2020 Tesla Roadster’s Acceleration Will Leave You Dumbfounded

A little over a year ago, Tesla surprised everyone by unveiling the new generation Roadster in prototype form.

Since then, quite a few reports have claimed that the production version might be even quicker. And the new Roadster is already capable of some mind-bending performance.

According to Elon Musk’s company, the 2020 Roadster has hypercar performance: 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in just 1.9 seconds (0-100 km/h in 2.1 sec), 0-100 mph (0-162 km/h) in 4.2 seconds, and a top speed in excess of 250 mph (402 km/h).

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Tesla has announced that the base model will cost $200,000 in the U.S. (with a $50,000 reservation) and $250,000 for the Founder Series. Which may sound a lot, but considering the performance that rivals or humbles hypercars costing five (or more…) times as much, it kinda makes sense.

What’s more, all that performance doesn’t come at the expense of the driving range, as the new Roadster is capable of traveling for up to 620 miles (998 km) on a single charge courtesy of its 200 kWh battery pack.

But the Roadster is all about raw acceleration, and that’s what the following video shows. Shot last year during the unveiling event and released a few days ago by Tesla, it displays the reactions of those who experienced the sheer acceleration first hand.


  • Nobody

    Will the quality remain consistent and will tesla be able to meet delivery goals for on time??

    • TheAmerican


    • Stigasawuswrecks

      Hahaha! You’re funny.

      • Nobody

        They have yet to meet any production goals and quality hasn’t been very good on any of their current vehicles.

        • Stigasawuswrecks

          Oh I completely agree with you. I test drove a P80 and I couldn’t believe the poor quality and fit and finish. Plus the way they operate as a manufacturer is absolutely terrible. Their parts failure yield is absolutely abysmal and their standards are everything they teach ot to do in manufacturing.

          • geo241

            Sorry, there has NEVER BEEN a “P80” model Tesla.


            But NEVER a “P80.”

          • Stigasawuswrecks


  • Seats & a steering wheel

    Nurburgring lap time? A hypercar should also be a demon on the track. Sure it will easily put accelerate an Aventador SV-J in a straight line… but will it beat or even come close to its Nurburgring lap time? Don’t get me wrong Tesla roadster sounds fantastic, but we never see anything in terms of how these Tesla’s handle corners, all the focus is on 1/4 mile drags.

    • Matteo Tommasi

      And the rimac c-two is already here and faster in acceleration and top speed, so it’s nothing exceptional

      • D3X

        Rimac C-Two although completed laps have never posted lap times. The NIO EP9 has though, and smashed some records at the time with bespoke tires. Only cars faster is the McLaren P1 LM and the Porsche GT2 RS MR, both are not production qualified cars.

      • MikeofLA

        The Rimac is expected to cost more than $2,000,000 – 10 TIMES that of the Tesla. Is it 10 times better?

      • Axiom Ethos

        Technically it’s not faster. The Roadster times they got as a prototype of the base vehicle. Elon already said that there will be a faster version, which likely won’t cost much more and the Rimac C-Two will likely be easily eclipsed. Wait till the production vehicle is released then we can see who’s a winner in both price and performance.

        • D3X

          Errrrr um, last time Elon promised a price for the 3 for 30K. Where’s that? I won’t believe the price til I see it.

    • geo241

      There is a recent, last 2 weeks, report from Detroit of a true “car guy” and actual pro-racer who just BOUGHT A MODEL 3 Tesla, and not even the AWD Performance model. He has nothing but good things to say about its handling and only faults the brakes as not being strong enough for “regular” track use. He HAS ALREADY taken the car on the track for full handling assessment….

  • ace_9

    It’s a supercar for non-car people.

    • K X J I ⚪️

      Can’t agree more with this comment.

    • Javokhir_Sam

      The best comment ive seen for a long time!

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      Perfect explanation.

    • Finkployd

      You re assuming supercars are bought by car people ?

      • ace_9

        Generally yes. I think the number of car people that own a supercar is much higher than non-car people that just want something expensive and sporty and they really don’t care about nothing else. I’m also taking into account the people that would like to have some supercar, they just don’t have the money. Overall supercars are not the type of cars wanted by someone who does not really like cars. But Tesla cars are very appealing exactly to that people. For car-people Teslas don’t have a soul, character, they are sterile, whatever you call it, they will never have the same feeling as combustion engine cars, where the sound, power delivery, design and construction is very much defined by the engine and it brings most of the character to the car. And don’t be mistaken that I think that people wanting electric cars are somehow inferior. They are just different. (Btw. please don’t mention sound generators for electric cars… 🙂 )

  • Mr. EP9

    This is old news as we’ve already seen it.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Good thing it’s coming next year.

    • Mike anonymous

      will it actually be coming next year. We’ve only seen the prototype (which wasn’t actually road legal). The version we are getting may be different from what we see here (slightly at least). I hopeful for Tesla they will be able to deliver on their promise.

  • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

    Will the build quality be better than what we’ve seen from Tesla so far? For $200k, let’s hope so.

  • bxniels0

    I apologise in advance if your Tesla roaster is behind my car in traffic. Your zero to 100 time will be 7.0 seconds and you’ll max out at at said 100 km/h.

  • Bonzomatic

    Isn’t this a really old video?

  • Blade t

    The 620 mile range is pretty impressive, but I’m sure you won’t want to sit in it for 620 miles..

      AND PEE.

  • Jim Jones ©

    Does anyone other than me think its getting disturbing that we as a race prefer to record life through our smart phones so others can see, rather than just experience it first hand?

    Put down the device and live it.

    • alexxx

      That was my first thought…the whole world has gone mad…


    • TheHake

      Especially since there is already a camera recording it…

    • Word!

    • Kevin Cagle

      This was a press event with only bloggers and magazine editors. The recording is for their readers.

  • Finkployd

    This car will be an amazing deal; could be used as a daily commute with supercar performance and cheap running+maintenance costs

    • baofe

      Just because it’s electric doesn’t mean it makes it any cheaper to run. Tesla’s reliability is spotty and it is plagued with technical and production issues. Don’t get me wrong, I’m rooting for Tesla and electric cars in general, but we are not past that hurdle yet of making them bulletproof.

      • Finkployd

        I think it’ll be much cheaper to run – it won’t do 15mpg nor you won’t have a yearly 1k$ to 10k$ oil change, oil filters, hoses, clutch, much less moving parts in general

        This might be the first supercar worth buying used for those who can’t afford it new

        • Eugene Rider

          I have one on order, put my $50k down the first day. It’s insurance that will get me I think. My agent can’t give me a quote but the Tesla 3 runs about $2300 per year!.

          • geo241

            Shop around for your insurance coverage. I jumped to the Costco connection, Ameriprise, from Nationwide and before that GEICO. GEICO had me at $3600/year on my 2015 Model S P85DL, but I got that down to around $2650 on Nationwide. With Ameriprise for my Model 3 Performance +, I am paying now $1300/year.

          • ace_9

            Oh, poor you… 🙁 You just want to buy a $200k+ electric car and the insurance companies want to ruin you for that! You should start a crowdfunding project. I don’t see any other option…

      • geo241

        For what its worth, I now have over 80,000 “Tesla miles” in cumulatively a 2013, then 2015 Model S and now a 2018 Model 3 Performance +. I have not had ANY “technical or production” issues. I have not spent a penny on any upkeep other than wearing out a set of tires at 49,500 miles on the 2015 Model S P85D with Ludicrous. Of course, some cars from any company will have problems. A neighbor of mine had to use the “lemon law” here in California to return a year old Toyota Highlander that was in the shop for major engine and drivetrain issues for 5 of the first 12 months she owned that vehicle.

  • haji

    Could you please make the sedan version?
    That way I can persuade my wife.

  • exeptor

    As a car guy these numbers sounds awesome, but let’s get it straight – everything less than 2.5-3 seconds feels painful and I personally do not feel very comfortable. I’ve been only once in a 2.9 sec to 100 (991 turbo s) and apart from the adrenaline rush I have the feeling that something bad was close to happen.

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