McLaren 720S Settles Dodge Demon Dispute Once And For All

Officially, the Dodge Demon is supposed to be a pinch quicker to cover a 1/4 mile than a stock McLaren 720S. According to Dodge, their fastest-accelerating car ever can run the distance in as little as 9.65 seconds, as long as everything is right with the world and the conditions are optimal.

The 720S on the other hand relies a lot more on aerodynamics (not that it doesn’t also have plenty of power), and has been known to dip below the 10-second mark on several occasions.

Earlier this year, we saw the two models race against each other from a rolling start, and the Demon struggled to keep up with the McLaren 720S’ hypercar-like pulling power. Could it be any different from a standstill though? Let’s find out.

First thing worth noticing is just how quickly the Demon gets up to speed. Even with its driver taking off before the lights turned green, you can still tell that the American muscle car is truly formidable, like an Olympic sprinter itching to blast off.

However, the numbers tell a slightly different story, as does the eye test, which shows the McLaren making up ground like a bat out of hell, eventually covering the 1/4 mile in well under 10 seconds flat – and doing so consistently mind you! The Demon just wasn’t as efficient, and short of a perfect run, it’s clear that the 720S is just too much to handle in a straight line.


  • Mb747

    What tyres?

  • Axiom Ethos

    Dodges claim to stock hitting 9.65 hasn’t been replicated in the real world afaik. And the Demons require perfect conditions and launch to hit that. It seems the average to good drivers are all hitting around 10 +/= a tenth. Dragtimes stock 720s hits 9.8’s consistently and pulls much harder on the top end than the Demon. Will have to see Demonology race with his own Demon versus Brooks from Dragtimes to see if he can edge him out. But even then, a 720s is just way more consistent and easier to launch.

    • Ben

      I think we, car enthusiast, have gotten a bit soft. We pine and clamor for manual transmissions and claim we ‘know’ our cars, but rely heavily on launch control and computers to constantly get consistent performance. The Dodge Demon is a bit old school in the terms that each driver will have different results when driving it. Demonology has said himself multiple times, don’t let the auto trans fool you, you still need to know how to properly launch the vehicle. Many other YouTubers don’t drag race or own the car for a few months before trading it in for the next best thing (tunnelchaser).

      On the other hand, part of the expense you pay for when buying a high performance vehicle such as the 720s is maximum performance on demand. You can be an attorney, actor, singer or whatever and still get the very best out of it. Like you said, I’d like to see Demonology race his own vehicle. His wheels are so much lighter than stock wheels, decreasing unsprung mass and rolling resistance. Also, he’s using better rubber.

  • Justin_Khase

    For a third of the overall purchase cost I’ll take the Demon AND the four second hit.

  • Dennis James

    The Demon is not a bad car but honestly, there can be no comparison.

    • brn

      Well, it is a comparison. The Dodge held it’s own (in a straight line) against a $300K+ car that’s beating everyone.

  • Craig

    I’ll save a bundle and buy the 797 hp Hellcat Redeye!

  • Bo Hanan

    Thank you!

  • Bo Hanan

    Another video confirming that McLarens were engineered by Aliens. And the very definition of “walking away from.”

  • BGM

    Thank you kind sir. 1 minute of racing, 30 minutes of douchebaggery.

  • Ben

    We’re all missing the point. I know lots don’t like the Challenger because its not Mercedes quality or because it doesn’t handle like a Lotus, but we’re talking about a DODGE racing neck and neck with arguably the very best supercar on the road in the last 10 years.

    Mind you, the 720s whipped Lamborghini’s, Porsche’s and Ferrari’s entire current lineup (In terms of drag racing/road course). The fact this “lowly” Dodge Challenger, built on the blueprints of a 2006 Mercedes E-Class is giving it a run for the money is just a MASSIVE win for us consumers. Be thankful.

  • Smith

    Do you really mean to tell us that someone out there really gives a sh!t about a McLaren going up against a Dodge, with no handling, no style, no engineering. Seriously, this is sooooo stupid.

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