Rivian R1T: A $61,500 Electric Pickup That Shoots To 60 In 3.0 Sec

The dawn of the electric pickup truck is upon us, as Rivian has just unveiled their take on the segment in the R1T, which has been dubbed an ‘Electric Adventure Vehicle’ with a range of more than 400 miles (643 km) and enough room to seat five adult passengers comfortably.

The R1T is one of two all-electric cars that Rivian will showcase at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, the other one being a fully electric SUV called R1S.

“I started Rivian to deliver products that the world didn’t already have – to redefine expectations through the application of technology and innovation. Starting with a clean sheet, we have spent years developing the technology to deliver the ideal vehicle for active customers. This means having great driving dynamics on any surface on- or off-road, providing cargo solutions to easily storing any type of gear whether it’s a surf board or a fishing rod and, very importantly, being capable of driving long distances on a single charge,” stated company founder and CEO, Rj Scaringe.

Aside from having room for 5, the R1T also packs and integrated, watertight bed, and has a large 350 liter (12.3 cu.ft) front truck (frunk). There’s even more storage room beneath the rear-seat floor, as well as underneath the bed floor (200 liters / 7 cu.ft), while the lockable gear tunnel offers a significant amount of cargo capacity if you’re looking to fit longer items such as skis, a snowboard, tent, stroller or perhaps golf clubs.

Jack of all trades, master of all

The R1T is much more than just an eco-friendly pickup truck. Its quad-motor system sends 147 kW of torque to each wheel, resulting in a grand total of 14,000 Nm (10,325 lb-ft) of torque for the entire vehicle (3,500 Nm of grounded torque per wheel).

Buyers can choose between three different battery pack configurations: 105 kWh, 135 kWh and 180 kWh, all of which capable of maxing you out at 125 mph (201 km/h). Range also differs between the three, with the latter offering 400+ miles (643+ km), the mid-spec one 300+ miles (482+ km) and the entry-level one a good 230+ miles (370+ km). The fastest model can accelerate to 60mph (96km/h) in just 3.0 seconds.

“The beauty and elegance of our quad-motor setup isn’t just about brute power; this architecture provides instantaneous torque with extremely precise control at each wheel, which is completely game-changing from a dynamics perspective, both on- and off-road,” stated executive director of engineering and programs, Mark Vinnels.

You can achieve approximately 200 miles (321 km) of range in just 30 minutes of charging, thanks to the battery’s fast charging function. Also, there’s an 11 kW onboard charger that’s meant to facilitate rapid charging at a Level 2 charger.

Rugged yet modern

According to Rivian, the R1T was designed to communicate strength, while also featuring a modern stance, acknowledging the performance and technology integrated into the vehicle. The R1T boasts short overhangs, high ground clearance and aggressive approach and departure angles, all courtesy of Rivian’s unique ‘Skateboard’ platform, which packages the battery pack, drive units, suspension, braking and thermal system below the height of the wheel.

Also interesting is the design of the lighting units, where you have signature ‘stadium’ headlights out in front, working alongside a horizontal daytime running light strip, extending the entire width of the vehicle, much like the taillights.

As for the interior, Rivian says that’s a premium environment, that just happens to invite rugged, daily use. Materials used throughout include sustainably sourced wood, whereas high-wear areas of the cabin feature durable and innovative materials that can be easily cleaned.

Of course, you can’t build a modern fully-electric pickup truck without having it offer its passengers high levels of connectivity and safety. Rivian’s connected car platform operates on a high-speed Ethernet backbone, allowing for over-the-air software updates. There’s also a cloud-ecosystem for data exchange.

The in-vehicle experience also consists of a 15.6-inch touch screen infotainment display, working with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 6.8-inch rear touchscreen display.

When the R1T launches, it will feature a “robust hardware suit” reliant on camera sensors, radar, lidar, ultrasonic and a high precision GPS coupled with high definition maps. The truck will have ‘Level 3’ autonomy for highway operation, whereas city and off-road driving will be facilitated by a range of self-driving features.

How much is it?

Pricing for the R1T starts at $61,500 after Federal Tax credit, with first deliveries arriving in late 2020. Rivian will initially produce fully-equipped versions first, with the 180 kWh and 135 kWh models available at launch. The base variant will arrive about a year later.

*Live images from the LA Auto Show have been added below

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  • Rzrlf


  • Bash

    I don’t mind that at all!! Lovely

  • Karl

    Color me impressed

  • performante

    I’m curious to know if this has a solid rear axle. Likely not.

    • donald seymour

      Most likely not.

    • Ilbirs

      Probably not: there’s one motor per wheel.

  • Tucker Fitties

    Price estimates? My gut tells me close to 6 figures to start, and up from there. That’s going to be the real problem – they nailed the looks and capabilities.

    • Ben

      LMAO! Your “guy” was WRONG! The truck is ~$61,500 after a federal tax rebate. The information was sourced from the horse’s mouth i.e their own website

      • danno

        For the base model, which capabilities are good as a grocery getter and mom mobile. Sit down for the pricing announcements on the top spec truckette. Real trucks have beds that are longer than 4.5′. Guessing $99,900 * after federal taxpayer rebates

        • Ben

          We don’t know the capabilities of the base model so to say its just a grocery getter for moms (what MOST pickups are used for nowadays, lets get real) is a bit foolish to say. But I do agree, we don’t know how much the top of the line truck is going to be. I can agree that it will likely be over six-figures, but lets not pretend 1500 series trucks are topping out at $40k. If you want a top of the line 1500 series truck, you’re looking at $70k.

          If you want the best of a new and exciting technology, be prepared to pay. Think about this, how many people shell out that kind of money for Range Rovers, G-class or Teslas? How much did Ford Raptors sell over sticker?! Believe me, people will pay over $100k for an EV pickup truck.

          • danno

            I agree, most trucks are used as grocery getters and mom/dad mobiles. The problem here is the conventional “work trucks” are lower spec, and they actually do work – example, contractors towing 28′ trailers. And they are the lowest priced – $30K ish.
            The Top of the line R1T, that can do actual real work, is priced 3x the contractor base truck. And you can’t get a real box – 8′ tail with gate up.
            Hope it works for them.

  • Ben

    Wow, I don’t see how you beat this unless your just like a different design style. Having a trunk in the front is so helpful and I know many truck enthusiast would love that pass-thru. I would butch up the design slightly, but not much. That full sized tire under the bed like that reminds me of Honda’s Ridgeline. That open pore wood really classes up the interior. One suggestion, I’d like to see a range extending module. Almost like an additional battery pack for a remote control car, I’d like to see something that could slide into the bed (about the size of a large toolbox) that can add maybe 200mi to the range.

    Truck enthusiast, especially those that tow or overland, always look to get extended fuel tanks. A detachable battery would be something similar. You could charge it at home or whatever, but there’s a lot you could do with it. If it could also double as a home generator or at least worksite generator, I’d be pleased. Again, this is truly something I think would appeal to the truck buying demographic. Anyone else liking this idea?

  • mihsf

    With Renault Kangoo ZE payload. Amazing! Not.

    • Ben

      The Payload capacity of the R1T is: 1,763. For those unimpressed, here are some numbers you’d like to know.

      1) Honda CrossTourer VFR 1200X DCT (Heaviest Adventure bike on sale/ 633lbs = 35% of payload capacity

      2) Polaris Sportsman 800 X2 EFI (Heaviest ATV on sale/ 840lbs) = 49% of payload capacity

      3) 17 50-pound bags of dog food, mulch or fertilizer = 50% of payload capacity

      4) 1x Grand Piano used at concert halls = 66.6% of payload capacity

      5) 2x turboshaft engines used for the Apache Attack helicopter = 60% of payload capacity

      6) 1x Honeywell agt1500 (the diesel engine used for M1 Abraham tanks) = 65% of payload capacity

      7) People that DON’T need more payload capacity = 99.3%

      • mihsf

        That’s not the point. Such a big vehicle for such a small payload (relative to the size of the vehicle) is ridiculous.

        • Ben

          So you need an astronomical payload, that you’ll likely never exceed, just because the truck is bigger than a car? Look at the concept model vehicle when people get into it, its not even the size of an F150. Its clearly bigger than a Toyota Tacoma, but THAT much bigger. What do you put in the bed that is so massively heavy?

        • El de Ngaan

          I think Ben is either a founder of Rivian, a shareholder, an employee, an agent, a marketing director or someone high up in the company’s hierarchy. He just won’t allow constructive criticism to go unchallenged. All his comments are in a way very defensive and persuasive as if he fits one of the above titles.

    • salamOOn

      you seat 5 people, lets overreact – each one is 100kg, you throw 5 bikes thats another 50-80kg, and you still have 220-250kg to load. not bad for a lifestyle truck. because its clearly not a workhorse.

  • uS’gedlemba

    I see no flaw…at all!

  • kachuks

    Can someone educate us on the pros/cons of towing with electric motors? That tow rating looks impressive.

    • donald seymour

      I guess it would be the instant torque, which would be god for pulling.

  • El de Ngaan

    The truck for those who need a truck but don’t want a truck.

    • Ben

      How do you figure? Optioned correctly, the truck can tow 800kg (11,000lbs). Nobody said it was going after 3500 Cummins or Ford’s F450 Powerstroke. I don’t stay up to date on the peak tow figures of each trim of each truck, as they vary, but I’m sure 11,000lbs is quite competitive.

      • El de Ngaan

        It’s way too expensive and am sure what is shown is a full spec version with options costing upwards of 20 grands. The interior is so plush it would sit perfectly in a modern Volvo. Actually 800kg is the payload which isn’t bad at all and it can tow 5000kg – but for how long on a single charge? No doubts it’s an impressive piece of machinery.

        • Ben

          Like you said, 800kg payload isn’t bad, at all and neither is 500kg towing. We don’t know about the rate it depletes in, but remember this, this isn’t a truck for the “everyman”. You’re not going to see these things parked outside of Denny’s or target. The truck is likely a six-figure truck when you configure it to what we see in the videos and pictures.

          But keep in mind who the demographic is. People buy expensive Range Rovers and G-Classes and never offroad them. People buy Raptors over sticker and use them how much people use a 15year old Tacoma. People buy the fastest Teslas so they can take grandma for a quick 0-60. People will pay for 6-figure truck and at most haul a new toilet or dinning table. Very few people are going to tow maximum weight up Ike’s Gauntlet (Shout out TFL Truck lol).

    • TheBelltower

      The same could be said of any upscale pickup truck on the market today. Regardless, there’s demand for them.

  • Kagan

    See it when it comes!

  • Nixter

    The future is looking good, the choices are increasing, the range is getting better, and the prices won’t be so “shocking.”

    • Leconte Dave

      I think vw will make electric mainstream with their $23k car

  • Mr. EP9

    Impressive for what they claim about the range and towing capacity for an EV truck anyway. I’ll wait until this thing gets tested and have those figures verified by third parties.

    • donald seymour

      Yep! Because battery range are all lies. And that’s real.


    • Alx

      Totally agree… the face that only a mother could love.

  • pcurve

    wow, 3.0sec? This pickup sure has a nice… pickup! *bows out*


    The first of the EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT asteroids is landing.
    Will the BIG THREE legacy pickup truck makers recognize it?


    Finally! Why the hell aren’t there electric trucks already? With their flat floor (great for storing batteries), and their wild torque (great for hauling) and with range increasing, it makes a lot of sense. As for price, this is in line with nearly every fully-optioned truck on the market, and in some cases cheaper. A King Ranch from Ford or the Lariat from GMC are easily sold at 60k and up, even hitting 75k in some cases. Plus, getting all weather storage with a huge ‘frunk’, the smart pass-through stowage area, and the decent truck bed – I’m thrilled, and can’t wait to see what Tesla does, and others to address this huge gap in current vehicle offerings. Way to make an impression Rivian. As for the looks, I love ’em, and I’m stoked it doesn’t look like it’s trying to be a ‘macho’ truck, like Nissan’s latest Titan, man was that a miss.

  • Alx

    Looks like an impressive piece of kit… that is until you see the front, then it only looks stunned and confused. Poor darlin’!

  • Six Thousand Times

    Cool, kinda. More desirable to me than a Tesla model X.

  • TheBelltower

    Looks bada$$. If they come anywhere close to the spec’s listed here, this will be huge.

  • Big Black Duck


  • Nick099

    If this is true. ..it’s a game changer.


  • ErnieB

    I dig this

  • SteersUright

    I love this. I hope it has some real off-road chops.

  • Dennis Scipio

    To be honest, I’ve never even heard of the brand prior to the reveals of their electric pickup and suv.

  • TheBelltower


  • MarketAndChurch

    Tesla better hurry up with their truck.

  • nikolas karelis

    so whats next???
    in 5-10 years every car will be under 2 sec???

  • charlotteharry57

    Oh joy. ANOTHER “Tesla”. Watch Leon be the “undisclosed funding source”. I’m not against startups, but auto startups are extremely risky. Expecting folks to fork over $60-70K on an unproven brand is not smart. Try something simpler, like smartphones, for 5-10 years. Even Hyundai started small and then only asked $2995 for its first car. Sheesh. Pie in the sky. And I’m less than thrilled the founder is from Florida. Land where many criminals inevitably and eventually head to.

  • Paul

    Will it come with neck braces with that kind of acceleration numbers

  • FlameWater

    Amazing how a battery drive train eliminates 50% wasted space in conventional car.

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