asses were not in cars, but behind the computers : )

  • lagunas3ca

    Considering the G30 5 Series is based on the same modular OKL platform as the G11 7 Series, and having driven/ridden in both of them, I find it hard to believe there are 4 different vehicles that separate the two in comfiest rides; especially the Lincoln Continental, ffs you can’t be serious.

    • Jason Panamera

      It’s pretty strange list. Because i find G30 more comfy than last gen of A6.

  • дапвт

    How can A6 be more comfortable than the A8?

  • PK

    of course mercedes benz!

  • PhilMcGraw

    The CR article you’re talking about was written in January. Within these past 7 months almost half of that list has been updated with newer models. Not to mention the new Lexus LS isn’t on there either which I would figure would be a contender for some spot in the list.

  • Carenthusiast

    Where’s E Class? There’s no way C Class can be better than E…..

  • eb110americana

    Did they really test everything? Or just a few luxury cars? I’m surprised that there is not a Lexus, Buick, or crossover mentioned in the whole lot. And BMWs have a good balance of sport/luxury, but plushest ride?

  • Autoexperte

    Lexus LS?

  • haji

    Of course Lexus and Infiniti are among the worst when tested for comfiest ride. Of course.

  • nastinupe

    So basically the A6 is the bargain of the bunch.

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