Third-Gen VW Touareg Wins Top Honors At German Design Awards

This year’s German Design Awards that took place in Frankfurt, Germany saw the 2019 VW Touareg claim top honors in the ‘Passenger Vehicles’ category, receiving a great deal of praise from a panel of experts.

The flagship of VW’s range was recognized thanks to its “timeless and functional design,” stylish and high-tech interior, as well as its “fun factor” – whatever that may mean.

“With the third generation of the Touareg, Volkswagen offers a timelessly elegant all-rounder that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of form and technology and also perfectly embodies the classic Volkswagen virtues. A fantastic SUV, harmoniously designed down to the very last detail, with a compact design that is pleasantly solid yet of impressive quality. A perfect family car that is impressive and also fun on all occasions,” was the final consensus.

Meanwhile, Klaus Bischoff, head of VW design, stated that the Touareg is “a friendly character that doesn’t have to prove itself. Its sovereignty is based on steadfast composure – it knows it can do it. We have perfected this character with the new generation.”

While we understand all the arguments in favor of the latest Touareg, we’re curious to hear how you think its styling compares to that of other premium SUVs unveiled last year, such as the Audi Q8 or the fourth-gen Mercedes GLE and BMW X5. Is the V-Dub SUV a worthy winner?

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  • AMG44

    Touareg really is a nice looking SUV. I prefer it’s design over all it’s cousins (Cayenne, Q7, Bentayga, Urus) except Q8.


  • Merc1

    VWoA just isn’t too bright. Now the SUVs are all the rage they drop this from the U.S. market JUST as it becomes something truly special via it’s latest redesign.


  • AstonMartin

    Its the ideal SUV I seek in the NA market. however, only the boxy Atlas remains, VW bring the more sporty Touareg back.

  • Rich Money

    they should win the award for most Gillette-like grille.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    This means Germans like anonymous cars as the apex of design. It’s telling.

  • Rory Thomson

    Why they discontinued this for NA I’ll never understand.. The Atlas is hot garbage.

  • Rot

    Fkin ugly. Not european esthetic. Shame this prize. 👎

  • Patrick

    Bring it to the USA!!!!

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