Warning: Water In Front Of You Might Be Deeper Than You Think

Heavy rains wreaked havoc on Tuesday evening on the streets of Toronto, flooding entire streets and paralyzing private and public transportation — so much water poured from the sky that even some subway stations were flooded.

As you’re about to see in the following video from CBC News, the flash floods caught many drivers by surprise as many roadways turned into small rivers. So what did many of them do when it was obvious deep water lied ahead of them? Well, they simply ignored it and drove (better yet, dived) straight into the liquid stuff as if their cars suddenly developed amphibious capabilities.

Obviously, their vehicles got submerged, prompting some of the overly optimistic drivers to call the police to their rescue. It’s hard to explain why someone would continue driving after seeing a bus half submerged in water in front of them. It’s one thing to have deep water all around your car, in which case it’s clear there’s nothing you can do, and another thing when you have the option to avoid a flooded street. Yet so many drivers pushed their luck and “tested the waters.”

The poor visibility certainly played a big part in this, given the heavy rain and the darkness, but that doesn’t explain the speed some drivers were doing. After all, you don’t go fast when you don’t see much through the windshield. The good thing is no one was hurt, although the same thing can’t be said about the pride of some of the drivers.


  • Six_Tymes

    looks like insurance fraud to me , driving so fast into the water, FRAUDSTERS. or are they idiots with only a few brain cells?

  • pcurve

    I’m far from being a model human being, but at least I’d make more attempt to stop cars from going into the puddle..

  • Christian

    thats what he said! Oh, I mean she said SHE….

  • Gavin Spaans


  • Randy Terpstra

    I like how the footage from :13 to :33 is flipped.

    Didn’t know that Torontonians drove on the opposite side of the street, then in the rest of Canada, but it does explain a few things! 😀

  • Jason Miller

    Thankfully Arizona has a law for stupid people like that. If you require rescue, YOU get to foot the bill. Idiots.

  • Paul

    Never judge a book by it’s cover. Look at your surroundings and you can usually tell it’s too deep. I like the part where the commuter train is sitting there half submerged in the roadway and the cars come at the spot going full bore and end up in the middle of it bobbing around aimlessly.

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