Audi e-tron GT To Charge To 80% In Just 12 Minutes

The upcoming Audi e-tron GT will be the first all-electric Audi to support 350 kW charging, resulting in truly phenomenal recharge times.

The new model, set to arrive in 2020, will be able to charge to 80 per cent capacity in less than 12 minutes when hooked up to a 350 kW fast charger. That’s a significant reduction from the 30 minutes needed by the new e-tron SUV to charge to 80 per cent from the company’s existing 150 kW chargers.

During an interview with Autocar, senior E-tron product marketing manager Johannes Eckstein said that battery technology is not yet advanced enough to accommodate the electricity flow rate provided by 350 kW chargers. However, the batteries of the e-tron GT will offer support.

Tesla’s Superchargers will soon get left behind.

To ensure that owners of its future electric models can make use of 350 kW charging as soon as their vehicles arrive, Audi is already hard at work constructing fast-charging stations around the world with 350 kW support. In Europe, these stations are coming to life through the Ionity network, which is a collaboration between the likes of Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, and others. In the United States, the VW Group’s Electify America subsidiary is also rolling out these stations.

Alongside its support for fast-charging, we know that the e-tron GT will be a luxury sedan designed to rival the Tesla Model S and act as an alternative to the Porsche Taycan. The vehicle will be manufactured at the automaker’s Böllinger Höfe site near Neckarsulm in early 2020.

Besides the e-tron GT and e-tron SUV, Audi will launch an additional 10 electric vehicles by 2025.

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  • Howfarr

    “battery technology is not yet advanced enough to accommodate the electricity flow rate provided by 350 kW chargers. However, the batteries of the e-tron GT will”

    Really hope this guy not been taking lessons from Elon on ‘how to over-promise to sell cars’

  • TheBelltower

    In the 90s we called this “vaporware.”

  • wait a minute

    ” Tesla’s Superchargers will soon get left behind”. assuming Tesla do absolutely nothing in the next 2 years to improve their recharger capacity.

    • Exactly. The Supercharger network exists, this doesn’t. It’s easier to upgrade than to create.

  • Ryan50

    Why not 100%?

    • G82FS

      From what I have read, it has something to do with protecting the batteries from overcharging. I am sure there is someone smarter than me who knows the actual science behind that.

    • exeptor

      Probably something with the density. I’m not an electrical engineer, but I think that increasing the electrical density (not sure that this is a correct expression) inside the battery the time to fully charge it increase as well. Or it might be something with the increasing heat. Probably 80% is a number which proves to be more or less stable in charging rate to time for charging ratio.


  • By the time this gets to production the Tesla Model S will be a 9 years old model along with the supercharger infrastructure. In USA Tesla is outselling the German competitors by far. The harsh reality is that BMW, Audi, VW, Merc and the rest are way behind, and I don’t see how they could catch up when Tesla has the biggest battery production factory as well as the most advanced battery technology.

    • Daniel

      They are left behind in offering E-Cars, but in every other field the german car makers are beyond Tesla.
      Even when Tesla is going to have a huge battery factory, in 2020 the germans will have a big one too – just not owned 100%by them.

      As we know, making cars isnt anything to be the first one or to offer the best car. There are several needs and circumstances for every costumer, otherwise noone would buy a E-Class/A6/5Series since they could also buy a Tesla S.

      It should be also possible that Tesla and the german car makers can compete together at the market.

      Personally i think that in the long term Tesla will be sold to a other car manufacturer or chinese investor (which would be just a good thing, since Musk became an irrational crazy guy)

  • Great bit of Audi marketing – instantly make your new e-tron product look outdated already.

    • Only of pricing is the same.

    • Ryan50

      They seem to do that very well don’t they?

  • Mr. EP9

    Looks like Audi tool a lesson from Elon and is over promising and like that lunatic will fail to deliver.

  • Philip George

    And how is Audi going to pull this off? Hope they aren’t planning on creating a cheat device to enable this.


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