Toyota Remains Tight-Lipped About Its Hypercar, Only Says It’ll Cost Around $750k

Toyota’s motorsport expertise will benefit a production model that was previewed by the GR Super Sport Concept.

Essentially a rival to the likes of the Mercedes-AMG Project One and Aston Martin Valkyrie, it will adopt some of the company’s WEC technology and, as expected, will cost hypercar money.

But how much is that? Well, if we were to give credit to Motoring, who asked the brand’s Australia spokesman, Orlando Rodriguez, about it, it could top AUD $1 million, or about USD $740,000 at current exchange rates.

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“It’s probably at that hypercar sort of level. Pricing? It’s going to be at that level”, said Rodriguez, who wasn’t keen on releasing more information on the impressive project. “We don’t even know when cars will be available, what markets they will go to and where they will be road registerable and where they won’t”, he added.

The Toyota GR Super Sport Concept that offered a glimpse into the production model debuted at the beginning of the year, at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

It has a lot of components found on the Japanese automaker’s WEC racer, the TS050 Hybrid, and is powered by a twin-turbo 2.4-liter V6 engine combined with a THS-R (Toyota Hybrid System – Racing) with multiple electric motors.

Toyota claims that it has a combined output of 1,000PS (986hp / 735kW), so the production model could offer about the same, give or take.

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  • Shahul Usman

    takes them forever to make and show their sports cars.. so maybe a 2027 model? to commemorate their Lemans win beating their arch rivals… nobody

    • Like I said before, Toyota deserved that win, it’s not that they take leisure drive and just simply bringing their car to Le Mans.

      And this is uncharted territory for Toyota, the GR Super Sport would be epic and probably the closest you ever get to owning prototypes on the road.

      • Shahul Usman

        Nope they didn’t deserve to win. They didn’t race anyone. . You cant be the only runner in a race and be proud you “won” And yes a Toyota supercar like the LFA has happened.. Sounded good.. Jeremy Clarkson liked it.. But I think it was a failure in most regards…awful handling and transmission .

        • Like I said, they deserve it and that’s the end of it. Beside the price I don’t think LFA was a failure, and the handling? what you own them? not according to majority of car reviewer. LFA handling is superb.

  • SteersUright

    Wasn’t Toyota once synonymous with value? Shouldn’t this be a Lexus?

  • A lot of Toyota haters here but compared to Project One, Valkyrie or Divo, This is considerably cheaper. Don’t forget that this car is the only prototype for the road that you can get.

    • Shahul Usman

      I’ll give it that.. Lets see it’s numbers I guess compared to those others.. And maybe the mclaren senna that is in that same price bracket… But again…i bet this car won’t be seen for years

      • We’ll see who will take the bet, beside you just said stuff without base whatsoever.

        • Shahul Usman

          Really? How long was the LFA gestation? Or even the gt86? Cmon man.. I like a lot of your comments but don’t get the Toyota defense here at all

          • No I don’t support Toyota whatsoever, it’s just we can’t accused someone of a crime that they didn’t commit, yes Toyota has a track record of doing things slowly. But this car is still early in the development. And it’s too early to judge on whether it will be the case with the models you mention.

          • Shahul Usman

            True.. Guess we will have to wait and see.

  • Javier Bl

    15 years

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