Subaru BRZ Rear Ended And Sent Speeding Into Crash Barrier

The video below might be one of the scariest crashes we’ve seen captured on a dashcam (well, this year) and it’s bound to be on your mind when you next get behind the wheel.

The clip was recently uploaded to YouTube by the guy involved in the crash and after you watch it, you’ll be shocked to learn that he walked away without any serious injuries.

The car involved in the crash is a Subaru BRZ as it was cruising down a highway in the United States. However, an inattentive truck driver behind the compact sports car rammed straight into the rear of the BRZ, sending the Subaru careening towards a crash barrier on the side of the highway.

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At around 2 seconds into the video, the Subaru spears directly towards the barrier and while it’s scary on film, it must have been absolutely terrifying in person. Making the whole thing even worse is that the truck which rear-ended the Subaru was traveling so fast it pushed and accelerated the BRZ forwards, making the impact even more brutal.

The Subaru driver speculates that the truck driver was distracted by a pair of military helicopters flying overhead.

As scary as the footage is, it’s probably a good thing the car slammed into one of these crash barriers rather than jetting towards the trees on the side of the road. The barriers look lethal but actually help to absorb the impact of the crash and played a large roll in ensuring the driver wasn’t seriously injured or even killed.


  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Subaru BRZ Rear Ended And Sent Speeding Into Crash Barrier
    Wait for it….
    Well that’ll be the first time that a BRZ ever sped.

    • LeStori

      Thanks for the laugh.

      Should also book the driver if it was speeding…

    • Alex87f

      I have one of these but I lol’d at this. These jokes become fun again after a while.

      • Loquacious Borborygmus

        I did too. Great car.

  • Jay

    My back hurts just watching this, glad everyone survived. Well, except the BRZ. RIPieces.

  • KAG25

    How fast was that truck moving, tha BRZ launched

  • brn

    Strange video. Not a single yell or curse word? I also didn’t notice an attempt to brake.

  • Knotmyrealname

    One guess for why the driver was distracted.

  • dumblikeyou2

    It just seems like there was a decent amount of room before the barrier to take back some sort of control or at least try.
    The drivers seems to have been just as distracted as the trucker was because it’s as though the BRZ didn’t even realize it before it was too late to react at all. I bet you the BRZ was doing something with his phone (filmg the helicopters or texting).

    • Wolverine350R

      I would suspect he tried to get back to the road, but the driver tire was on slick ground and passenger alone did not have the grip to do it. Possible there was debris build up under the car after initally leaving the road, making the steering useless as well.

      • Wolverine350R

        Or the driver was momentarily knocked senseless, that was a hard hit, he may have been in the back seat afterwards.

    • samagon

      he was probably focused on controlling the vehicle, and didn’t notice the barrier until it was too late.

  • 1Dude

    Hmm… my opinion is the BRZ driver had no business in the left lane, just like the SUV in front of him, had he maintained the discipline of only using the left lane to pass, and by that I mean treat the left lane as a “NOX injection”, PASS! Get it over with as quickly as possible, move back to the right hand lanes… had he paid attention to his driving and lane choice this sad event probably would never had happened

    • TRB0T0Y

      We can’t control how people drive ahead of us. The SUV in the left lane, although not passing with “NOS!” levels of acceleration, was traveling faster than the right hand lane car. Although not as quick as you’d like, he was in fact ‘passing.’ The BRZ driver has every right to occupy the left passing lane and continue his left lane travel.

      • 1Dude

        “We can’t control how people drive ahead of us..” Tis a shame though, nice thought, jedi mind control and all … We only control the space in front of our vehicle … Still comes back to discipline and lane choice. Anyone may have the “right” to drive as slowly as they damn well please in the left lane but the results speak for themselves, might call it the automotive equivalent of being “mugged by reality”

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