Hate Depreciation? Check Out The Top 10 Models That Retain The Most Value

Depreciation is the quiet enemy that constantly chips away at the value of your vehicle. It’s a common concern, but what you buy can have a significant impact on how much value your vehicle retains.

Kelly Blue Book recently revealed their 2019 Best Resale Value Awards and for the first time ever, the entire top ten list was dominated by trucks, crossovers and SUVs. This was bound to happen as consumers have shifted away from sedans.

2019 Toyota Tacoma – Retains 69.4% of its value after three years

Drivers looking to minimize depreciation will likely want to check out the 2019 Toyota Tacoma which retains 69.4% of its original value after three years. Keeping the model for two more years causes its value to drop an additional 7.2%.

2019 Jeep Wrangler – Retains 66.5% of its value after three years

It’s no secret that the Jeep Wrangler is wildly popular and that helps to minimize depreciation. While it doesn’t keep its value as well as the Tacoma, 2019 Wranglers will only lose 33.5% of value after three years. At the half-decade mark, they’ll still retain 58.3% of their original value.

2019 Toyota Tundra – Retains 66.6% of its value after three years

The Tundra has never been as popular as the Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado, but the model retains its value better than the competition. Despite having less depreciation than the Wrangler after three years, the truck is only worth 56.9% of its original price after five years.

2019 GMC Sierra – Retains 62.2% of its value after three years

The Sierra also sells in smaller volumes and that appears to have some benefits when it comes to resale value. In 2022, owners can expect to sell their truck for 62.2% of their original purchase price. Holding onto the model for an additional two years results in a lower return of 56.7%.

2019 Toyota 4Runner – Retains 65.7% of its value after three years

The 4Runner hasn’t changed much in the past decade, but that doesn’t seem to be hurting resale values. Thanks to increasing popularity, the SUV only loses 34.3% of its value after three years. After five years, that number drops to 56.3%.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado – Retains 59.8% of its value after three years

Coming in slightly behind its corporate counterpart, the Silverado is the second most popular vehicle on the market. This helps to contribute to strong resale values as the truck retains 59.8% of its value after three years and 53.7% after five years.

2019 Honda Ridgeline – Retains 63.2% of its value after three years

The Honda Ridgeline is a bit unique as it seeks to combine the capabilities of a truck with the comfort of a crossover. While the model many not appeal to everyone, the decision to focus on comfort doesn’t hurt resale values. In fact, owners can expect to recoup 63.2% of their original purchase price after three years. After five years, that number drops to 51.3%.

2019 Chevrolet Colorado – Retains 59% of its value after three years

Following closely behind the Ridgeline is the Colorado which starts at $21,300 and can be equipped with a diesel engine. It’s one of the more popular mid-sized trucks on the market and this helps the model to retain 59% of its value after three years and 50.9% after five years.

2019 Ford F-Series – Retains 57.5% of its value after three years

The final pickup on the list is the number one selling vehicle in America. The F-150’s overwhelming popularity means there’s pretty of plenty of them on the second-hand market and this could help explain why the truck has worse resale values than the Silverado, Sierra and Tundra. Regardless of the cause, the truck keeps 57.5% of its value after three years and 50.6% after five years.

2019 Porsche Macan – Retains 65% of its value after three years

The Macan has the unique distinction of being the only crossover and only luxury vehicle to make the top ten list. It does pretty well retaining its value after three years, but prices quickly drop after that point. As a result, the Macan is the only model on the list to be worth exactly half its original price after five years.

Overall, KBB says the average new vehicle will lose 61% of its value after five years. That’s part of the reason the publication says “choosing a car with good resale value can often save you more money in the long run than chasing big rebates and other incentives.”

  • Shahul Usman

    sooo.. trucks.. surprise surprise..

  • Ben

    I would have thought Toyota’s Land Cruiser would be up there too. That’s what I’m looking to replace my 4Runner with in 2 years. That or an LX570.

    • nastinupe

      For the service and additional luxury might as well get the LX.

      • Ben

        I think the 2016+ Land Cruisers look very handsome in the front. Bold but not too flashy. However, I really prefer the interior of the current LX. I just don’t want to drive a giant razor blade (2016+ LX570). If I do go for the Lexus it would be a 2013-2015 MY.

  • cbATL

    I live in Atlanta and have never seen a Honda Ridgeline on the road.

    • SteersUright

      Thus the value proposition, so rare its like a precious gem.

      • Ben

        They’re not rare here in Ohio. I saw a man try to drive over the curb at the drive thru at Taco Bell. That poor man thought he was driving something with ground clearance. He was forced to stay in line and tell the lady at the window he forgot his wallet or wasn’t hungry anymore. His pride was more scratched than the bottom of his car.

        • SteersUright

          Was being a jokester with a dash of sarcasm.
          You’re story’s pretty funny though.
          I thought the Ridgeline had at least some decent clearance. Interesting. Guess not.
          To me its just a mild truck for those that dont really need one. Were I to get a small truck, it’d be the Colorado ZR2 cuz big tired, big fendered awesomeness despite the absolutely, atrociously, hideously, inexcusably cheap Chevy interior.

  • Finkployd

    What about the Mclaren Senna ?

  • brn

    So avoid these vehicles when buying used? Got it.

    • no25

      yeah, might as well buy them new lol

  • Paul Webster

    I have zero interest in the vehicles on this list.

    • SteersUright

      lol, I know right? The only one I’d be interested in, the Macan, does indeed hold its value way too well. Pissed me off when I was shopping for a “new” used ride a few months back.

  • Maisch

    Out here in the real world though I have to pay my cars with money, not perentage points. So looking at %is kinda of useless unless you compare two cars that costs exactly the same.

  • TRB0T0Y

    This article could also be titled ‘The 10 Least Lustworthy Vehicles’ for daily guests of Carscoops.

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