2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk8: Is This It Or Is Someone Trying To Fool Us?

What you’re looking is a prototype for the eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf revealing a bold new design. However, these images might be the work of an unknown Photoshop artist.

The photos, found on a Chinese board, were allegedly taken at the parking lot of the VW and Audi R&D Center in Beijing. They show an Mk8 Golf prototype with very little camouflage across its front and rear fascias.

Viewed from the front, we can see an all-new look dramatically different from any Golf models to come before it. For starters, there’s a set of very thin horizontal headlights, angular air intakes, and a front grille split into three distinct sections. The shape of the bonnet has also been altered.

As for the sides, they too differ from the current Golf but have been covered in camouflage. The most obvious differences are changes in the shapes of the doors.

Last but not least, we come to the Mk8’s rear end. The blurry image of the vehicle’s rear depicts some oddly-shaped taillights and dual tailpipes.

On first impressions, the Golf pictured may seem to be the real deal. However, we’re not convinced.

For starters, it would be extremely odd for Volkswagen to have parked a top-secret Mk8 Golf in broad daylight like this, particularly with so little camouflage on. Additionally, previous Mk8 Golf prototypes spied testing throughout the world have been using shells of the outgoing Golf to hide their identity.

Once development of a vehicle reaches a certain point, automaker’s usually remove out-dated bodies and replace them with finished body panels of the new model. However, these panels are almost always hidden from prying eyes by thick body cladding and camouflage. This Golf doesn’t have any cladding.

In addition to these points, the car doesn’t have any license plates. Some elements of the front bumper also look a little strange to us.

All things considered, we think there’s a strong possibility that these images are fake(d).

Nonetheless, we are still looking forward to the Mk8 Golf and already know a few details about it. For starters, production will commence in June 2019 and we believe the car will enjoy a slightly larger wheelbase than the current model. Semi-autonomous driving functionality is also thought to be on the cards.

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  • sidewaysspin

    This is it.

  • C172fccc

    The car looks unnatural to me for some reason. Kind of plasticky? I think that’s a render.

    • exeptor

      Same here. There is no logic to unmask the two most important areas of a new model. These two areas are the latest shown (normally on the actual debut of the car). Porsche Tycan is a good example of that. Definitely a render, but I admit a good one (not in terms of the styling of the car but a level of realistic).

  • matrem

    Photoshop. The rims are oriented the same way, and are lit exactly the same.

    • charlotteharry57

      I totally agree. Drop dead giveaway. Also, every other spy shot of the next Golf has it with a Jetta-type grille.

      • Bananarama

        I agree these are fake, but where have you seen spyshots hinting at a Jetta face? Pretty sure all that’s come out are mules.

      • matrem

        There also blurryness around the design details in the bodywork.

    • Knotmyrealname

      Yep, agreed. Also, the wheels in the overhead shot are suspiciously clearer than the Audis and the rear window heating element is way too thick.

  • Julien Lachemoi

    Just look at the shadows guys. Even the shot from above makes no sense.

  • eb110americana

    Not Photoshop, it’s from some 3D CAD program. If you look at the shot from above, compare the Golf with the Audi next to it. Not only do the reflections on the rear windows not match, but look at the wheels. Somehow the Audi’s are blurry while the Golf’s are rendered too crisp? And as mentioned before, the shadow under the Golf is not dark enough. I’m also not buying that fence reflection in the side view glass. It doesn’t match the area in which it’s parked.

    • Jason Panamera

      Golf is more HD here and this shade under golf is straigth from rendering.

  • performante

    Bad photoshop.

  • Jason Panamera

    Whole front is straight from Autobild visualizations.

  • Mr. EP9

    Looks like photoshop to me.

  • Well by next year we will know if it was faked or not. The blurry Audis next to it, while the VW looks very clear, suggests it’s a Photoshop.

  • Mike anonymous

    Who else immediately scrolled back up to find the Giraffes?

    • supermanuel

      Nope. Just you… 🙂

      • Mike anonymous

        Well SteersUright upvoted, maybe he did too,.. But if you say so.

        *Supermanual thinks inwardly: “👀 he must never know….”.

        • supermanuel


  • OdysseyTag

    Why even question if this is real or not? Almost everything about these pictures screams Autodesk and Adobe.

  • Alban Panxhi

    c pillar is way off
    looks like someone mix matched a golf mk7 and new jetta taillights on a peugeot from that side and front shape

  • How ugly, and looks Photoshop-ish.

  • Nick Richards

    Fake. Looks good but the wheels are perfectly vertically rotated.

  • klowik

    the front grille looks a bit weird…the styling starts to fall apart.

  • Vangelis Goulis

    fake news……wait, what???

  • Mike McGee

    Umm. No. The front looks like an awful 3d model, the bottom of the bumper is so choppy. So obviously fake.

  • Miknik

    The pictures have certainly been edited, there are sharpening artifacts at very least, and some editing at the front. But the question is, if the whole thing is fake, or someone just played with a camoed prototype.

    Anyway, the car itself looks credible, it has already been confirmed that the golf will still be based of the current MQB platform and not all new, and the identical greenhouse with new sheet metal has been done before (Mk. 5/6), so seems logic, as the lights, that seem to match in VW things well informed AutoiBild visualizations. so fake or real, the proper Mk. 8 Golf will still look very similar to the current generation, as every Golf has ever done, and as people expect them to do. SO yes, it will look like this, more or less….

  • Pedro Pereira

    It’s a 3D rendering. They didn’t even equalize the shadow tones.

  • mrpentastic

    Yikes, i hope that isn’t what the MK8 looks like… I’ve heard rumors of the next Golf having something closer to the Arteon grill. So I gave it a try at a Photoshop rendering of what the next Golf might look like. What do you guys think? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d108b25485020ee73336cf72172bb0340521a0a4b7a8fa12bf7df7f7b3f9ca73.jpg

  • mrpentastic

    I’ve heard rumors of the next Golf having something closer to the Arteon grill. So I gave it a try at a Photoshop rendering of what it might look like. What do you guys think? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7243280bbd718bdce0e107db86560635d764cbbc6a9a6ada3572a937670f6dff.jpg

    • Shtekeris

      Uuu, I was skeptical at those Arteon rumors, but your concept convinced me, this looks good. Nice.

  • MJ Coffey

    I can see it being a Render from miles away. Don’t be fooled.

  • Rimas Kurtinaitis

    Fake – real exhausts left and right, too little camouflage and VW would never test such a new vehicle in China before it did so in Europe

  • KidRed

    Why would cover the vanilla sides but not the overworked, dramatically different front bumper? Something about the bumper, near the logo, just doesn’t look right. Either photoshopped, or a fake camo bumper.

  • Ryan50

    If I were rich I’d pay a company to make custom body panels for a lambo or something, camoflauge it, then rent out the nurburgring for a day or two and make it look like a prototype was being tested.

  • Paul

    I think somebody’s messing with us here.

  • Eric

    Fake – the shadow under the “Golf” is much darker than the one under the Audi, and too smooth and even.

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