Ferrari GTC4Lusso Welcomes Novitec Exhaust System, Even Wilder Soundtrack

Be it wide body kits, more power, or simply a sonorous exhaust system, Novitec has been around enough time to know what most supercar owners want.

Their latest project is a Ferrari GTC4Lusso, which (thankfully, we say) doesn’t wear any wacky exterior body kit nor does it sport an out-of-this-world output.

What it has welcomed, however, is a new exhaust system, complete with flap-regulation, sport metal catalysts, tailpipes with new mesh-insert, and a few other goodies in between.

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At first glance, the result doesn’t seem that spectacular, but Novitec has highlighted their creation by releasing a short video. The clip shows the Italian GT under heavy acceleration, revving its V12 and revealing the new soundtrack, which is absolutely breathtaking.

Besides having the grunt to match its look, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso is also equipped with four seats, a quite decent-sized boot and a four-wheel drive system. Thus, it’s the closest thing to a daily driver to have ever come out of Maranello.

Despite the similarities, it would be wrong to think of the GTC4Lusso as a facelifted FF, because it’s a thoroughly revised car that comes with rear-wheel steering, a new infotainment system and plenty of other technologies that should be enough to label it a new model. Plus, unlike it’s predecessor, it’s also available with a twin-turbo V8.

If you want the best, however, you won’t settle for anything other than that mighty naturally V12. Which, as you can discover in the video below, is so amazing it could make you want to sell a kidney or something just to hear it every day.


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