Jeep Wrangler Takes Out Cherokee In Snow Storm And Runs Away

If there’s one thing you should never do while driving, it’s fleeing the scene of an accident.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at fault or not and if it’s just a fender bender or something more serious; you should always stay there until authorities arrive to record the issue and exchange your details with all parties involved.

Unfortunately, not all drivers are this considerate and hit-and-runs are all too frequent.

In New York, a number of roads were recently covered in snow, making for less-than-ideal conditions – and one such road is where the following incident happened.

Dash cam footage shows a Jeep Cherokee patiently waiting in a traffic jam when a Jeep Wrangler approaching in the other direction unexpectedly veers straight into the side of it, damaging the Cherokee’s doors as well as scratching and breaking part of the Wrangler’s front bumper and driver’s side front wheel arch.

Instead of doing what any responsible driver would, which is stop and exchange details for the insurance companies, the Wrangler owner didn’t stop and instead fled the scene.

Taking to Reddit, the owner of the Cherokee says he wasn’t able to make out the rear license plate of the Wrangler by the time he got out of the SUV. Additionally, the dashcam video won’t help to track down the Wrangler’s owner because the off-roader wasn’t wearing a front license plate.

It’s hard to tell exactly what caused the crash, but it appears as though the right rear wheel of the Wrangler slipped into a ditch on the side of the road, sending the vehicle directly into the side of the Cherokee. Which, of course, is no excuse for its driver’s behavior.


  • donald seymour

    Jeep on Jeep violence has to stop.

    • Mr. EP9

      My thoughts exactly. It’s a shame how much violence Jeeps perpetrate against other Jeeps.

      • donald seymour

        The media always focus on Jeep violence.

  • Billie Morgan

    No excuse for a hit and run, unless of course it’s snowing and the dummy is parked squarely in the middle of both lanes. Karma is the wheel that keeps turning.

    • Matt

      So you’re saying there are instances where you’re allowed to hit someone’s car (while the driver is inside) and just drive off?

      • Billie Morgan

        So you are saying there are instances where you could create a hazard and would cry blameless? The other guy would be found at fault, even though you contributed. How about not being an idiot in the first place and he may not have been hit.

        • Matt

          Um no I never implied that. Almost every accident is due to the fault of one party. If you’re the driver not at fault, doesn’t mean you can just drive off without checking if the other occupants are ok.

          It wasn’t a serious impact but the speed in which the Wrangler took off is suspicious – like was he drunk and didn’t want to get caught? Driving off after an accident immediately makes you look guilty of something.

          It wasn’t you in the Wrangler was it?

  • Paul

    If the guy that got hit wouldn’t have been in the middle of the road as if he was trying to go by the truck at the same time he might not have been hit. Any body else notice that when the Wrangler goes to take off again that the rear wheels are really spinning but not the front? Maybe the driver should have had it in 4WD because that to me was a clear sign that it wasn’t.

    • Matt

      I saw the front wheels spinning too at one point (right as he reverses), 4WD was engaged.

      • Paul

        Look a little closer. The rears are really turning and not at the same pace of the front. Four wheel drive doesn’t behave that way.

        • Jay

          Looks to me as if the front wheels are spinning too

          • Paul

            Yeah because the vehicle IS MOVING but not spinning like they’re connected to the rear in 4WD mode.

          • Jay

            No, moving as if they were connected to a gear and all. I don’t see the rears spinning as fast as you.

  • brn

    Great weather for a car chase.


  • Socarboy

    Hit and run…unfortunately all too common in this day and age. Several times a week I hear it on the local traffic report during rush hour…”there’s a hit and run accident on…” Violators should be jailed and have their driving privileges suspended for a year…AND be forced to carry SR22 insurance when reinstated

  • LeStori

    “Aways stay there until authorities arrive to record the issue and exchange your details with all parties involved.”

    Depends on your local authorities. Obey your local laws not someones in a country far far away…

    Where I live.

    If you are involved in a crash you must:

    stop immediately

    give help to any injured person

    provide your name, address, registration number, and vehicle owner’s
    name to others involved in the crash, or their representative, and to
    the police (if they are there)

    if anyone is injured and the police are not at the crash, you must report the crash to the nearest open police station

    if there is any property damage and the owner (or Police) is not
    there, you must report the crash to the nearest open police station.

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