Mysterious Camo’d Ferrari FXX K Evo Scooped Testing At Fiorano

A mysterious Ferrari FXX K Evo prototype has been filmed testing at Fiorano and has left us scratching our heads.

Ferrari lifted the veil on the ultra-hardcore LaFerrari-based track car roughly a year ago as the ultimate vehicle in its XX Programme. With other-worldly aerodynamics and performance that could kill, it really is one of the most insane performance cars ever offered to ‘regular’ citizens.

Is it possible that Ferrari is working on something even more remarkable, however?

This particular clip, which is actually a video of a video, was recently published on YouTube and depicts an incredibly-fast vehicle at Ferrari’s private racetrack. At times, the video appears to have been sped up but we’re still provided with a decent look at the vehicle’s exterior.

Save for the light camouflage, there’s no identifiable differences between this prototype and the already-launched FXX K Evo. This could mean one of a few things.

For starters, it is possible that this is an ordinary FXX K Evo that’s simply being tested before its lucky owner takes delivery. Alternatively, Ferrari could be covertly testing an uprated powertrain for the vehicle which could be introduced in the near future. Perhaps the wildest possibility is that it is an early prototype of a car Ferrari could eventually race at Le Mans.

This is extremely unlikely, however. While Ferrari was involved in initial talks about the upcoming Le Mans hypercar class, it pulled out of discussions in August and appears unlikely to enter the series.

Whatever Ferrari is working on, we know it will be fast. Very fast.


  • No, I doubt this is racecar mule, the so called “Hypercar” regulations don’t even had a specific regulations for engine and hybrid system. So Ferrari couldn’t have start it without even knowing what to achieve in the first place.

    My guess that this could be yet another Evo package for FXX K.

  • Six_Tymes

    Interesting, what could it be…

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