Driver Almost Causes An Accident Cutting Into Traffic, Gets Pulled Over Immediately

The truth is that there’s something satisfying about videos of terrible drivers getting a healthy dose of instant karma, just like this one. Maybe because, like almost everyone else, we guess, we’ve experienced too many close calls with other drivers that got away with it.

We first came across this clip on Reddit, and it shows an inattentive, incompetent, or very arrogant driver getting pulled over by the police after almost triggering a serious crash.

Footage of the scene shows a silver Mazda3 inexplicably pulling out in front of the dashcam car while making a right turn at an intersection. The Mazda driver either didn’t see the oncoming traffic or thought they could safely make the turn. Whatever the case may be, there was a police cruiser that witnessed the near-miss.

As the footage progresses, a Ford Explorer Police Interceptor previously overtaken by the dashcam car switches on its lights and swiftly pulls over the offending Mazda driver: there you go, justice served.

We have no idea if the Mazda driver was ticketed or not but that’s not the point. The point is that they almost caused an accident for no reason at all. We hope this incident will teach them as much.


  • Six_Tymes

    jerkards like that do this daily where I live.

  • Paul

    They do this all the time in the dash cam videos from around the world, only they end up crashing instead of avoiding it.

  • dolsh

    Based on the amount of time it took to actually pull over and stop, it’s likely a driver that is oblivious to everything around them.

  • Bo Hanan


  • Wandering_Spirit

    Peoole who think cars are washing machines can’t but behave like rags.

  • Patrick Bong

    slow news day?

  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    and the crazy stuff is…if he didnt have carcam…he would be at fault…if he hit him..its because of sloth drivers like these that cause most accidents….i hate ppl like these drivers 😓

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