Nissan Z And GT-R Will Get Replacements And They’ll Probably Be Electrified

We’ve known for a while that Nissan is mulling with the idea of electrifying their next-gen sports cars, and now one of the company’s officials has offered us some hints about that.

The plan is part of Nissan’s strategy to offer approximately 40 percent of their vehicles with electrified powertrains in Europe by 2022, and that includes the replacements of the 370Z and GT-R.

“I don’t see electrification and sports cars as technologies that are conflicting. Maybe it’s the other way around, sports cars can benefit lots from electrification”, Jean-Pierre Diernaz, of the car firm’s marketing chiefs, told Top Gear. “At the end of the day, a motor and battery are much easier to move from one platform to another, from one sub-segment to another, than a full internal combustion set-up.”

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Despite pressure from other vehicles within the sports car segment, such as the upcoming Toyota Supra, the future of the Nissan 370Z is still hazy. The question is not ‘if’ it will arrive, but rather ‘when’, as Diernaz described it as a work in progress:. “Not everything is confirmed in terms of dates. Sports cars are part of who we are, so one way or another they have to be there.”

Helping Nissan in achieving their electrified goals for road-going vehicles will be some of their Formula E technologies, as well as their Renault, Mitsubishi and Mercedes-Benz partners. The companies already share some technologies and powertrains in between them, and the tie-ups will likely continue into the electrified era.

That doesn’t mean, however, that the successor of the current GT-R will share some oily bits with future AMGs, because that’s not going to happen. Instead, Nissan will develop its new supercar all by itself.

“GT-R is GT-R. That’s Nissan. It has to stay specifically Nissan”, commented Diernaz.

We couldn’t agree more. Just hoping that they make up their minds because the R35, as good as it may be and despite all the constant upgrades, is basically an 11-year old car.

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  • Dr Bjorn K. Von Strangefingger

    Next gen Z? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Mike anonymous

      I mean I would second that, but it is true. We’ve has essentially the same “Z” for nearly 15+ years (the original 2003 350Z shown below), with the only difference being some upgrades to the exterior and interior here and there.

      When I first saw the 350Z (or heard about it), it was the car everyone was talking about, and rightfully so. At the time it looked like something that came from the future, and it looked (sleek) like nothing else on the road at the time. I don’t think Nissans problem has been should we do it, but “HOW” do we go about doing so. If and when they do this, they have to get it right, because what they are creating it the follow up to the 350Z/307Z,.. and to be quite honest, that may be a VERY tall order.

      • ksegg

        Yeah, that’s being optimistic. They’re going to wax poetic about how the future is this and that, and make a dud and try to justify it.

        I’ve stopped having high expectations from car manufacturers.

  • We need man like Andy Palmer again, he once planned that four prong Nissan sportscar line up of IDx, Bladeglider, Z-Car and GT-R. Now the idea died with him.

    • Honda NSX-R

      Did he really plan these four sportscars to be released? Wow, no wonder why he moved to Aston Martin. He seems to be doing good there

      • Yeah he plan those 4 sports car assault. The Bladeglider was quite close to being produced. They already made mules based on Ariel Atom.

        Palmer once said that the reason he left Nissan is because there is no more room to grow, I think he meant dead end job.

        • Honda NSX-R

          If I were him I’d leave too. I bet he’s pretty happy at Aston Martin, more exciting cars to work with whereas Nissan management would axe off sports cars

  • eb110americana

    The problem with an electrified Z isn’t the electrification, it’s the weight of the batteries. I think Nissan would do better to try and make something simpler and lighter with the Z, as opposed to the GT-R, which pulls out all the stops to great effect, but is saddled with the mass that all that technology entails. I understand that the RWD Infiniti platform is the source of the Z’s current weight, but if they can somehow get the next one under 3,000 Lbs. that would definitely put it back into the spotlight and return it to its roots. If they can do that with a hybrid or even electric turbos like Mercedes, I fully support it, but it will probably be more feasible if they don’t over-complicate the process.

    The GT-R, on the other hand, I would actually be surprised if they DIDN’T use some form of electrification. I’m also hoping it will be a little prettier this time around. I wonder if they will be able to capture the performance headlines all over again with the R36.

    • Astonman

      Agree with you everything except the looks of the GT-R. It’s not pretty but it’s sexy. Love that ass with with the taillights.

      • eb110americana

        I would not call the GT-R pretty or sexy. It’s brutish. Like a Japanese muscle car. It has presence due to good proportions, but some of the detail stuff could be cleaned up a lot. I am not a fan of the 370Z’s taillights, but overall, I think it is a sexy design (especially before the refresh, when they removed the fangs).

        • Astonman

          Have you ever met a woman that was not pretty in the typical sense but something about her. – the way she carries herself makes her attractive or what I consider sexy. This is the GT-R. Not a supermodel but attractive enough to be in a Macy’s ad.

          • OD. LP

            That literally made my day – lol

      • KenjiK

        Best part of the car!

      • Apparently GT-R designer once being interviewed and he is sad if the R35 is called beautiful. He said GT-R design must be brutal… not sure in his view but hey everyone is entitled with one.

  • Dude

    I’m more excited for the next Z. As far as cheap RWD imports go it’s only the BRZ and MX-5. I need more options.

  • Alfredo Lopez

    Infiniti Project Black S gets it first then it comes down the line. Watch.

    • Mill0048

      It would be a good starting point for the tech, and iron out the bugs so they don’t damage the image of the GT-R. Then crank it up to 11 for the R36.

  • Infinite1

    It makes sense for the GTR to be electric or a hybrid of some sort but I’m not sold on the new Z being a hybrid or electric car. The cost of building one would be high which means pricing for it would be high which would kill the fan base or the consumers who would buy them. And then there’s the whole weight issue with an electric car and the battery that is needed to run it. Unless Nissan makes a battery similar to Teslas where its like a super thick floor board, I just don’t see much room in the Z for the battery needed either. Unless they find a way to make an affordable hybrid or electric Z, I’d say the R36 should be the only one that’s either a hybrid or an electric car.

  • Vinny

    When the 350Z just came out, it was sexy and fresh af. People turned heads like crazy when I drove it a few times, but I decided to keep my S2000, which was also fresh af and turned heads like a mini-Ferrari. Then the Z kept getting older and older (in the form of 370Z). A fresh design would be awesome.

  • ksegg

    Let me guess this is going to be another NSX/Supra fiasco.

    See you guys in 2080.

  • SteersUright

    Hopefully this doesnt involve a Toyota Supra like gestation.

    • ksegg

      Even worse – watch one of them end up as a crossover.

      • Rahul Mandala

        Right? Like I know the MK5 Supra may not be as legendary as the predecessors are, but at least it was resurrected as what it was known to be: A 2+2 with RWD and not a crossover. For now, it may the first model year of this car, who knows the future generations of this car will be even better and tuned by Toyota. BMW helped them with this, because Toyota would rather print money being boring. They didn’t do all of the manufacturing in-house for the MK5 Supra due to what happened with the MK4 Supra; it was nearly doomed. It just somehow was different than the last 3 generations, don’t get me wrong, I still love all the generations of the supra, but this MK5 won’t be bad. BMW reliability isn’t bad at all, it just depends on the owner

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