Mahindra Tries To Block FCA’s Infringement Complaint Against Jeep-like Roxor

Indian car maker Mahindra is seeking an injunction against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, asking the court to block them from proceeding with FCA’s patent violation complaint against the Roxor.

In early August, FCA filed a complaint against Mahindra, seeking to block the company from selling the Roxor, a compact off-roader that does indeed look like the original Willys Jeep. According to Fiat Chrysler’s complaint, the Mahindra Roxor infringes key features of Jeep’s signature design.

However, Mahindra fired back at them, saying that FCA’s complaint was “without merit” in an official statement. The North American unit of Mahindra has also begun proceedings in a Michigan court, in order to enforce a design agreement that it had signed with Fiat Chrysler in 2009.

“On August 23, 2018, Mahindra filed a complaint in Federal Court in Michigan on the issue of the applicability and enforcement of our 2009 agreement with Fiat. We are asking the court to block Fiat from participating in the International Trade Commission (ITC) claim – an injunction – because of the fact that they agreed in 2009 to never bring such claims if we use a grille that they approved,” the company said in its statement.

“The Roxor uses that grille. We are also arguing that Fiat is using the ITC case to harm our Roxor business by creating negative publicity, damaging our reputation and our stature in the marketplace.”

FCA has said that the imported Roxor threatens them with substantial injury as they’re “underselling Jeeps” and that Mahindra manufactures its products in India and then imports them as “knock-off kit cars” in the U.S., where they’re assembled in Detroit.

Mahindra rejects the notion that the Roxor is a low-quality “knock-off” kit car, saying that their model is the result of more than three years of research and development. The Indian car maker also added that the Roxor doesn’t even compete with FCA’s models (it’s not even road-legal).

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  • Jason Panamera

    It is so sad how other companies are just copying iconic design.

    • Ken Lyns

      They inherited the original Jeep design, just like AM General did.

    • Like Ken says, Mahindra has been licensed to made Jeep dating back from after World War, and it won’t be the first to sell Jeep like design based on original Jeep, Mitsubishi did it in 1960s, Ssangyong and Asia Motor (Kia) did it as well. I don’t see any problem of this.

    • Jason Panamera

      Thanks for clarifying things out!

  • willhaven

    It looks nothing like a Jeep!
    -Drunk Mahindra Lead Designer

  • roy

    They are technically not copying.

    • lagunas3ca


    • Ken Lyns

      They ARE copying, legally.

      • roy

        See they have the license to do so. In India at least.

  • lagunas3ca

    Mahindra… such trash.

    • ChrisInIL

      Yeah, but they make tractors, so they’re just like Lamborghini….

  • Tenzin Pelha

    well, if you can’t design em’, steal em’.

    • It’s not really a stealing if you already had permissions before.

  • Craig

    I appreciate why FCA is upset. But if they agreed to allow Mahindra to use that LOOK – as Mahindra claims – then too bad to FCA.

    • brn

      Well, we don’t know. Each side has their own claims. Each side must believe they’ve a valid point, or they wouldn’t be fighting it. I guess we’ll see what a judge says.

    • It’s just the problem to proof it, if it’s a handshake deals. Even if it indeed happens it won’t be admissible in court. But in fairness I didn’t see the problem with Mahindra.

  • Six_Tymes

    anyone who supports Mahindra on this, is a “problem thinker”, that includes the thieving lawyers that are backing Mahindra

    this truly is despicable

  • “three years of research and development”

    • ChrisInIL

      Dude….what is it with the lower case letters. Knock it off. 😉

  • I had to say I’m sided with Mahindra, they had the license and has been making Jeep *Under License* from FCA predecessor, beside Mahindra has already asked permissions since 2009, it seems FCA didn’t fulfill their side of the deal, I wonder why? They afraid of Mahindra? Roxor is a very niche car (or ATV according to law) and highly doubt it will disrupt Jeep sale in US.

  • exeptor

    Apart for the main issue here the car looks good in my eyes.

  • Karl

    What a bunch of low life,talentless morons. Only a complete ignorant fool would buy such trash…

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