Man Somehow Avoids Getting Hit By Out Of Control Toyota Corolla

This incident took place recently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where a man crossing the street was extremely lucky to avoid getting hit by an out of control car.

As we can see, the man froze for a split second, undoubtedly trying to gauge which way the car was going to go. Thankfully, he realized it was coming his way and took off for the sidewalk.

Even though we can see the moment when the Toyota Corolla sedan starts to fishtail, it’s unclear why the driver lost control to begin with. Seeing as the road is wet, we assume that he was simply going too fast and just spun.

Either way, we reckon that all parties involved can consider themselves lucky. The man who was crossing the street was very lucky, while the driver of the car also managed to not crash into another vehicle – he must have missed that parked Ford Ranger pickup by mere inches…

The Corolla driver’s reaction after coming to a halt is puzzling, as they immediately drove off in the exact opposite direction to where they were going. They didn’t get out to check anything, if that man was OK, apologize – nothing! It’s almost like they were just trying to get away; but whatever the case might have been, their behavior is simply inexcusable.

  • Bash

    omg, this could’ve been worse.

  • Alx

    Impressed with both the driver’s recovery and the pedestrian’s reflexes… Chuck Norris approved!

  • Craig

    Goes without saying… [I think] The Driver should have got OUT and apologized.

  • sigma7777777

    I’m from Brazil and here Corolla only offers ESP/ESC from 2018 models or above 😖


    Corolla was stolen

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