Man To Get $1.2 Million After Being Arrested For ‘Stealing’ His Own Car

A man arrested for ‘stealing’ his own car stands to become a millionaire as the BBC reports the city of Evanston, Illinois has decided to settle an embarrassing lawsuit.

The initial incident occurred on October 10th, 2015 when a woman called 911 and told the dispatcher that she saw a black man in a hoodie using a bar to break into a car. A number of different officers responded to the scene and pulled over Lawrence Crosby who was simply driving his Chevrolet Volt.

As you can see in dashcam footage, that was released two years ago, Crosby calmly exits the vehicle and put his hands in the air as instructed by police. Officers then yell at Crosby to get on the ground and then rush to tackle him roughly two seconds later.

Crosby then explains the entire incident was a mistake and that he owns the vehicle. He goes on to say he was simply trying to “fix something on the roof” and that’s presumably why the woman thought he was trying to break into the car.

Crosby was allegedly punched at least ten times and was charged with disobeying police and resisting arrest. Crosby was later acquitted – although some reports suggest the charges were dismissed – and then filed suit against the city and its officers.

The city has confirmed it will settle with Crosby and his lawyer has told publications he will be awarded $1.25 million (£957,800 / €1.1 million). However, that isn’t official as the city won’t vote on the settlement until next week.


  • KenjiK

    He should have got more money.

    • mm ds

      of course he’d would

  • robotlogic

    WTF? Talk about overwhelming force! Yeah, I hope he gets the $ and those officers have to pay the city back for it.

    • Craig

      “…and those officers have to pay the city back for it.” Now THAT would be justice.

  • alexxx

    What are you doing there in USA? !
    Worst police in the world…🤔

    • brn

      That’s far from the truth.

      • Kagan

        Maybe not far.

        • brn

          Very far. Travel the world to even supposed civilized countries and you’ll find rampant and accepted corruption of law enforcement.

  • Dude

    Absolutely disgusting. At least that guy is getting some kind of retribution

    • Six Thousand Times

      Sadly, the cops won’t pay. They might not even be out one cent. The city pays.

      • ChrisInIL

        The residents of Evanston, IL pay. They won’t pay directly. They’ll pay for higher insurance premiums charged to the city, which are paid for through local taxes.

        • Six Thousand Times

          Right, the city pays so the citizens pay.

  • All over the world governments warn their people to be very afraid of trigger-happy and abusive ‘Murican cops when they visit here. Also, try to go to your local police station to file a complaint and see what happens. Advice, don’t go alone and make sure you record it or else you could end up in jail or dead.

    • brn

      In the US, you are thousands of times more likely to be killed by a doctor doing something they shouldn’t than a police officer doing something they shouldn’t.

      Cops are doing a lot better than doctors.

    • Seats & a steering wheel

      Do yourself a favour and look at FBI and Department of Justice statistics. Cops are MUCH more likely to be shot (and killed) by an assailant than the otherway around.

      • Here is the thing, while in the US they track cops being killed, there is no national database or statistics on people being shot/killed by cops. Funny stuff! Cheers!

  • Mr. EP9

    And he deserves it after such an unnecessary use of force.

    • carsmofo

      He’d be lucky to get 20% of the proceed, sadly.

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    They need to start holding these people who make these calls responsible I’ve been that black guy who’ve had the police called on him just because and have stared down gun barrels knowing one move could be my last and I’ll say you don’t know how scary and angry you feel. People don’t understand how dangerous and hurtful of a game their playing. Their fear and hatred can ruin someone’s life.

    • Seats & a steering wheel

      The lady Was not to know it was his car, it looked like a man breaking into a car, and while I believe the man fully deserves to be compensated stop overplaying the race card.

      • Dude

        “race card” oh you can füc̈k all the way off. There is no “race card” being played in his comment or in this story.

        • Seats & a steering wheel

          Yes, the initial comment I responded to cited an alleged personal experience and seems to imply the lady who reported the (non) incident must also have been a racist bigot..THAT is playing a race card because it is an ASSUMPTION based on the race of the lady who reported the man to the cops. Did you speak to her? do you know her? can you read her thoughts?
          When confronted by logic I see you resort to obscenities, because you have no real intelligent response.

          • Dude

            “confronted by logic” Oh wow. Why do half of the clowns on this site act like wannabe ben shapiros? If you want to be disingenuous and ignore the precedent that makes it entirely reasonable to see possibility of racial bias in false reporting then go ahead.

      • Stigasawuswrecks

        I hate when people use that term. People use it as an excuse to deny that their exist any racism in society. Just because you don’t understand it and never have to deal with it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

        • Seats & a steering wheel

          I don’t care about the colour of one’s skin if they are committing a crime or look very suspiciously to be committing one, it’s reasonable to call the cops. For example look at the post above by ‘Willhaven’ what an absolute clown “100% chance he was treated the way he was because he was black” What a stupid assumption backed up with no facts.

      • willhaven

        There’s a 100% chance he was treated the way he was because he was black.

    • Craig

      Hopefully someday I’ll be able to say that it’s no different for a black guy than it is for any other guy. But that’s a ways off yet I think.

      • Stigasawuswrecks

        In due time. I just treat everyone how I want to be treated and judge them by their character The world would be very dull if everyone was just one hue.

        • Craig

          Same here. And I couldn’t agree more.

    • Stephen G

      This is severely complicated issue. It may help to put ourselves in other peoples shoes. The person that called the police, I’m sure, in good faith called to report what they believed was a crime in progress. I have to think they would have made the call even if the person they saw was of another race. Although most people could usually identify through body language another person’s intent (it’s what makes a good defensive athlete). The police are walking into a potentially dangerous situation that can end their lives. I understand the necessity for extreme caution (especially in today’s world). The police are not usually called to deal with level headed, good or honest citizens. I understand that the gentleman that owned the car didn’t do anything illegal and was treated unjustly. That being said, could the person reporting what they thought they saw been a bit less presumptive, sure. I have to have some compassion for the protocol the officers follow, although their actions seemed excessive. Nobody could help but feel bad for the vehicle owner. At the chance of sounding racist, this would not have happened to an 65 year old over weight white woman in a house coat because as a society we associate most crime with young black men. We associate terrorism with Muslims. We lump things into categories to make them easier to organize in our minds. I think it’s a matter of primitive survival. I don’t think we can change primal instincts but we all can change our behavior. And ALL of us have to do that in order to improve the world. I unfortunately don’t see that happening. There are too many “bad” people in the world and it’s the “good” people that suffer for it. In my opinion the happens to be the result of actions taken by two “good” parties reacting to what they’ mistakenly expected as behavior from a “bad” party. But I can’t help but wonder what the “victim” would have expected to happen if his car was actually being stolen and what if the thief, maybe on drugs, had a gun on him he wasn’t afraid to use?

  • salamOOn

    what an unnecessary misuse of power….

  • Craig

    I already have enough issues with so-called ‘authority figures’ so I tend to avoid watching videos like this. That said… shame on those officers. What a disgrace they are to the trust that their community has bestowed upon them.

  • willhaven

    This isn’t embarrassing, it’s a damn tragedy.

  • Liam Paul

    just 1.25 million? after they beat him almost to death, wonder how many are dumb enough in the city to vote no and this go to court the guy than walks away with 5 million lol

    • ChrisInIL

      There is no information that he was “beat….almost to death”, let alone any information that he was injured.

      Hyperbole much?

      • brn

        Chris, you’ve described the problem that both sides of the issue are experiencing.

        Liam saw what he wanted to see. He saw “beat him almost to death”. He didn’t see someone that was disobeying orders.

        The other side saw a criminal, demonstrating an unwillingness to obey.

        Both sides failed.

  • ChrisInIL

    His charges of disobeying a police officer and resisting arrest were heard in court, and he was aquitted of those charges.

    By his own admission he was trying to get to the front of his car so his own dashcam could record the encounter with police, which may have been in contradiction of orders given to him by the police.

    If you watch unedited versions of the video, you’ll hear multiple officers yelling at the suspect giving him orders. As is often the case, there are different orders from different officers. I was able to hear “Hands up” and “Get on the ground” yelled at the same time.

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