Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept Broke Down In Detroit, Got Covered By The Tarp Of Shame

Infiniti unveiled the QX Inspiration concept at the North American International Auto Show yesterday, but its debut didn’t exactly go as planned.

In typical auto show fashion, Infiniti executives planned to say a few words about the model before it was driven on stage in front of the world’s press. That didn’t happen as the concept broke down in the hallway.

This created a number of problems for the company as it left Executive Design Director, Karim Habib, in the awkward position of introducing a vehicle that wasn’t there. With a bit of smirk, Habib ended up saying “Ladies and gentlemen, the Infiniti QX Inspiration. You can’t see it, but it is here.”

The awkwardness continued as Habib’s speech continually referred the no-show and he ended saying the company is “incredibly proud” of a vehicle that broke down.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the stranded QX Inspiration become a bit of an attraction as photographers were eager to catch a glimpse of the failure. Infiniti eventually covered the crossover in what we’re calling the tarp of shame.

There’s no word on what caused the issue, but it has to be an embarrassing moment for the automaker. However, the company eventually sorted out the issue and put the concept on display.

As we reported yesterday, the QX Inspiration is a mid-sized crossover that serves as a “precursor to the brand’s first fully-electric vehicle.” The concept also previews how Infiniti’s design language will translated for use on electric vehicles.

While the company didn’t mention performance specifications, the production model will ride on an all-new platform. The company also said it will launch a range of “high-performance electrified vehicles” which are engaging to drive and have a “confidence” inspiring range.


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  • baofe

    could be a metaphor for the entire Infiniti brand actually

    • Tumbi Mtika

      God damnit, you stole my comment!

    • Dennis Scipio


  • ksegg

    Infiniti was more interesting in the 90’s. Nowadays they’re about as interesting as Acura. *yawn*

    • Tumbi Mtika

      They’re becoming Acura. And that’s depressing.

  • look at these hi paying executives t
    hey can really B.S

    • Matt


    • Eythan Aldrich

      can you please fix your grammar…..I don’t understand what you’re talking about

  • cbATL

    Who would drive this with windows that small?

    • Matt

      Nobody, because it’s a concept car.

      • cbATL

        Who the F builds concept cars anymore? This is pre-production and it looks like the rest of the Infiniti(es) – crap.

        • Matt

          Um almost all manufacturers build concept cars… they’re always revealed at motor shows, where have you been looking?

          There is no way this is a pre-production car. The proportions are too exaggerated.

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    I mean the concept is ok, if a bit dumpy, but I just don’t see a place for Infiniti or Acura for that matter. Only Lexus has managed to break through as a genuine rival for established luxury brands. that because they have put billions into creating a consistent design theme, true engineering prowess and some legitimate top end cars.

    • no25

      Exactly. Whether people like Lexus’s design or not, they truly know how to create top end cars to compete with BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. You will NEVER see that in Acura or Infiniti.


    • Finkployd

      « I hereby present you the future of Infinity, the QX inspirationn !!»
      *pushes car on stage* 🙂💦


  • Toronado_II

    Carlos’s trick… as a revenge.

  • nastinupe

    Dude did good. Pretty good under pressure. How embarrassing.

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